There is naturally no end to those wanton insults about my present condition being a function of a lack of respect for matters of freedom and civil rights and I could never get my head around it anyway; these idiots want to get off and have conversations with legal practitioners about the law because they are friends with Politicians and you had dared not told them to pay attention to the one they studied because they will get on the media and make you feel like getting somebody to beat the shit out of them or getting somebody to take the job away from them all together. As it stands, Journalists cannot work, I cannot sell my Books and my bottom hurts because they want to lead and itís another example of a situation where I have gone from having my time taken up so that I had done nothing about public place abuses and discrimination with respect to myself or anybody else while the security lapses are used by their media stupidities as a form of blackmail and duress in order to ensure I spend all my time on foolish Celebrities, to a point where I am covering for them and getting lots of assault and insult and abuse for it in return, since it usually indicates to somebody who has had to put up with it for decades, that it so turns out they were wrong and he or she was right and means they will be getting stabbed or shot pretty soon but even so, we find the scum will not spend time with their own mates because they have got that stupid media to pass around insolence with as it were. It is quite so obvious its media job is going to get its stupidities killed screwing with me, before it starts to think about spending time with those who are actually its own mates all together - we find all the time that where these fools want to insert the mess they have made of what others did with culture and society and the whole process of getting it right with the law to plan a life is Universities where people are studying for their first degree or National Media where Politicians can assist them pillage peopleís lives and jump on public image to increase the number of idiots who think they are famous to build up more of the silly responsibilities.

It does become a question of what I want from people and which has always been a simple case of the fact they are aware their involvement with my concerns means I cannot run this Estate, I am not earning to pay my way in the world like everybody else and cannot complete my academic work, while they dig for Celebrity gold and tell me the reasons they will not stop getting involved is that first they are desperate, secondly they have right and also that they are stronger than I am and it is the sheer fear that makes it their prerogative to do so. Itís much the same with this case that keeps coming up over and over and over and over - firstly, I am not my own person and cannot make my own decisions, then the Trump White House Hijacks what I am doing and I need to be bullied into doing something about it and itís impossible to tell where the stupidities got such ideas from if one did eliminate all the insanity associated with playing capitalist games and popular culture in order to gain money that facilitates a process of buying expensive things and being spoiled - so we also see it will blab about how talking about it and drawing attention to it makes things worse but the reason all involvement with me is violent is because it does not make things worse in my case, which I find impossible to understand since it is actually part of my state of mind the fact that they have characters that cannot really be separated from paedophilia and love to play up money madness gimmicks for capitalism in Asia and then when they had made some money, while the poorer versions feel like disciplining me all the time claiming that doing so is linked to bread winning, the scum with money try to get on public places and pass about insulting demagogues that suggest they are expecting me to deploy my Royal Estate as a means of providing them with private security Industry services - so it is the case their stupidities cannot be measured but itís rather difficult to locate how it was meant to have applied that when I spoke of it the problem got worse, while I know I am hated because of the money they are losing and that this always happens after not before.

I. Uno I

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