They claim I am weak and its not clear what the Monarchy is doing with me anyway – the fact of it being the two part story, one of me getting off the Hermitage to develop a certain part of my social life into something that lets me harm them seriously, while the other was to eliminate those things they did to feel safe, even though they thought they should get body guarding service from the police but did not. The other part is that they always have a background with a series of personal decisions which I do not have, these decisions would then mean that each time they tried to get involved with National security, somebody ends up fighting their wars somewhere. It comes to this every time like we see their interest in me playing out – doing a thousand and one damage to my career and finances but the part where it then does something illegal to handle and damage my Books, which I never signed a contract to permit, was linked to something done as will allow it to count its stupid self into a crowd that it wanted to belong to. I have no idea where they get these stories about me being weak from anyway, same as I don’t know why I have been saddled with stupidities that involved getting around Town to ask criminals and hoodlums to make contact with me and turning out on media to goad me into a fight, so when I clear out the effect of these kinds of stupid popularity, the foolish media bubble passed up what I had done as another person’s career and I might spend the rest of my life in that way with a big mouth – so this is the elimination of everything that suggested I should not act on it, now it is clear that I don’t get into a fight with the hoodlums because I will be eliminating the reasons that their foolish activities were stressful for them as well and of course the short insulting videos they claim adds up to advertisement should have been stressful but are not because they were trapped in my life, that said, the insulting videos are appearing too often and the effect on my social life is about to encourage a response on my part as well. I await their next move.

They do claim this is all about seeing me fight my wars which I could never understand, perhaps they would like me to fight the enemy that showed up at university to sulk over my body and how it can get into a fight on its behalf until I dropped out, which is what this is all about. Mostly however we know that I am looking after a system of equity and information broker, such that when they claim its about the Russians, the Russians knew that if the United Kingdom existed, the British would want to collect information concerning National security, meaning this is about people getting me to do something that will allow them to display some gonadotropic hormones and is therefore incredibly annoying. Hence we see the main problem to be that these people had their own diplomacy to match their views of how the Country should be run and I broke it, I broke it because they were supposed to develop their ideas about how it should be run until they found out how it was really run and the reasons it was run that way but decided to pick up on my social life to push boundaries instead – they do now claim that they will rebuild one I cannot break which was never the problem, as the main issue was those stupidities about them, the employers, me and the bottom chasing issues developing into a type of such abusive activities that I cannot actually manage properly. An old story of how none can make sense of the problems they had with the jobs that National security operatives did, while their insolence was the reason for their problems, they complained of the consequences more than anybody else did, eventually culminating in the profitability of businesspeople doing their own public and national security. Whereby they claim it is a matter of using me which they are not i.e., they are destroying my Books to fulfil a desire so use me, same as the Celebrities who want to see me grovel for money, but it is all illegal and makes them criminal celebrities who show up on people’s media equipment and criminal businessmen who damage other people’s Bookshop to fulfil a desire of seeing the victims being used. The story then being that this shows how little I knew about business, while it is really a matter of very disobedient idiots who are always displaying their unusual relationship with money, alongside the abusive behaviour their greed affords, always throwing down a gauntlet, putting up tests for others and incredibly insidious, blowing off that big mouth at me endlessly and will not be seen talking about its own career when warned of it so far yet as it were.

I could never understand but I suppose it is all a matter of the original problem - that when the correct way to do things are avoided, somebody is trying to do harm to others; in this occasion, they were meant to learn a trade and become good at it but they turned it into a tool by which to get ahead of the weather, now they have built me a new gimmick that involved something I did with them and the employers which involved a lot of bottom chasing abuses and the question is now becoming a very important one i.e. where such nonsense gets to stop as it were. Some people have even suggested I am a disappointed idealist while I am not and expected this either way since I was already aware they dreamt of nothing but a political system that decided how much money I was entitled to earn if I worked for it, while such a Political system worked for them, hence we are actually in a very good place currently. There is not really a lot of reasons to be pessimistic about the work I had done here as such, since most of it is centred around abusive and corrupt activities of Society gits, developed on employment processes, alongside abusive and corrupt activities of Celebrity, Media and Industry goons developed around practical jokes that can be played up on how others lost property and market to them while people are trying to get on with the daily concerns - hence just beating them down all the time is guaranteed viable option.

They could not just carry on without getting practical jokes they practiced in their spare time, all over other people’s career, only to claim that they did not want a response – so we are now talking about their insults being a product of the fact that they had backing from powerful sources, referring to the ageist goons that back them up to allow them extract an income from people’s lives, so they did not have to work for a living but then again put into context, this is what it is and therefore not a general and widespread threat, it needs to stop playing with me as it were. They speak of what I want as well and it was never a simple case of the fact that as long as I appeared to be sharing my Public image with them and their silly Celebrities, people will never make sense of what they are getting involved with at the Bookshop and they will continue to block my finances and complain about my responses, as long as they continued to pick up my earnings at the Bookshop the effect will remain the same and of course there is my personal favourite i.e. the work done at the Armed services is extremely professional, they need to give me my space. I have been told I did not understand the geopolitics behind it but I do very well, I am simply not interested – the premise of the democratic government is to make democratic Policy and that of Communist Governments is to make communist Policy, none had a premise to attack my Bookshop, when people shop in Communist Territories, they get an equal service that people here in the democratic world get. We ended up in this position because Communists had a need to invent a gimmick and leave others with unbearable responsibilities associated with other peoples stupidities; in my case, it was a matter of religious generosity interfering or limiting the political range of socialist activity which got me dropping out of University and they do say my Books are pure propaganda although I want to be neutral but I wrote it after and not before, I wrote it after I hung about sorting out my problems since I dropped out of University and they decided to make it worse by making money from claims that they created me as well. I mean what would the Queen think of instances the population is encouraged to get out of bed and face the world because I got out of bed to face my day, only for Celebrities to pick it up and hit me with cultural indemnity that will ensure they put up money leverage and got rich quick? Again, another issue about which I might want to resolve another way, just like their interest in my Public image but they have taught their children to describe me as a bum and built communities that got imagination around my private parts, hence there is enough pressure to react as it were.

I. Uno I

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