They claim I am this weak character whose battles others get to engage in all the time but we know it is something they have built from being abusive towards me when I am at my most naked and then making a public case of it, to build communities that got to abuse me in sexual context and force homosexuality on me by playing with me abusively on media endlessly. I have made it clear especially when it shoots off the big mouth as well, that it is set to develop from somebody who does not want to join in with the other people who run companies that was built by a person who had the fortune of gaining access to wealth making structures, in a way that harms them, into something of me getting out of a hermitage to give them the response that is adequate for a process where practical jokes they worked in their spare time caught up with me and stagnated my career.

The history we have here which they complain about more than I do, is a business of showing up to sulk around me until gangs get imagination up my bum at University, then their girlfriends who loved them so much that it was love so great they travelled overseas to bring in gangs that will get imagination up my bum until I dropped out, did precisely that, they did go on with their own careers to make money and that money had not placed a gap between my concerns and theirs, instead it had become the reasons I could not make mine and people laughed at my CV before they read it, which has now earned them the revenge. The other side of the story being that Daddy characters fighting my wars which their stupidities were not doing by themselves hence beats the imagination why they cannot keep their mouth shut. The women on the other hand would not deal well with a process where I got them stuck in as well, we know I did not have to do that up to three times before they got involved with extreme aspects of the sex industry. Here we are however, and nobody has yet asked them a single question about my strengths and weaknesses but they have already had an opinion that has taken the damage done to public interest in my Books, to a whole new stage – never takes any seriously in itself stupid life and is going to get a response from me that will shut it up comprehensively. I mean if every time they attended their jobs, they made a mess of mine and I had to curtail the problem, all could see that I would need to attack those stupid jobs and then when the narcissism of making money as a community to inflict such gimmick on me got a response, it would be the point where they had means and power to stop me as it were.

The fact on the ground is that it does not have to happen; somebody builds a company and another who manages it does as to harm them, I am not suggesting people do not have reasons but we know that it is completely unnecessary – we are not talking about counter-sales people who are told what their customer service relations will be, we are talking about people who have to build partnerships with customers – hence is it possible to see that what I have said is yet another mile stone on those stupid rights while it continues to get its imagination fingers up my bum and cling to my Public image. So they do claim that I am full of it and it got the better of me but none is forcing me to put my body through hell as such, the benefit of doing so is that their abuses and insults always make sense no matter how much their self-harming stupidities tried to hide it and those who expect me to become a certified low life who hangs about the market place attacking women to make money will have to wait for an eternity. I believe I have put myself through a lot of trouble here to show what the real facts are; this nonsense is heading towards a result where I will get out of a hermitage and provide those gimmicks where their daddies hang about entertainment industries sending them out to use stick on me and get imagination up my bum because somebody was trying to patent bits of my life and property to their stupid names, alongside their foolish women getting me stuck in on the gangs and criminals, the sort of response that they seek as it were and we are not talking about their famous idiots showing up here with a history of going off to do business with criminals they cheated out of something and were now poised to share my personal life, telling me it was really big; the famous scumbags think that I will be forced to accept the idea that their stupidities were famous people at this stage and I was not this annoyed three years ago, it should be noted.

They do claim they wanted it to stop as well and I do not believe there is work to do on the matter either – none is entitled to my career, we are here because I cut their famous stupidities off access to my concerns, to show me that none gets to separate them from what they wanted; needs stay away from my Books and make its comments about its own self harming stupidities or it will end very badly for the part I have to play in the gimmicks as well. They do boast about crushing me naturally, but we do not work in the same Office and are not even qualified in the same skill as such, just their view of themselves being a problem for others. It is the one problem that I have here, my finances being in such a messy state because I am sharing my public image with journalists and Celebrities, the alarming idea being that there is a sense that society requires me to ignore this fact and try to move them on amicably. At this stage none of it has been made into a part of my life, the while opening my personality for hoodlums and criminals to bang doors at and get imagination up my bum which their stupidities follow up in public places, I think I will take this matter to a whole new level if I felt that it had.

They claim I am a war monger but cannot deal with the war, which is utter rubbish, not even remotely true as I am a Hermit and they are renowned troublemakers, hardly the war mongering on my part. The purpose of it is stupid practical jokes that sets a two-part story, half of which is about their ageist idiots paying them for being popular on my social life, the other being a gimmick about how I have won many battles but cannot protect children from criminal sexual abuse, which is now affecting me, in which ways they believed they were incredibly manipulative. Then it plays into the homosexuality and the claim I am afraid of it whilst we already had a history of claims I am an existential threat to their civil rights since the result of spending homosexual energy on somebody that is certainly not one, is that he will tend to have cured you of it by virtue of you spending it to no avail, never mind other steps I take because I have had enough of it. The cause of this naturally was a case of Celebrities gaining access to my concerns and after a decade of abuse, I wanted the access to end, and they needed to show me they did not live in a world where their stupidities got denied what they wanted. So it continues to suggest it had a lot of money and bought lots of security guards, which effect is that I want to rip up everything police does to provide it with civil security and beat it down so badly it had to form a gang on my account – it needs keep its comments out of my concerns and can make any comment it wants if made about its own life, not shoot off a big mouth and a sense of entitlement over my concerns at me because it knew where my Books were and how to hurt me, thereby needed to show they were famous idiots who loved to address me too or it is going to end very badly, of which it is a shame they do not believe it will. We are talking about a part of society where people spread it far and wide, to leave a thing or two by which they pile it high and sell it cheap to make a living in an environment where people did not bother them over social matters, picked up by famous idiots who get off doing business with criminals, cheating criminals out of something important and turning up to suggest they did it because they loved me and my personal life was very big; speaking of those who claim there is a prospect that getting along was possible.

I am told that there are indications I was completely fed up with my position, but I am not. The problem is a bunch of really stupid characters who set about the idea that if they made enough of a mess of my concerns, they would end up with areas of it that I would not wish to pursue because I did not have the time and energy to, supposing they wanted to deploy it to make money without doing a day’s work in their lives – so it further enforces the understanding that violence against Children should never be construed as discipline, considering that we do not beat up scum like these, especially the famous, as it would have added up to an assault and then an arrest immediately after. I used to think that I was looking after myself if I took to the business of being insulted and abused by society idiots who wanted me to chase my life, so that their abusive activities may produce more of an effect when their stupidities suggested I belonged on the left, to chase their lives lest somebody grabs it, the way they make me chase mine but since the economic crisis, it turns out that they actually have the energy to work for money if they wanted to get rich by working. Likewise the Celebrities who needed to find some good character in the community that they can bully to get paid for being popular by a handful of gits who trash peoples careers and employ criminals in the neighbourhoods; it turns out that recent events have shown the process to be an effective means of public control, thus I am not fed up in anyway with my position, it is a lot fun for me. They even claim I think that I can get away with the business of messing with gay people which is likely to lead to a process where I eliminated the civil security they got from the Police service as well, so that when I pushed their schedule really hard, I would achieve a process where it was clear that handling my Books was not part of their civil rights and therefore an illegal activity thereof, in a good enough time to continue with my pursuits properly. It is not the only view we have of gay people at the Monarchy either; the big one is this part where you will ask them to stop running off homosexuality at your expense to no avail and then it started to get serious at the point where the Crown got involved with the Politicians on State business, where they would claim like they think the dress codes at the Ascots had changed whilst the rest of us understand such claims to be untrue, that they were not Political people but the industry bits will be the part where a character showed up to buy shares in a company and spends everybody’s time thereafter making twisted unusual demands after another.

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