I am told I have this air around me which suggests that others are not good enough for me and it is utter rubbish – what really happens is that they are incredibly silly individuals, I set out a process where I got into a relationship with others on a history of working well with female journalists for social activity and writing Books on Intellectual Property Administration, so they decided they wanted to handle me as a tool that helped their stupidities get around with rich people or improves the prospects of them selling products until they were millionaires. The ones that really hit my gut are the Royals who appear to get along very well with the Celebrities, they had to set out this stage where probability of getting into a relationship with me was high and at the slightest mention of it, they run off to have a baby with people they barely knew and I have ended up finding out 11 years later, usual consequences attached. So the last 5 years of my time have been spent on Celebrities trashing my finances over claims they heard that I liked anal sex and this then progressed to a business of constantly showing up to block my personal relationships addressing me when I am not talking to their insolent stupidities and view me as their body guard for the purpose of those relationships, giving way to the way the private security industry job I got for a 2 year period was going to change my life forever, then show up to pick my service processes and spending my working time mocking the financial mess that their insanity had created here. Eventually they say I love to talk as if I did not need anybody while I am incredibly needy which I am really not; I am a Hermit and I planned my personal life accordingly, so those who don’t want a life with a Hermit needed to stop blocking my personal relationship or I will never stop punishing them with it so that their biological clock catches up with them endlessly and some end up without love or family as well, the way they had set it out for me here.

I. Uno I

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