They do suggest the positive side of their abuses to be that I failed to look the part for my position which is utter nonsense as they were responsible for all the damage done, besides which I have forgotten what they looked like before they got famous and I can see that they were using their own public image to make fame instead of mine, last time we checked, normal people would think it made sense when warned not to run it off at me when I am at work and to stay away from my Books, not yet the part where it is said I did not like anybody well enough to issue warnings, so I waited and when they wrecked my Royal Commission, I burned their world for it. Needs refrain or find that pursuing its Bread winner Clients for my financial well being and to pay for the damage its insults do here, will easily become the least of its worries.

The story used to pass time a lot is that it was sad that low lives like me were allowed to whatever I liked. I could never make sense of the reasons this point was raised so often anyway, I am aware however their problems is more a matter of talking to criminals to obtain and opinion about me, concerning which they were now completely out of their depth, so I failed to see what it is exactly they can do about me. Same as the Politicians who have done exactly the same things in administrative terms, suggesting the idea that armed forces operatives with other people’s spouses, children and family, did not necessarily provide them with certainty of power, then show up here to pick on me everyday due to the emerging problems. They do claim I was a completely useless person and smelled which is nothing unusual – this was another story in its own right i.e. even if they lived in a world where nobody suffered eating disorders and they only had to worry about the tummy ache associated with people not being able to put food on the table, they would still have had to keep their imagination off peoples private parts and their hands to themselves anyway, for my part when it does eventually develop from a gimmick to an outcome where I suffered violence, the real trouble will begin as it were. I do not on the whole think it was a complicated issue that they make out it was – it is nothing unusual for them to abuse people because if the Police was not telling them what to do, somebody was working in an education system to teach people a life long profitable career, suggesting that their publicly displayed gimmicks was the wrong thing to do, my parents worked in the system, so I am aware of the problem – it does however leave me wondering if that big mouth about what I am allowed to do, running off a stage for the abusive and violent lasciviousness that it was complaining of because it had failed to control the effects and consequences, leading to a conversation about the education system, is how it actually expected the conversation to turn out and now that it has, I suppose there has been nothing to learn of the extent of their insanity. We know they bring up the point about Communists all the time, history here being that when I build a process to police the democracy-communism no mans land, its stupidities will trash it, explore my civic duties and fight my wars to spend and claim my Literary Empire and Royal Estate, so considering this history, it should love getting into a habit of picking up my concerns to tell me I had work to do fighting some communists as it were.

It rises a point about the smell issues to a fault but it also probably wants to stop being a half well dressed twat who announces his presence in the world alongside tin can feminists with Media, to cease all gimmicks which ensure the more people wanted my Books was the more they were not allowed to read it while I tackled issues associated with the Books at the same time being cash strapped, as mentioned before, when it leads to an outcome where I suffered violence, its problems will really begin at such a stage. At this point I have run through 12 years of economic abuse to end up with a social disposition where Americans did not like my Books and my career - it causes people the wonder that it does not bother me but it does not as it is also impossible for the idiots to avoid the Book title that they hated so much, then again we could easily see the gimmicks that have progressed from abuses about which if I ensured it met up with what extremists were doing, made me a bad person as far as the famous who were entitled to public security and never stopped insulting others were concerned but we have not yet seen the full range of a type where it will be done trashing my career and its career as well, to say it was such a father figure to me that when all the mess was done, it was entitled to toss my career to the dogs to make the problem go away, what we are currently seeing is the beginnings where the famous idiots will not stick to what I am doing whenever they provided me publicity I had not asked them for, after wrecking my University pursuits to give them the access initially. As mentioned before, the career is not damaged, it simply needs to be quiet enough a safe place for my audience and I think I am set to achieve this by causing a lot of suffering (again).

I understand what annoys these idiots the most is that I was supposed to criticise the Royals but decided to go on and do something else; reality rather being that their stupidities insolently trash my earnings to hijack hospitality designed to entertain public figures here, which is now starting to come to an end painfully, so the premise for the time being is the men saying they made a complete mess of my income stream with their society gimmicks, the women did the same with celebrities and terrorist characters and I am now asking which one wants to complain about something other than what I did because I dropped out of University. So the part about unnecessary industrial political gimmicks causing me to lose money however will go to the distribution based insanity that the men spend time with on one hand and whether my Bookshop really could be free for all to access at any time if the famous idiots wanted it to – the way it looks every time these fools complain is for instance that an architect picked up my assets as a guiding point of a set thing that needed to be done about a 3 million pound project for example, I did not get any Book sales because he was simply involved with the area that helps me build client interest and client list, before that list is ready, I will not buy this product or that until the association with him after his assets had been involved, were eliminated, opening up my career to gimmicks where every idiot can go to school to learn my career and show up on Media pushing off the stupid insults too – it needs to get down to the part where the resulting tit for tar achieved something incredibly meaningful, as they lived in neighbourhoods where none got to disturb them. They claim there were dangers pursuing me, concerning which I appeared to be completely oblivious and there is no such thing – everything these idiots have achieved with me, is a product of what is gained from fighting women at the marketplace, body parts giggling everywhere like it had a qualification for being a low life. The thing that it had achieved was to say that I suffered some career failing due to its famous idiots fooling around with my work at its behest everyday and insulting me if I had opinions about their entitled stupidities, looking for more of what they were complaining about, running peoples lives with the social activities to perform the usual task immoral society was more concerned with i.e. getting public figures to deploy government office power to fight their enemies and get into trouble with the law and then complaining that their bottom hurts to a point where it gets to issue the threats that it could never back up, finish off by being seen at Government buildings, keeping up lies that were a product of the way criminals and hoodlums took an interest in the personal space of its victims, dreaming of coming into possession of my property every day. It talks like it really fancies instances where others thought that civil rule involved beating it up badly and making up the violence as we went along and will never stop lip flapping if it is my privacy being shared with hoodlums and criminals and it was the one with a need to share my body bits with such unsavoury characters. When the chips are down, I do not write Books that belong to them or their famous idiots in this place, it needs to stop stifling my finances simply because I am not as stupid and so its stupidities therefore had an effect and spend more of its time with its mates or there was a risk that I will get to stop it badly. They claim I am particularly vulnerable to them in an area that I cannot really own up to but they can access all the time, which is utter nonsense – what happens is my ability to recover from their abuses lending heavily to the way that terrorism is being averted, managed and the public protected from terrorism, they spend all day and all of my time working hard on me to break it as it were, not clear who was complaining about terrorism at the same time. The question of what would make me feel satisfied that these matters were handled on the other hand being a simple process of stopping the celebrity insults which is known to get all the insanity moving somewhere else. The facts of this are that its understanding of my career is to avoid everything that everybody else did with areas that allowed people pursue career and financial well being, due to it being linked to work done that assist government when helping businesses on red tape matters, their own involvement involved picking up my career publicity to blackmail me on the prospect of who will bank roll my career or alternatively spend the money elsewhere due to my behaviour and we had since arrived at a stage where the career is known for publicity on this nonsense, nothing I did with it meant anything to anybody, no matter what I did. I too have begun to work their careers in the same way as well, so it is no longer a single question of whether I hated the famous which was more a matter of showing up here to pick up assets developed from wealth equity public image and because they made entertainment that tackled their criminal friends, have come to suggest I lied to them and put them up to it, therefore should be made to fight my corner in life etc, it has become a matter of the way they liked nothing better than to say that their entertainment was 100% their creation which is not and to ensure there was no chance it was publicly obvious that they got told what to do – so I am going to need a process that helped me protect my career in a way which discredits them, should I be disproved, I enjoy the hassle I have caused, to such an effect as it stops handling me. They claim my problem was that I am said to be tough but am not at all, it is so annoying when considered in terms of the way that they needed my income margins to sell my status and get rich fast, trashing my public image to make money from industrial servitude, only after which they can be tough after they had paid for private and body guarding security, what I am now dealing with being a result where I can have my career back when their stupidities were done fooling around with it. I am as such told that I never cleared up my view on the whole matter which encouraged people to tackle me endlessly; the view of which is a simple matter of these fools wrecking peoples careers and keeping them off it for long enough to say that victims were too old to get back to school and then they could go in and grab those careers, the other purpose of their abuses being to ensure that those who had the lime light did not keep it to themselves and that their stupidities were able to attack people on behalf of their famous fools. The problem being that the way that the ageist fools who maintain this nonsense with immoral society got to protect themselves from the whole gimmick, had an impact on my academic pursuits, then I dropped out of University and blamed myself for it, once done clearing up the mess and the mess I caused for myself as well, they were still here taking advantage of something which made their gimmicks unbearable, thereafter I got assistance from the Monarchy where their abuses were taken so seriously, that they needed to enlist the help of the younger idiots who enjoyed accolade and attention from the corrupt aspects of male population, to assist them with the way it was important for me to show the public that the best way to resolve career and financial matters was through the jobs market and not their insanity to share the incomes of idiots who never stopped spending the money to make other peoples lives difficult. If it does test me beyond this point I think I am going to get away with another thing I did about being sore all over in an environment where all my problems were a function of others being bigger in size than I am, backed by some German influence in a world where Celebrities clung to my earnings as we made sense of the fact the Government and not the wealthiest persons on the planet were best placed to make public policy and this time it will be the finale to such an effect as I spent most of my life doing it or spent most of my life on the consequences that followed. They do claim I am compliant of all Politicians did and was generally afraid of being a civil rights activist but I am neither of the two, the former is more a matter of what people can do in an environment where people had jobs to run the Country, certain things must be understood rather quickly, such as the constitution being an instance where government was talking about weather and the way culture and lifestyles were affected as a matter of administrative authority and not the way public policy affected the population, if people have been in a conflict zone, they would understand this is very scary and none wants to experience is, matched by a process where you made sense of civil rule, in terms of understanding your place well if there was a government function in your neighbourhood, beyond which it is then decided what it is a person can do, my skill and qualifications allow me to do most of administration manual labour and I am so good at it that an unusual situation had emerged where I will continue regardless of any changes to my knowledge base – the fear of being a civil rights activist on the other hand did not exist, as I am an Arch Prince who does not live in an environment where I did something and had to protect the fact I was the one that did it because my survival relied on it, this process is experienced by civil rights activists because they wrecked careers of government operatives with pressing idealistic nonsense, like in my case where the destruction of my career is meant to prove I am wrong about women doing bad things and any arguments they had was eventually correct in the end or this process where their famous idiots understood my career as something they could work on over a 6 year period to press the idea that I am below criminals who were willing to take a chance and get rich, therefore having been this statement got me cutting them off my concerns, due to the way it made a mess of my personal relationships and finances to build problems out of nothing and with it run me down to share the incomes of idiots who never stopped buying their need to abuse others and had therefore taken up position near Washington and the wealthy peoples neighbourhoods in Europe to do it by, such that they were entitled to get involved for the good feeling they got from it, they should be able to say that they had developed a new career that was about ‘doing my stuff’, as stupidly as possible – so in my world I am not vulnerable to any of this as I only need ensure there was publicity to say that it was all happening, unless the idiots wanted to decide I would be an Arch Prince if they permitted it and then will I want to see what they were made of as well. They were now one step away from running this nonsense as victims of crime who became criminals themselves, in terms of sending out their stupid women to run me down and pick up my income margins while they provided backup muscle, when they do take the plundge, I will explore what they are made of as well.

In retrospect it is suggested this was largely Celebrities wanting a personal relationship with me but it does not seem to appeal that I understood this clearly, when the outcome was that they heard I liked anal sex and set out social conditions where they could get into a relationship with me and have it with me etc – I do not wish to disturb what people did in good faith as such but it has again been converted into a tool for doing me harm, the disobedience of it is set to get me stopping it painfully too. I am told there was little I could do about Celebrities picking up my public work which left me cashless and ensured I never smelled good while they got in league with hoodlums and ageist gits to tackle you and spend your career on themselves. I wouldn’t know anyway, the male Celebrities had to invent a condition for anything I did to serve an interest or work I had doing with Government, as to ensure I did it for them too, of which each time I did, the problems created was their responsibility, needs be kept separate from my career, or I will not be the only one complaining. The female Celebrities were more interested in some blackmail that allowed people to as they put it ‘do my stuff’ by which they can get rich on my public image and will not make money any other way. It is impossible to ascertain how any persons could be famous while they were so notorious, we are talking about these characters as absolute scum in every sense of the word, not famous and they currently had no plans to keep away from my career on their own terms. Not clear if the story of the way I hang about feeling sorry for myself were to be taken seriously, how indeed running down the population to make money, which the Government cannot afford, was the solution for public ills, but even more important was the question of who exactly put them in charge (they do claim the crimes I have gotten away with were astounding which is utter nonsense as military work had nothing to do with the way I stood up for myself nor was the way I stood up for myself linked to a behaviour associated with defending the self when attacked by extremists, it needs to fool around somewhere else and keep away from my finances, if it turns out that it was a big deal when its prejudicial insults meant I got to support some quasi racists who build up to the question of how long they could keep doing it when they were not in serious pain, particularly over an exhibition of Material things gained which abusive exhibition distracts the victim to such an extent that career and finances were damaged - when it really comes to it, the problem seems to be an inability to summon the courage to attack the famous until it actually caused me real harm, not a process where I got away with crimes.).

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