It is said that what I am doing is too difficult and should not be wished on anybody but it is not work that should be done at all, just a bunch of idiots who are so useless they wreck their own lives and it is such a dire situation with their stupidities feeling so entitled that those who have not, knew what was coming from all angles they thought they would always have their way in the end. The American bits was the legendary American crime figures showing up here with Mother Liberty gimmicks, to cling to my earnings, finger my bum and tell lies about the way I am the person who started it until it gets what it wants, now set to get involved with my concerns professionally, the way I want it – the German bits apparently found it more convenient to build up public place narcissism that targets other people than it was to find happiness for advertisement and product selling by digging into their own feelings, for the time being which I have offered both several exits, including a process where I did not want them fooling around at my Bookshop and to keep to what I am actually doing on the ground, when they called up public interest on my behalf for any reasons.

The big idea being that immoral society had an advantage where others were likely to become tired and overworked, whilst they were able to develop personal and financial narcissism which was worked by being happy enough to earn market success, it seems that we are now fighting for the fact that there was no grain of truth in this nonsense and their Politicians believed they could do and undo with the personal finances of those they have marked as insultingly as possible with an evil culture they had gotten involved with as a designated interest in my career, particularly the American Politicians who claim it was a matter of power and the needs of idiots who had lost their lives on my account, idiots who had lost their lives in war, racial discontent and civil upheavals on account I never stopped pursing a career that was too great for me - the days will run into weeks and the weeks into months and the months into years, it seems then that whatever we are doing we all had a schedule, human beings could therefore be so stupid.

I am told it appeared I did not understand the Celebrity problem terribly well which is not really the case. We are talking about a cluster of people so useless that their main game in life was to say that they gained access to my personal finances and spent it on themselves every time they had a bad experience of any kind, the sort of people you would describe as utter scum, then there is the part concerning their ageist idiots who now play a role where they gained access to people that will attack me for them whenever they had stolen from me and it had kicked off in earnest since. The latter would be the group complaining to the Government constantly, they claim that I responded to their interest in me with little care for my own safety and that the risk to my person was real but we know that it is not currently an outright clash with the male population as such and that they were not paid to start when they did 15 years ago and continue as much as they have to date. The other part of the Celebrity story will be the one where they have not yet shut down the gossiping and the communities they create with it to run me down on the streets, they have instead progressed the part where they told themselves things about me in my absence and it decided how they got to respond to what they claim was my need to push them around, right up to a suggestion that I did not handle them the same way because I told myself nothing, even if I did, there was nothing I could do about them too. It is a fabulous use of my time as such and the use of my time was the main problem here, it needed to cease running it off at me during the working Hours and stay away from my Books. They claim I never took the communist threat seriously and that it was always all about the money in my view, we know the money was the reason they showed up here to start world war three literary – whilst the communist threat itself was a series of issues where it will not respect the quiet manner that matters were conducted in the democracy-communism no mans land but was also unwilling to deal with sexual consequences that came from it (we have instead ended up with a global stage set for a need they had to pick up my earnings on the basis of sexual narcissism they practiced on themselves without consent as replacement, blabbing about the way it was powerful and did what its famous stupidities did, to make me suffer), so decided the dirty part of their career should be the concern of an Arch Prince, feeling a entitled with publicly displayed media insults that made the most of its gold digger gimmicks where it picks up important areas of my career, so it could handle my social life and investigate my finances to spend it on its famous and media stupidities, the other part concerned intellectual property which communists were always too willing to proliferate but because it was virtually a Police state at the top levels, western businesses only needed to take administrative processes seriously, until the Celebrities were involved and now I am being asked about what I wanted from them, after a couple of years of pain had shown that the problem will likely resolve itself at the market place when people produced entertainment on the basis of which people fancied a certain behaviour and which did not. What I want from them being that none paid them to go around insisting I was a low life seeking to rub shoulders with them and criminals were nice enough to take a chance and make money for show business products – all involvement with me needed to cease or its need to investigate my income margins for the gold digger gimmicks will lead me to stop it my way. There is then the concern that I pushed myself out in the open to often which I don’t; we know each time I organised myself to say the work concerned very young people and perhaps women as well, I will be said to have been a character that was so weak they were irritated to such an extent I was not allowed to step outside of my door until I changed, about which none paid them to, it continued while they never stopped reporting to the Politicians chances that I will get into trouble, never mind the fact that it could never keep its hands off my person and what it makes out as fantasies channelled towards my physical appearances in a sexually abusive manner, that anybody involved in public security work when I am organised for anything will find no administrative certainty or security in what they were doing – pushing myself out had such an effect as I could say that criminals made money to spend at the markets and unless we were happy for them to keep it at home and buy guns which was the main mess that the famous did around here, their crime was the business of Law enforcement who got to decide by law if they were allowed to make money the way they did etc, the rest of the complications associated with social mess was that which I was happy to delegate to the famous and it will continue to get worse with an increased need they had for abusive involvement with what I am doing.

Eventually we listened to the idea that I enjoyed wrecking other peoples public winning work to redo it for my own profile which is utter nonsense as they are not like the Politicians who pick out one of your projects and set about a new trend gimmick, so you may assume that that project was resolved but when you arrive at a Clients place, it was not, if you followed them around to get it done, they will dominate you and trash finances the whole way but will not trash the finances completely, just wreck your mental health. The Celebrities on the other hand pick up a small part of your career and use it to investigate finances in case they want to spend it on themselves, the cause of the problems we now face is the need to use media presence as an advantage in this producing a result where my career did not mean anything no matter what I did with it whilst I had a Bookshop to run – so I started over and they have done a new one on the new things I have done, to add six years of financial mess to the afore 12 years that allowed them make such a mess of my patents and income margins, siting what State provided security said to them as an excuse for it. So we are now at the point where we get to go around certain specific matters, like when it runs me down from the radio waves while I am at work and the only viable reason was that it was a well dressed hoodlum and therefore did it because it was popular etc. Generally, it seems that the single problem was the Media and when I am done getting about the way my finances and social life was decided by neighbourhoods where they owned homes and cars and other personal possessions, I will get down to it properly but sd far I have given the exit of a need for it to be shut down during working hours.

I am aware of a worry Politicians expressed, as per the fact each time I got some publicity, it was to do with a sense that I had gotten into some trouble, but it is not really the case, I simply love to maintain the idea that I am the one getting into trouble. The reason for the trouble is that none had the persuasive capability to talk to Celebrities and their social idiots in a way which will cause them to desist from passing insults at me and or running me down – so for instance my personal life is designed in such a way that the culture and society gits, eventually the industry goons who spend their money making trouble for others experience a lot of suffering because I had a personal and social life but the problem was that Celebrities wanted to enjoy it and make money from it, in a way that will ensure I was seen as inferior to them, so they had the difficulty of handling the culture and society goons eventually the industry trouble makers but because they believed their version of wickedness was about destroying good people, it had developed into a process where they attacked me every time they faced those difficulties and I have since developed into a disposition where I am likely to stop it painfully too. There is another which draws it closer to public understanding and it is to do with abusive culture and society gits in their own right i.e. their abusive behaviour is a product of saying that they gathered somewhere, designed very destructive ways of handling other persons and other peoples possessions, then they built a community that will provide them fortitude whilst they practiced it, so they have learned to fear me and I have learned that Celebrities insulting me to make money will not go away until somebody high profile got badly hurt over it, I mean low profile characters have gotten hurt many times to no effects that is. What we can see here is a process where no matter who gets hurt, I will still always maintain possession of my own personal life, until they want to get hurt as well but overall, they have made a mountain of problems out of nothing (big one being Princess Beatrice of York who never stopped making a mess of my personal life while she sought dates and lovers, the dates and lovers made a mess of her personal life as well and she ended up barefaced taking another persons husband, at which point the look of my personal life was open to the world and they were all in on it), to say that their interest in my personal space was to do with the way they progressed their immoral society gimmicks to such an extent that it caused people health problems and the victims wanted to let them find out all about it, showing up here to tell me I ought to move to the left because of what they wanted, a personal and social life that belonged to them, told me how to exist, no matter how disruptive and destructive of my career and finances it was; beyond all of this was that sense of entitlement to something else that will resolve current predicament, leaving them to speak to me like they were possessed by demons, claiming anything I did about their stupidities simply made them worse but if it wanted a price of advice before I injected normalcy into my daily business by attacking and discrediting the fame gimmicks they claim added up to a career by picking up my assets to make entertainment, if that fails, I get to find out what the abuses of the broadcasting community was about by making sure people found out what I am really made of as well, it should see that it is not peddling the abuses where its friends and family lived.

I am waiting for a time they would say that running peoples lives with the social activities of criminals had burned up existing civil rights and that distant violence causing me pain was the way to make me respond to their needs which then built up to the new civil rights needs as well, for then will I begin my own life threatening gimmicks too, the possibility of anything here getting suspended so that they might adjust to a new insanity does not really exist.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britian and Northern Ireland