They claim it was all a matter of the way I disrespected people who were in the line of work which caused most of my problems and it is utter nonsense too, rather a product of their need to be bigger than I am and make a statement about it which had financial consequences for me, because they were stupid enough for it and I was not. The part that really brings on the problems, is the part where I lose money at the shop because they felt like telling a lie for the day and doing things that real men and real women did over such lies and abuses - it builds up to a consequence of picking up my public image to get famous and returning to trash my finances, which is something that now had to be stopped or I too will discredit their fame and get them to share a personal life with the society gits that ensured I felt sore all over all day because of their needs. It is routine really: all that is needed for them to do it is the devil showing up to tell them he was doing something with a community somewhere in which their media presence played a part and all they needed to do was to trash somebody's finances and public image, make stupid statements about which one was brave and run it for the rest of the victims lives regardless of the complaints.

There is talk of problems at the NHS but it has always been problematic for the NHS, as we are talking about the fact that the professional bodies that handle the interest of NHS workers from tier to tier, that eventually hand their mandate to a Higher professional body that engages with the Government, was subjected to a sort of Politics where they can keep their jobs, if their relevance to the public was used by Politicians to retain Government Office too. We know that when a subsidised programme is put through such an administrative disposition everything done with it becomes incredibly expensive, hence all governments want to avoid instances where subsidised programmed had financial matters delayed until relevant authorities co-operated with a sense of what made Politicians important. It appears we ended up in a situation where all changes to the NHS from the time that this was not a main pursuit, had to be reversed an abandoned, save the part where NHS Trusts were built and so bigger services were able to cater for the needs of smaller ones in a certain area. The real matter at the heart of this was the way that we ignored and paid little attention to activities which constituted Governmental corruption in the UK, if we lived in an environment where there was a Welfare state to support us and Health care was subsidised. According to my experience, after a decade and a half making a mess of my career, it seems that I will get it back only when the idiots were done playing with it, so there were series of abusive things being pushed in my direction and there were so intense that they became a part of my mindset, so that this became the life that they wanted me to live whilst I was not allowed to shut down the career and pick another career all together, hence personal finances were a mess, we are talking about the sort of nonsense people endured when Politicians thought that Government operatives should be paid more money than what Industry workers earned, which is utter rubbish. At this stage I am still good and the gimmicks have nothing to do with me, so they needed to read a Book for each interest in my Bookshop when I am not yet stupid enough to handle their finances the same way and invent similar stupid ideas about a kind of success that was a threat to a certain gender, never mind the Americans who show up here to attack me on claims that I have been disrespectful of Politicians elected to govern their Country. We had to listen to the lip flapping all the time, while it was clearly enough to make enough energy to stave off my finances, without my having to make time for its stupidities to adjust, instead we are dealing with a need to follow me around and buy shares with companies I had business with in order to tackle me, which had also created an outcome where I made their gimmicks part of the way I ran my Bookshop to ensure there were no exceptions for them as applicable to my products at the market place, they paid just like everybody else in every respect and I did not fall short of Intellectual Property Administration service needs when required, thus we end up with an abusive social condition associated with their size as compared to my size and a sense that their gimmicks had affected me much. The reality of this is that the original problem was the way that I had work with the Head of State so it was considered the idea that those who did National service were a lower priority compared to me, was not applicable, to which effect every famous idiot wanted to do the same as well and that did not end well, it needs to stay away from my finances and fool around somewhere else or it will tend to stop according to prevalent habits where I got away with it too.

I am told my Official position is fraught with corruption too but it is not – simple is the matter of working public office concerns which assist businesses who had government working with them on red tape issues, I cannot shut it down to survive on account a bunch of idiots understand areas of personal and social life open to investors, as a meant to draw up publicity that said they had something to black mail me with and if I failed to work with them on their need to get rich, they will trash everything I have, then set about picking up my public image to make money building a crowd that will perceive it as their own public image. The other fools who set about making a mess of my finances to hold me down in an environment where they can work a neighbourhood into a condition that meant people were always willing to attack me, so that it would be easy to say that somebody wanted to do it and it was a matter of time before they got to, would be the gits that made the situation in the NHS as complicated as it had become, their game was to do with assisting people who wanted to avoid taxes and getting a slice of the cash thereof but all I am getting is universal credit and at this stage it was clear that government support for me was not a positive thing, so it really now needs to keep away from my Bookshop and my personal finances and stop running me down when I am working – besides which there are now new factors, like a sense that each time you cleared out something that made a mess of your career, some idiot was willing to put you back into such a situation again, so it seems that we want to play this game, considering the stupidities were exhibited where their friends and family lived. Eventually coming on to say that I liked to build up a sense of being something that I am really not, could never make sense of it but we know it enjoyed building up public attention for the fact there were roles at the Monarchy that people earned and did not necessarily acquire by means of hereditary privilege, never mind how profitable it is to work industrial servitude on somebody who had made a statement about their need to move into his right hand only making sense if their families performed the National services in the Country, looking like it would enjoy a response where its need to handle me meant I took particular interest in what it did at the wealthy neighbourhoods and what is also did with Washington. It is not yet the part where it continued to make a mess here with abusive society gimmicks that get me dropping out of University, clinging to my income margins to set out a sense that the abuses may be applied on those who were too old for what they were doing for a living, then find out that it was not doing so well itself whilst I got some assistance at the Monarchy as a statement about how damaging those gimmicks were for other peoples academic pursuits especially the very young, only to see them enlist help from the younger population that liked to get about with male ageist idiots, problem solved then most would think, especially I needed to survive because I could not shut down access to my public life as a matter of businesses investing in the UK, on account that they built a community that berated and abused me all day, about which there was a sense that they had not yet come to serious harm for doing so - mean as in losses at the Shop because it was trying to engage with activities that only real men can, where my career was located and the Media comments that make a mess of Client interests because they were bigger than I am and wanted to tell a lie, then there is the trashing everything aspect of my concerns which the authorities had picked up to improve the conditions for women and younger people, leaving me in income margins purgatory because I was not stupid enough to do the same, as they wrecked careers to keep their own, then work with their famous fools to try and forcibly get people enrolled in the security services., sharing the personal lives of public service operatives, helping to get rid of the sense that they were a bunch of losers

We have now heard of UK Cabinet in 2022 banning strikes for employees of some income bracket, I could never make sense of Law which have this effect that invalidates what Children learn at school – we learned a long time ago and got qualified in the process, that when Government spends money on organisations, they announce the spending on Media to avoid corruption, when Unions embark on Industrial action, they needed to mitigate the social and cultural trouble makers that infiltrate their ranks, by going on public strike. So if we now have Laws which ban strikes, it is not clear if the Government has also made plans to overhaul the school curriculum and had planned an alternative process for us to learn on Economics, Business, Politics and Government, regarding these kinds of issues, as a matter of academic and empirical fact and research. They do claim I too needed to start living in a world where the clash between Government and Unions was real for me as well – firstly which we cannot actually say that the trouble makers who infiltrate Union ranks were a greater threat compared to the way Politicians continued to endorse the career abusive actions of individuals who have themselves publicly declared that their social lives and activities was incompatible with Political or public administration affairs, especially like in my case where information supplied people about me by criminals was regarded as fact – such that we could then make sense of instances where the Government needed to ban strike action for people on specific pay bracket. Then of course is the fact that this is action taken by Politicians who are not living on food banks to say the least, which stress for me is quite unbearable as a matter of the fact they were wealthy but could not have enough, so I lived in hell because I needed to work a livelihood which I could fold up and attempt something else should it fail to deliver desired results. If I said that when I got my hands on their pride and joy, they will see it for the last time as well, then we began to see the true nature of this gimmick once they started informing me that they were wealthy, and I needed to refrain from telling them what to do. the fundamental issue being that Politicians have not stopped fighting people who are giving it a really good effort at standing up for themselves in public with some dignity – we know of certain outstanding prognosis, where parents bullied their children because they knew that if they gave up responsibility, the Government would take the children into care and the story ended but that had to go hand in hand with claims we were a backward facing country that had a problem with modernism on account that 19 year old women got pregnant, so what we have ended up with a situation in which the men in the UK might as well be pregnant too, never mind the fact people did not wish to use public transport anymore on account it was better to make a statement by driving a car and fingering peoples bums as you drove by, hence we can see that it the reality that actually made sense. It is then said that one of the main concerns was to do with the way I am a pathetic character people wanted to teach lessons but I do not think these people realise how easy it would be for my actions to constitute a threat to short insulting videos that are meant to become advertisement and run through to production line feminists in a box passing insults at me all the time, being something I did to ensure I can enjoy the free air when I step outside of my door, all the way to the international powers that they invoke whenever they showed up here to bother me and enough consequences set out to ensure I had a social life, regardless of those gimmicks turning up here to express the way they would fancy the poor got poorer and rich got richer, which I would finish off with an Official disposition on the matter – suffices to say they need to fight their corner in life and stop handling me, if they were complaining. I am told that the way I operated on the matter encouraged trouble but it does not at all, it is rather a series of things I have done which is an assistance to security service operatives – so we have ended up in a situation where work done to prevent terrorism was a threat to the careers of Celebrities who needed to retaliate endlessly, The Muslims were always the special ones fighting my battles all the time and suggesting I was ungrateful for it until I became grateful all together. Essentially it is to do with things I have done concerning where I source my food and to try and play a part which ensured it was sourced sustainably and ethically, basically issues associated with diplomatic and Political phases of International business, what then happens being that all said and done, they show up and we all start living in hell from the time that they did. Hence here it is: UK Politicians have banned strikes and we have explored the consequences all the way to International Business. The theory about my person is that I had no real power but it is not necessarily a matter of power, just an understanding that for instance in a matter of work done at security services to prevent terrorism becoming an affront to the careers of Celebrities, whilst they trash my career to ensure I did not withdraw an entitlement to get involved with my personality or people using Ambulance sirens to make a statement that suggests Police disturbs the neighbourhood until they made such a mess of the neighbourhood with social activities of criminals and hang about pointing fingers towards people who dared to own something other people did not, everything I have said are matters of procedural fact, in my view, these are idiots who liked to cause me the stress and will be getting an appropriate stress filled response. They were always fond of this - where the Soldiers and Service agents were too much, so an Arch Prince walking down the streets without body guarding security was an easy pick.

I am informed that the German influence people claim they had taught me a lesson of a lifetime. It is utter rubbish – what happens is that it is all insults, but to ensure it was effective enough to damage property and career, they got to build a community for it that provided them with fortitude and turned up to apply the insults to the most private and intimate of my body parts and personal affairs, so it was possible to abandon everything and pursue them while I knew there were more of them than there was of me, in a world where that stupid community was their civil right. So it always tells tales like this when other people have had some fun with it as well apparently – I have not forgotten that dropping out of University because of the smell issues its stupidities inflicts from an alliance with a bunch of idiots that organise younger people to run others down and put the labels on, whilst they then created a crisis because they had to protect themselves from the mess they had built, being people that can be said to have been bums as a matter of their financial disposition compared with their age, just like their own victims, this being what Politicians were most concerned with, the idiots had developed an entitlement to handle my property and career publicity as applicable to their entitled stupidities, short insolent videos they thought was the way that advertisement was made and a proper asset maintenance problem that wrecked my income margins because it was always so unpredictable and occurred on account their stupidities could not stop having fun with what they believed to be a coward, then claim state provided security provoked them to kick it off whereas the smell issues getting me to drop out of University and their need to continue the behaviour long after I blamed myself and came to peace with it, that started it. It is always a business of building up that power and then getting to make use of it but I am simply suggesting that if there will be lip flapping to get somebody doing something about me at some stage, it needed to tell a story by the way side, every time that its stupidities made use of the power, otherwise it was clear that dropping out of University, should not necessarily have wrecked my career and finances as such and they were free to spend their stupid time as they wanted to spend it, alternatively it carries on and finds out if I am not going to screw it over properly, so that it got to fool around a German influence gimmick somewhere else, the way that I want it to. It is routine more or less; takes a look at my career and finances, my academic pursuits and prospects and decides that a certain cluster of activities that made somebody a victim in the past, should be applied to me, my point being that when it is applied, apart from the fact that I got to support some quasi racist as well in case I ended up paying for all of the recovery, it needed to tell a story by the way side too, to make sense of its understanding of justice, if it was going to lip flap all the way to the Offices of the Politicians, when I had fun too. Beyond this point when it had a need to resolve things like so, I will be talking about which of its German influenced insults it was peddling where its friends and family lived and will begin to get very active on the matter for my part too. I build a Bookshop and find it was impossible for people to engage because I am not a safe place to be considering this nonsense or famous idiots decided criminals were better people than I am, who took a chance to make money and buy show business, what I find every time after it was done showing up on my social life to sulk until I dropped out of University because this power was being applied on me, it was all due to these fools making something from the idea that other people were bigger than I am. The backdrop is that racists did the same things, but I took the time to tackle attention paid to me by racists, ignoring the fact they were the people most willing to perform the same activities in terms of other peoples right to exist all together. The Government is usually very concerned about losing control of public finances because racists were busy building people unpredictable industrial Politicians while their famous idiots picked up career publicities to ensure the owners of property could make sense of the idea they had something for blackmail and in my case it is to do with the size of other people as a matter of provocative state provided security, which is so stupid it makes people sick and mad, then set about running off abusive crowd pleasing gimmicks on the public life of victims to get rich, if racists did the same, it would be world war two all over again. Hence they decided I was stupid enough to tackle the attention racists paid to me, as a matter of a problem where I had to catch up with what was said about me and say something useful enough to guarantee my survival over it, whilst they were the people I should have been worried about, always the lip flapping until it gets to find out that I considered it and the racists as one and the same thing and are complaining I offered some support for some quasi racists before the fun was finished too. So I am said to go around the problem in circles but I don’t – my career is now back to the state it was before I went into University to study Law and Economics for it, the hard time the idiots have given me is that they have never stopped building up the insults from their communities stage after stage, from the part where there was not real evidence they were making contact with me, up to the stage where they labelled me a bum and I had rented space with a rogue idiot with a House to rent, who shared my time in the bathroom with them on the streets, complete with communities that provide them fortitude every time they applied it, lest it made a mess of them as well, to which effect I am sore all over but it is a separate thing from my career all together otherwise we get to find out what I am made of too.

I. Uno I

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