I am said to have completely regretted the involvement with the Monarchy at this stage which is not the case the truth of the rackets we see on Media about Royals complaining of the Monarchy is that the issues that may lead to those bad results are always foreseeable but ignored over a prolonged period of time. In my case however, there is me and there is a version of me that engages in those kinds of issues and then set about ignoring them for a certain period, so I suppose that when they bring up ideas on regret for instance, they must have calculated that it was a good time to find out if they were due to reap the rewards of their hard work. For instance, I am a Royal Hermit but if provoked well enough like they have, I will put on the Arch Prince persona and we will hear them complain on a global stage, such that we see I must try to avoid using my personal life to punish people to such an extent they became too old to get married and settle, people took pictures and splashed out on the internet, if I wanted to get married and settle down myself but I do not suppose I am obliged to marry and settle down with people I think are essentially really stupid and enjoy few forms of fun as much as they enjoy blocking my financial wellbeing and personal relationship for no reason and did not fancy second opinions. So we see that I am a virgin at 40 and there are talks of me having a bad relationship towards women which cannot be substantiated but if I got rid of the abuses, humiliation and insults, at the end of which they were unable to take out the trash that was too big for them, I would appear to be a pure unblemished thing that their stupidities could take advantage of to make the most of the consequences of the personal decisions that they made, in the evil world they created and lived in.

I. Uno I

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