On the matter of putting on a brave face, I am not, I got off working matters of currency and had to run my finances in a certain way, they showed up to perform actions that got the finances looking horribly bad, then spent a few years extending the period in which it did and taught their silly children to describe me as a bum – this was a simple matter naturally but then another group of idiots with Media jobs got involved to build communities of lasciviousness where they built businesses of gimmicks they performed at my expense in secret but each time I showed up in public I was a threat to their business because I claimed my Public image, to get up on Media and pass all I did about these matters as an achievement attributed to another person’s career, so it never listens if the first time round that it expressed this sort of interest in me led to a lot of trouble because it was about the idea that putting me through a difficult time helps me to achieve my full potential.

Then they claim what I did was ridiculous while none asked them a question about what I was doing, at the same time we know they had a civil right which follows people around to make a mess of the best work done for the career and ensure the mess affected more people as their victims grew and developed and those were likely to be people that were increasingly higher up on the scale of wealth and social relevance – so I too have developed a way to walk into Companies and confront them over the abusive tribalism raid stupidities associated with their badly raised needs to get me paying the price for their terrible personal decisions, as entitled Children whose parents are no longer available to do the cash handout bits. We know it hangs about like that making trouble from this, blabbing about its German and European influences and will never do it in a manner which wrecks its own finances, about which I had since become one of their biggest problems when it comes to those influences as such, whereby it shows up here to handle me and my concerns for its money making gimmicks, looking for safe spaces to get rich by and never stopped being abusive towards those that fought for it but when they had no business with me as such, they were a problem for the Head of State, blabbing about whether the kind of economic progress the British seek is of their size while there were bigger and more powerful Countries out there who were making better contributions to global space, of which we now know that Europeans, especially Germans were not tackling their stupidities when they trashed my career to groom me as a character that suffered for their bad decisions and was bullied badly enough to give away facts on how he resolved it with a big mouth – always very good at looking for trouble and if I attacked it, its entire life will be developed around gimmicks that involved a need to beat the British. None asked them about the ridiculousness of my actions and activities either but I did not think they were intelligent enough to develop a process that chased up idiots who picked up my assets to work with some tribalism raid managerial character in companies who had money to spend on it and give them a cut for the promotion they had helped him gain, chased them up an retrieved assets, after allowing them run it off for a period of time that was long enough to invalidate the stupid idea that the assets did not exist and their actions were a simple case of Industrial popularity.

It is the part that beats me all the time: how do people pick up money to go off and seek their fortunes at the market with friends, while having need of somebody else’s assets randomly – it suggests they believe themselves to be characters that were untouchable. The backdrop is always a case of making sense of the University fiasco where their stupid girls went overseas to bring in people that will get imagination up my bum until I dropped out, such that they now had a community that offered them a lot of affirmation each time they wanted to make the most of the sense they had money and I didn’t, their ideas about money was something that a lot of people agreed to and wanted to be a part of, moreover, some of those people were originally part of the public that got involved with my Bookshop and the community behind them was bigger than the one I had if I was not just trying to run a Bookshop without bothering others. I have attempted looking into the matter and ended up with a Community that the Politicians get along with better than their gimmicks, so we are right now already divided into their abusive stupidities, those who did it by themselves and got attacked by black people who have since not worked out what racists were doing with ethnic minorities and the Communities that Politicians could rely on but they do not believe it will end badly yet.

What we hear them inquire about was the reasons I was never afraid of them whilst they thought they were bad people who were scary enough but I am not because in my view they are abusive big brothers and sisters who think it was amusing to undercut people at the basic stages of their instincts and the process of handling property to achieve the disposition that brings this about is usually illegal while a major part of their bullying was built on the idea that others failed to acknowledge their stupidities were famous and we see this same pattern of narcissism in everything they did; I wrote a Book and they liked it, so they trashed the Publicity and built me another which suggests I am meant to kiss their backsides for a living, then the narcissism that supports it becomes the need to build communities of lasciviousness where people ran businesses on abusing me behind my back and getting out of my door was a real issue. Same as the other gits who pick up my assets and claim it was all industrial popularity, once done building communities that affirm their importance at my expense to distract me from what I am doing until I am cash strapped, they will support it with narcissism that involved ripping up careers to employ criminals in the neighbourhoods, who formed into communities that thought about my private parts all the time and got imagination fingers round to it. It is not really a crisis, just one of those issues that lead down a path which suggests that if I cannot stop them making the stupid comments on media which wreck my Bookshop, I will want to burn the security that the Police force and the Government provides them, so that I might be able to build a community that gets imagination up their bums as well, considering it looks rather good on their famous next stage of human evolution, taller than I am stupidities. So, we are now at the stage where it is the experts in narcissism if I am to put names to the use of ‘they,’ the people who do it by themselves and the communities that Politicians can get along with. There are many reasons it was pointless to be afraid of them and one of them was a process where I could make use of any communities I may have been engaging in, with respect to the destruction of my career to build a crowd that affirmed what they said about money and treating my assets as a point of Industrial popularity, so that I might do the same to them as well; besides which in my view they were a bunch of really evil characters who always tended to hit people with social disposition that they knew their victims could not deal with and then grab property off them – for instance I write a Book, they wrecked the Publicity to build up the idea I was meant to kiss their backside for a living and then the hitting was the part where they built a crowd that gained from it and made statements which suggested it was the correct way to use either my Books or my writing career, just like the industry ones will build a community that got imagination up my bum, labelled me a smelly person and stirred up a crowd that wanted to attack me if they had the opportunity to, so my career, social life and finances have just stagnated because I smell and people dream of attacking me for it i.e. I do not have to be afraid of them if it was a good enough reason to make them bleed.

They do claim it is just me having to deal with terrorism like we hear them claim I do not seem to have made more out of any link I had established between their activities and communist interests. For the latter, it was an old story about assuming that Europeans and their interests in Africa and South America were the sex maniacs but in China people are required by law to have only one Child per family, so their entire marriage is usually spent on sex, therefore what they complain about all the time, a story of me being a traitor is really just what the Chinese are like. Mostly however the story of communists was a matter of the first stages where these idiots got to stop handling me, as we know that they always claimed that Russia was a white Country and so was the US, therefore I did not have a chance at all, now however, we know that if I had difficulty managing their abusive white big brother characters, I can play them off against the Russians, which I would have assumed was an example of a situation that was likely to end badly. For the former, it was an old story of people claiming I interfered with their fighting to seek conveniences whenever they did the terrorist activities which then progressed to a process that converted the business of handling my concerns as a tool that helped them attack security services, into something of the way I am required to stand up for ethnic minorities whenever they did the terrorist activities – so it was clearly not bad enough as far as they were concerned, therefore it got to the part about communities that ran me down and got imagination up my bum and came up with ideas on how I ought to exist. I am not suggesting it is a crisis either, since I have informed them as well, that it can build up very easily from a process of becoming interested in what they did with women and end in a process of getting involved with employers and industry property owners to make statements about their trouble making being an indication that they had made enough money and were quite tired of it. The idea is that every part of this nonsense beginning from the basic process of making bad person decisions and sorting out popularity fun by which to ensure I suffered for it, ripping up my career to ensure that I was run down to such an extent they could put their problems in my personal space and bully the results I had developed for it out of me, can be something I spent the rest of my life on and it will not, as once I realised I did not have enough time to achieve what I set out the tools they have decided should be the main support system for their gimmicks, I will get enough revenge out of them, to ensure those aims were accomplished.

They do love to suggest that my interest in women was the biggest source of financial mess which is not true – the women were the biggest source of my financial mess, not my interest in them, loving to play wife support role on me and trash my earnings instead of getting a job, then get led by equally stupid Celebrities that want to do so every day to the pleasure of industry idiots, the others were a bunch of gits whose parents about to fight my wars for real, always suggesting somebody was fighting my wars and even girls were doing it too. It begins with a process of going back to the University mess that was done by girls who ran me down and travelled overseas to bring in people that will get imagination up my bum and then I had to stem the financial mess of it after 14 years of not being able to move them on by telling them off, which leads me to the part where well off neighbourhoods in the head loved to tell me what to do abusively, then I realise that although I have got a history with society gits on the matter of people telling me what to do, I do not have one for these well off neighbourhoods in the head while I tell you what to do and trash your career, with consequences for your social life where people laughed at your CV before the read it and the German influence gits built a phenomenon of people getting imagination up your bum for the rest of your life because you engaged in private security industry work, whereby they got to establish abusive sex that British idiots could perform on a divide and conquer gimmick while they never stopped picking up criminals and hoodlums they send out to get involved with me, by which they spent what I did about it on themselves or mocked me for wrecking my entire life doing nothing, never mind the fact we are still here five years after I left the security work for their stupidities all together. The other part of justification they make for themselves is that I am not in par with my peers and as we can see of which they created the problem, never mind the process of keeping it going for as long as possible and of which it does come through as a matter of having to do what I was meant to in the last 15 years within a five year period leaving me with a dream life where I had a real justification for them to leave me alone but then they decide I cannot be left alone as their culture and civil rights had dictated it, to show up here and immerse me in problems that they claim established their sense of entitlement and superiority. I do not really care as such, I am only keen on the fact I am a writer, they cannot live without handling me and I needed end their access and of course the gimmick where my success and the way I had achieved it suggested I was entitled, it about to play into the years of bad experience and secure them a lesson they will never forget. So, the reasons they target me for it naturally is the claim I am soft and hollow, so they can put things in it including problems, as stupidly as possible.

In their world apparently they did things that Government could not do, in order to make money and live in a world where they did not have to pay taxes but this long standing decades old abusive interest in Royalty like me, is supposed to have expressed the full extent of their insanity and it has now crumbled, followed with the silly threats issued my way and still there is no respect for the fact I write Books to manage my Trust which is how I make my own money as well, there is the need to use me and handle me, the abusive processes of putting me through their mad world of sales where people will not listen to me as they handled my concerns to make money, no respect for the fact I write Books and so I am having my writer skills, work and entire empire put to something else, while their wealthy stupidities kept theirs, complaining on Media endlessly. They now claim the fabric of their society had burned up and it was all linked to my actions but my actions had nothing whatsoever to do with it – it is a matter rather of Politicians preferring narcissism as a form of public leadership and a bunch of idiots showering people with Office space insults in Public, to such an extent that a question emerged about investigating how they made the money in their bank accounts which most of the time their stupidities were unable to account for because it was money made through popularity and celebrity culture; what we will see next from the outcome where a bunch of idiots build a media presence for it, to suggest Princes were bums and they were important is that people will get a lot of young women pregnant and the Police will be called in when they were required to pay for Child support. They do say the problem was that people thought I was dead and buried which is not really the case, the reality is that their world have ended in 13 years since I dropped out of University, I have made 5 different major career decisions in that time, which they have wrecked, published a Book, built a Trust system and an online Bookshop for it, so I only need to get everything fixed and stop being distracted by them, not dead and buried at all. Eventually we find that whilst they have not yet been gotten off complaining that a person hated them and their civil rights, most of the abuses that trash my finances because they are always making comments about my Public image and my Books to facilitate feel good practical jokes which produces an outcome where their narcissism had opened up my personality to put in their various problems and become respected people like the men they think they are with a big mouth, they will not yet be found linking up any gimmicks they want to perform on media abusively, to their posh living rooms and the Offices where they have showered people with enough insults for a lifetime, to keep themselves together by, considering their stupid lifestyle and will not yet make sense of what I am saying when I suggest I have had enough of them too. The risk are that if I were to build a crowd that helps me distract them until I grabbed their jobs as well, by affirming what I said about money was correct and they were masters of narcissism, what kind of crowd would I end up with, until such an outcome, it will continue to express how much its stupidities knew about me when it knew nothing and is coping to survive with a version of me that is simply trying to run a Bookshop without harming others. They even claim that I think everybody is working against me which is utter nonsense as what happens is that I am dealing with a leadership from a bunch of terrorists who first got off telling me what to do, which allowed a handful of low lives show up to run me down, in the sense that whenever I had something doing and it got a bit challenging, somebody showed up to shove me, the reasons that the Politicians, media, Celebrities and self-seeking stupid women who thought they were feminists did it is never clear, what we understand from the shoving is that their feelings were paramount in other people’s lives and they did not fear an outcome where those stupid dreams that I was at war with them became a reality.

They claim naturally that I believe myself this good but they tended to get the better of me all the time and it is utter nonsense as I have never seen them explore their own lives on the Media if they were happy to explore mine at least 5 times every Hour – explore the gap between their career and what might happen if their talents were put to activities that got them into trouble with the Police; in 15 years of seeing them do me every day, the idiots have never done themselves once, thus on a personal stage I would like them to know they needed to stay away from my Books and explore their own, as it would have made them tough and caused people to fear them, on a more general sense, the stupid Celebrity culture where people get into the establishment of my Publishers to pick up my Book, rip up the sales and run off abusive gimmicks that caused me so much suffering it open up my personality for them to put their problems into, is my target. I am regularly told that I contradict myself as I do make use of the Celebrities and yes I do but I had a wealth equity system that was the processing point for all things Celebrity in my affairs, what they do with it is pick it up and build publicity for it that grows into a narcissism supported by a crowd which allowed their famous stupidities do what they liked with it and never use it once according to purpose; the entire time we have entertainment getting involved with it in terms of people saying the way I conducted my affairs allowed people feel comfortable to such an extent they wanted to make video games that aided people with learning difficulties, I mean we see them buy those games for the Children, claiming it was made for Children which is not really an issue as people do not complain when others are paying, nothing is ever used according to purpose and it is getting serious, then there are other uses for instance where it is used to make video games that entertain younger people for the purpose of diplomacy at Industrial canopy, which is the part that tended to show signs of secret service activity that few others would make sense of the way government operatives who understood it would etc and again Celebrities were a real issue on the same behaviour they exhibited. Then the part that affected them involved those forms of entertainment that worked the social conveyor belt that served people who wanted to work in the armed forces – we would have people who worked it traditionally, then others who came in with a cause, then the women who were always thinking about whom they had to kill to bring about world peace, then the younger people looking to prove themselves, these goons had since turned it on its head, now claiming I am the one that needed to account for my position as somebody who had a part to play in what armed services did, after filling it in with popularity gits that looked to perform some action at the armed services, spend time insulting public security staff and come up with ideas about whom they must attack to resolve the financial problems of their communities, so I guess when I am blamed, it indicated that they had lost control. The way I got involved on the other hand was a question still, whereby we were looking at instances in which every process that ended with the killing of a Russian that was allied to the UK because of years of private business interests, had some British twat at the heart of the matter playing a part, it plays that part, blames it on boys sorting out issues on narcissism by themselves, stirs up racism and before we knew it was handling my Royal Trust to get rich, seeking safe spaces for business. They started a fight, and I chose my battles, now there is complain on all sides.

Saying these still gets me into trouble, as it is usually happy to boast that everything China did was facilitated by US dollars but was so brazen it did not believe that it mattered if it got off running those public place insults and developing ways of managing how it affected its stupidities as well, by working some sort of Public discipline over smell issues, adding up to a process of the US leading the world to fight its enemies. They claim I failed to recognise people hated me and persistently believe they were good company, but I do not, the problem is that we have ended up with a consequence where I did not care that there was a risk, they felt existed in a prospect that I might want to get involved with them. The matters that have led to these consequences being that they hang about wrecking my social life and career, each time dreaming of me getting into a violent situation with others, whereby if they did, they benefitted and if others did to me, they benefitted but if I refused to, they benefitted from the reasons as well, then got about bragging of things people can have when they were rich. We are therefore doing what we are now doing, entirely because another group of idiots had jobs on Media – with it, they ensured that each time somebody faced an insecurity in the Course of getting something done, the problem will never go away because when people faced insecurities, they created safe spaces that those who had money could confiscate to get richer by, the problem does not go away because there was insecurity faced in the process of sorting it due to the fact they had a media presence to fool around with, now being quite clear about what their stupidities hated too. I have never seen them explore the way that they worked their careers as a measure of things that they might have done otherwise, to get them somewhere close to the prison service or worse, they enjoy exploring mine while exploring their own would have made them seem tough and made people afraid of them. Then we hear that it was a case of me paying for the things that I did, referring to private security industry work, of which I do not remember a state of mind whereby I happened to be ashamed of the jobs that I did anyway – it is what is meant to happen, a process where their bottom hurt and their tummy felt uncomfortable when their insidious boldness to mind people’s business and decide how people were to exist so as to get paid for being popular ends, a process where their community croons never stopped working their window blinds so an extent where an atmosphere existed where I lived on a ground floor of a building and they were parking their cars right above my Bed and parking it until they parked it in my personal space every day when they see me move into a neighbourhood, the building of lasciviousness that communities of people got involved with and some set out businesses on thus I was a threat to livelihood whenever I stepped outside of my door, then claims that I farted in Public and the crowd wanted to see the way it happens because even the Children can beat me up and the media knew about it; the least that could happen for all these is that their own felt just are sore and uncomfortable as it were. The claim that I brought it upon myself for suggesting I can handle such matters on the other hand showing how deluded the idiots really are, as their need to assess my personal space and invent a flurry of bad personal decisions in their lives, thereafter build a crowd and decide how that personal space should be used, is not really news to the religiously orientated and I have given them the exit, to keep from my Books and make their fun comments about their own public image: It is their failure to comply with this, which motivates me to work towards them and try to establish a meeting, something that will make all of these real. It does not teach me any stupid lessons about not messing with them as claimed – it is not the abusive activities as much as it is the process of hitting me with something i.e. not the lascivious abuses, the process of getting communities who set out a business on it involved, not the gimmick of endearing themselves to criminals on my Public image to sell magazines, the business of bashing my Bookshop so I had no money at all while at it and the rest of it that I had listed above – I mean I am certain that bashing my Bookshop so I had no money at all for instance, was an illegal activity, showing up with different gimmicks on the left hand side and right hand side all the time, like their opinionated stupidities was news to the religiously orientated.

Eventually we hear that I am unlovable but I wouldn’t know how far their gimmicks about me being loved and jilted by Royalty had gone already, I know the narcissism had clashed with me and I also have been told I think I am a narcissist but I am not really and I do know I am not, however I do not respond to normal people through narcissism – I do not know how it works either, when I had no other way of responding to narcissists save through narcissism and could not control most of my actions as such, including the parts I am addicted to. I suppose the reason is that narcissism is good back at school and during younger days when parents were paying the bills, as working narcissism on people who are trying to put children in line, maybe trying to get an Ice cream for them during Holiday is likely to end badly, the force which drives them to do bad things is greater than the one that drives your practical jokes. I never did narcissism in my younger days either, I just shut down and then it turned out that typical African twats targeted me with it on seeing I had shutdown, claiming it stopped me from thinking of doing so in future, with a big mouth. The term is border line narcissist, as normal people exist in a completely different world as I have described above and I do not find myself getting pleasure from practicing any narcissism on normal people, only other narcissists make it pleasurable. In the case of these gits claiming I am unlovable, it was an old tale of looking like the devil had a say in their size and they had to hang about somewhere.

I. Uno I

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