Now itís the trouble I will get into one day for the rubbish I speak with respect to Unions that gets into the spotlight, as the most important preoccupation every trouble maker has these days. I suppose the purpose of it is to find out what my opinions about changes to their pensions really are and I do not actually think my opinions will matter in any case for any reason whatsoever. So here it is: they have been supporting their much loved evil Labour government that was wrecking working practices in the Country right down to working mentality and will go with them to whatever end but the outcome on the ground was that such things as Royal Mail Christmas vacancies had been disappearing, the highest ranking Royal Mail Boss paying himself a Million pounds a year in Salary and the Royal mail falling into a financial problem all at the same time. Such things as every little job in this country requiring papers to be signed by employees for a pension plan. While all these things were happening, they did nothing as Unions and now that the economic crisis has taken hold and their very secure flash pensions contributions for teaching job and very secure flash pension contributions for train drivers jobs and very secure flash pension contributions for top civil service jobs have been affected something is going to go badly wrong for everybody. I have no idea what on earth they expect the government to do now when they can see clearly that the money just isnít there. I have no idea what they expect me to say for my part or in my defence against them; let them go on strike not ask me what my opinion is, besides which if I did say this years ago before their flash jobs which purpose is to ensure others are stuck in ones that are not rewarding were affected I would not be having any fun.


With respect to my own actions against being threatened by Unions; they know that they have no power to pervade my faith or conduct corruptions of involvement with me or on my property, so they know this is their worst nightmare-one of those individuals that can ensure the purpose of his job is to make sure others repent and give up clear Political wickedness before they are allowed to get employment, so I have no idea what they threaten me looking for anyway.


As for the trouble I will get into; I might want to mention the next time they think about talking rubbish especially when they are the worlds most insolent females, they ought to remember somebody here is furious over the fact that having made arrangements between big and small businesses, prevented a fight between the two sides over their business and economic needs, brokered equities with them, it has become impossible for him to sell the books that were created from this just because they exist. They would never want to tempt me, they think they are evil, I know they are not, I know I am. They need to go on strike not ask me. Of course the biggest problem I have got is that every idiot wants to buy shares in other peoples companies, then have stupid girls he unleashes on my property and earnings because after spoiling them he wants to ensure they do not feed their habits by doing jobs that are affiliated to the underworld, which they also think is funny on public Television - where every idiot can have a go at being my Working Court, which also means they can get away with doing whatever they like with those as provocatively as possible, so that once I have any friends on such places as well, they are out to counter that too. They are rightly afraid of my Working Court of course but it is baffling for me the things that constitute the reasons for the provocation and destruction they carry out around me.


I.Uno I

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