The question is whether I think it has all been a failure over the years, but I don’t. these gits have a life built entirely from corruption and have a need to develop a link between Government and Industry, seeking it as big as they can make it – their stupid politicians naturally spend tax payer funds on them to do enterprise with and rip up the earnings of those who did not need such assistance while expecting Government to raise its revenue, talking socialist rubbish in Parliament, only making sense of this corruption when the conflict had broken out and clinging to my earnings to claim that I am fooling around with conditions that may provoke their stupidities into doing the conflicts all together. It has not been a failure, just a process where people in authority require them to do wars after wars, hence the Russia – Ukraine crisis of 2022, is so far their peak performance, featuring a process of picking up my civic duties to do the wars, so they might decide I could only have my career when I am brave enough to and their political idiots can send me out to war as well, while their ethnic minority twats got to prevent me from becoming a white Man.

I am said to face threats to my position constantly on claims that my work is messy - the truth of it is that Media and Celebrities live for the mess that have been pointed out as applicable - I am writing this in 2022, whilst the first time I became aware they were working towards a destiny for me which took a shape whereby I dropped out of school and fought other people for them, was in the works - what they are now saying is that the mess made of my career and finances had helped the decision to build a crowd which supports the idea that it is the way my person should be used. It brags all the time that I was not a threat and I wish to follow it on with a process where each act that slowed public interest in my Library and the services that people are getting from it, to crash my finances by getting Clients to walk away from the Books, will be matched with an act that affected their next pay packet. So eventually we see that the matter had progress from the bragging to claims that for the fact we were doing this because their stupidities were getting more violent after trashing my career and finances, for reason of the finances in their own bank accounts, my behaviour indicated that it was not safe in their bank accounts, as we know that this was the main platform for the narcissism that is driving Clients who are desperate for my services away from the Books and thereby leaving me cash strapped.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland