The story of being oppressed by Politicians is not one that is based on reality; what really happens is that I have property they wish to own and claim they need to in order to create economic recovery which they will never have, thus their bottom hurts and be it my fault that it hurts or not, it’s never really clear bearing in mind the consequences of doing so, why they are convinced the prospects of being doing something as stupid as getting them out of it is hopeful. It started years ago with a behaviour that is similar to racism, where people just hate those who look or feel relaxed, to a point where they started off this campaign of being the ones who have jobs where they make decisions that affect the lives of criminals and therefore deserve to have such an existence, meaning the introverted are detached from themselves and kept in a state of emotional suspense with lots of communally organised threats and bullying while goons have their fun in such ways – so in my case they do love clowning around very important matters as well and I need to make it serious on a regular basis. In the end its rather amazing that any human being would do these things but even more so that they would rather do this than buy a £20 Book I have written if they believe what I have can get them counted into the worlds rich list.

The Media ones are another story entirely; a collection of fools who enjoy hurting themselves and blaming others for it, where it’s only serious outside of a comedic career if I said I got myself a Court of female journalists because of the way that women get around society when they work in journalism, which the male journalists believe they deserve to have on account they were dominant species and had lots of power to play for, only to end up hurting their bottoms over the things I do for security reasons which they follow on with a process of persecuting me to get it fixed and yet again is the same question of why anybody would think this was the correct way to make a living in order to avoid buying Books I have written anyway. the Industry ones are another story entirely, they will rather take steps to rip up my Books to get rich than pay £20 for it because making use of me abusively can be worth a lot of money, which as methods of making a living goes beats the imagination and so it adds up to what they will never have and I can see them get around with the Politicians and look like they were measured by the devils measurement and are all the same thing, which starts to make sense to me a tribalism raids that will get them to the top end of industry where their problems will be over, when they had started talking nonsense about who was out of other people’s league.

For me it came to a head when I dropped out of University but even so, it happened in 2008 while I have written this piece in 2018, so the need to keep me dropped out is important so that I might give up the academic work permanently; as stupid as it was from the very first day we met. So they do tell me nobody knows if I use my Books to fight the world or am trying to sell it but what really happens is that they have always wanted this case of me starting a business I do not earn from, then move off to another and another and another, on account they wanted to be self-employed, which ran all the way to a point where it started getting dangerous in the sense that if they wanted to own my livelihood at an embryonic stage so people can learn how to get rich, what is it that says sexually abusing children would not produce the same results and then when I put myself on the line to prevent it I lose everything else – we have now therefore come to the stage where I want to replace women hating society loving CV faking goons running big companies as well, and we can see that conducting tribalism raids that get them to the top end of Industry did not necessarily solve their problem. It runs all the way to this disposition politicians create for them to express their evil nature by, that means that I end up fighting a cause while they end up chasing my anus to drive me like a cow, while I make them comfortable and it usually starts with their need to control children, which ends me up in a place where I am told they are older and nearer their pensions than I am, thus have the right to make money from profitable systems on a local community and I will be allowed to take advantage of other younger persons the same way even when they see me attend church and know that I am being taught something entirely different – so we find male journalists enjoy this part so much and like to claim my involvement with their female colleagues is the reasons for all my problems i.e. when it progresses to the bits about their need to control women as well, while for me it had already reached a stage where their corruption of involvement needs to ensure other young people are better off than I am to make me understand what it feels like to have a Royal Commission while they had none at their age, showing they are well and truly desperate indeed; coming right down to this ending where what is being disrupted is somebody just sitting in their backyard to read a Book I had written which in my view happens when people that are not self-employed have too much time on their hands on account others worry about their finances for them, so they might tell me there are those who do well without bothers others like myself but we all know that was popular culture and celebrity culture that needs to make it from their lives and sell it to themselves as the vandalism they conduct here has really gotten up my nerves, the same way I have begun to classify the Industry bits as a form of damage so I can handle their own as well.

I do get told I appear to enjoy this business of looking like a Gladiator a lot which I do not; we see every 24 hour spent by these goons on building some statement and publicity that keeps people off my Books in the same way that the Industry ones have us over a Barrel over environment issues because they wish to deploy the fact they can turn on the taps and cause some oil spill somewhere or destroy some pristine forest in another place to get back at people who look the same as those they love to attack and hate and at the end, the only rest when it is Sundown but will start a new day boasting off how delay is denial and various other Cliché nasty that they love to blab all over the place while they do not wish to be cracked for it too. I get told as well that I do not take it as seriously as I should but it’s only a case of leading the Liberals which is largely concerned with the fact they never spend time with their own mates as that would not allow them flout other people’s Authority and then when the mates who really hate their guts start to do strange things, believe they have some balance between good and evil methods of abusing people in ways that will secure them a reaction one way or another, by which to force people to do something about racism; I want them keeping off my Books, unless they wrote it themselves, so we can find out how they did all together.

It’s been a general understanding for as far back as I can remember, that I have only the two problems of irresponsible ageists playing practical jokes with my livelihood to build up a sense of the tit for tart stupidities Politicians can spend money on for advancement on one hand while the other is that of stupid young people with responsibilities I must spend time on for their convenience garnished with big mouth threats concerning the shameful effects of engaging their foolish Parents at the Political and Media scene.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland