Ithas never been an issue in a larger sense: itís like if My Company may have been named dog leash and it turns out people have been putting leashes on themselves to spice up their sex lives on accountof its success which creates problems for me and I change it to dog leash with a clause which transforms the name to that of a Firm without which such a thing does not exist and become the exclusive inventor of dog leash to carry on my business in peace - so itís what this Company provides brokerage Equities to Allies and Customers for nothing unusual.

The story about the British having some kind of a hang up on being a diminished Empire being true is wholly inaccurate; the reality is such facts as the reasons I am largely ignored over the commotion I make around these things i.e. people hate the British today but that is practically nothing compared to the way it was in the 1500s to 1900s; which is why there was an Empire to deal with it - I mean I am an example of the kind of black people that black people like to hate concerning which there is always an incentive to kill and it makes no sense whatsoever and goes way beyond threats that will ensure my faith has been corrupted by me so that I might live for a while, we do not have a hang up on a problem that does not exist like it used to. So the argument is developed around the things I do for my part about peopleís societies and cultures which is completely unconnected with the British Empire in its own right i.e. Mr A has a secret room where all the powers that ensure he is rich and famous and important and win elections into places of power which his wife and kids dare not visit but there is no way that I can escape the things he wants to do to me to improve his prospects with it and the lies and accusations he comes up with so that he might as well and so we see them just turn up and take permission to handle me at random on the streets for those of them that travel to the UK for example claiming it is all civil rights and when you has escaped all of it the one that you cannot will always be that of their wives and what the Politicians want to do with them to gain power.

So when I wind them up and they start to attack and target me, if I do nothing about it, she faces problems while they have to get on media to fight for their lives and finances all the time and I find it recreational.

They do say whilst their leaders are safe from intrusion by those that are lower than they are, their evil and wickedness is such that they have over time secured an outcome where I am not because of my moral premise that has made me vulnerable which is now interpreted as the prognosis of extremism being controlled by their compulsive lying. I wouldnít know why they think that is such a problem anyway, since whether or not I am the same as their leaders can be easily settled when I rip up that popular culture and make a statement with it, so that when their Politicians speak of treating people the way they were treated at some point in their lives so they can feel good about themselves they will get to mean it but for now they can turn up and get back that stupid culture and society if they have got the fucking guts for it, otherwise staying off my books shouldnít be so difficult. I donít think it is a problem in anyway, I do all I do with a surreptitious atmosphere I created because their twisted and evil nature will fall for any opportunity offered to preach democracy and freedom on one hand and seek tyranny and hurting and abusing people they need to be able to target if they must make money and become important on the other, so we see them attack me and make out it is the same way I know something is wrong to do to people but go ahead with it hurting those that are like me in the process and thinking I am what I am not as usual but this story of having access to my anus and penis and every part of my body while the lowest of their Politicians is secure against such insults should indicate they have eyes but donít use it and have brains but it is stupid beyond reasoning as it were and making sure people who donít control what happens to you do not abuse you and make a life for themselves out of a history of doing so incessantly on account they created publicity that suggests they do is bound to become the way things work Ė I personally believe I really donít need to hurt people whenever I am paying attention to the state of my finances for my part. They like to think anything I will do about popular culture is in their hands because the line between scavenger and predator is really thin sort of but I wouldnít know anyway, all I know is that when their stupid women make music videos with reference to me I am sure they know it is bad and wrong and that I have made it clear I donít want it as equally as access to the guy at the top is something they know they should not be doing as it were. I donít think it is unusual; itís the same as that old story of being beaten up by media and journalists when it is all about stupid boys chasing girls at my expense because it will make them feel superior looking for trouble which is why the internet is mine currently and the general media will follow suit soon enough and the popular culture is more to do with the girls getting feelings that every girl should be able to have in their lifetimes story with my finances but on this occasion itís the one about idiots have done the unspeakable which measures how powerful they are that is something that was previously overlooked, I hear they are working with Germans and the French this time too and so as far as they are concerned it is news around here anyway Ė itís not usual but this, this is a really bad time for it. I mean their Politicians especially Liberals and socialists like to talk nonsense about my vulnerability to female bishops which makes no sense whatsoever since we all know it is the need to take revenge for the damage I have done to their stupid culture that turns up here to rip up my property and public work all the time because the devil is power without provocation as it were that has caused them to devise this campaign of pretending they want to play with me while I am being discriminative and so it is that need to be able to sit somewhere and get a higher power to tell me to do their bidding no matter how stupid they get which means that the lower class idiots that behave in such ways will know everything they need to know to get involved with them as well, so their stupid daughters can turn up here to play celebrity routine on my earnings too. It never needed to get personal; they devised their history with me on seeing when I tried to find my first job in life and I devised a catalogue for their democratic and freedom stupidities as well Ė in the end the market will decide, not me and not them. It does rather appear the only story worth telling about me concerns whether I am vulnerable to something or not and it will blow up in their faces as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland