So I do get asked the economic powers of socialism and all that should be forgotten about abuses and vandalism so it might make profit and continue its creeping dominance on people’s personal lives while assuming their insanity round and round in circles have become other people’s reality, why it is that the Ladies affiliated to me on Media are always worse off but of course if it is not the fact that all that goes on media around my concerns only do if they give an approval; so the Royal Court business would be the part where they say I need to spend time with women within my social class which is not a matter for other people to be concerned about, save the part where there are recent clashes on the basis of the concern soldiers could get killed due to the fact there were people getting involved with me on Media who really did not care about me and this is what I clear up on social media. In the end, people do have their own lives and what happens in to make money from and so do governments no matter how communist.

At which point it will be said that I have traded business with the security services or shunned it basically in favour of Media interests which I have not; history with the services goes way back before I started getting involved with the Media, all I can do to explain it is to say the Middle Classes especially younger gentlemen are always chasing me because they say I have the problems women can solve, while the Lower Classes are always chasing me because they love to keep my history; so take Lower Classes keeping my history for instance and apart from sexual services will find that Men will want to meet somewhere and girls who get along with them will behave a certain way and their meetings will involve lifestyle and I have to set out certain equities at entertainment Industry which facilitates Public Equity and it will add up to an environment where intelligence can be found. The other side of the story of course is the case where it is said that nobody knows what I am up to and what is happening to and with the world because of me holding it to ransom, which is utter nonsense – what is going on is Media power and its filthy bullies as usual, we hear them mention all the time about me getting beaten up because they think there is possibility they can ambush me, we hear them talk about being my Mothers and sisters hanging around my Book sales and warehouse to squander everything and make loutish nonsense out of their abusive stupidities that lets them see me naked if they fantasise about it enough times, attacking people they claim wish to tell me all about it thereby adding up to a process where I access information that helps me dispute their superiority to me. It has gone on for years but after I dropped out of University and they got after my Book sales earnings and continued to build up my public image which they ascribe to others I had decided to take action as well – in the past it was more a case of being made to understand I had failed to get a job because I did not masturbate or that I did but it was not enough or that the problem is that I actually masturbated and then it develops into a matter of me being stuck with their personal problems while they make out their human or civil rights may have looked that way as insultingly and provocatively as only they can but the one that has always been part of my history right from teenage years is the bit where I step into Church and then I find they had started something that involves me and that I am stuck with issues about problems of sexuality, female equality, lack of sexual performance and all sorts left and right, top to bottom, which ends with a case where I am set out as somebody that others can put their problems into, so I might go off and die somewhere and take those problems with me to make it all go away like Jesus Christ did and this is the core of the reasons they complain about me the most especially the females. But this is not about me, it’s about first the case where I hold the world to ransom and then the bit where I make out it is easy to beat the media – the former is self-explanatory, the latter is one about which I am not bluffing anyway; we can see those who want to have media careers without engaging in all that filthy stuff they do especially with charity work as well are being persecuted and then I get told those affiliated to me are worse off while reality is that it seems to be an impossible task for them to decide people can have access to me and my work if they did approve, supposing people wanted that access over their jobs, while at this point I have now been able to manage what happens with those on whose jobs people want my work and property without due authorisation; so it’s not just a case of very stupid and nasty goons who need other people’s leadership all of the time, it’s also a case of physical attacks and lots of stealing and of course I have warned them about the distant sexual assaults, why they need to keep their mouths shut about it as well, if they have no wish to look as though they want to kill somebody. Hence the theory has always been that if I tore up the culture and society I will die, if I say something bad about Nelson Mandela my life will be over, and I just have some Books to sell here for my part anyway.

There is this talk of how I am one of those people who never stopped supporting gun culture in the US but it goes beyond the fact they want to damage my life and then situate themselves where their profit will be great if the way I recovered was copied, the same behaviour that gets their children who are just as stupid to exasperate me until I have to write about it, then go off on public places to change their behaviour and ensure my writing loses credibility – so what they are expecting is that those who do not support the Gun control will continue to see me as this guy who says things that causes those who support it to trouble them until they got off making gun control laws at my expense and then an evil will be happy to see me labour on both sides in order to breathe easy – while the facts will never change that their attitude towards other people’s challenges in the US which is a Country where the margins for getting in wrong about running a life is very thin, which is why they believe they need a crowd on people door all the time so they can make good their twisted evil nature and the various inventions it comes up with especially that involving a process of making the stupid culture and society show up around other people’s careers as a practical joke that keeps making them more and more popular, hence the idea that when they talk loudest it is what should happen while reality is that if all the guns were removed from the shops, as long as this wicked behaviour continues to provoke people the way it does, the guns will end up on black markets, assumption becomes that it will have moved to an inferior Country, which is really the disposition that shows how twisted and evil they are and why they need to keep up the cleaning up for their faces and mentality on media for it the whole time. I am not worried about which sides I labour on all together for my part anyway; they are now informed either way their big mouths wagging or not, that seeing their culture and society will be the last time that they get to see it too, hence they will be labouring on that.

I do get told I can do more than just talk about being bullied by the media but the talk bit is me growing out of that old case of losing my temper about it so much I devise a plan to ensure they can never stop doing it until we physically meet, causing them to seek help from culture and society to rip up my health and improve their chances of winning etc. so I am willing to talk but it does not mean they will ever get to teach any lessons like we hear them boast about all of the time. Doing more since it is a matter of completely issues of society and culture and crime only to have everything you have worked for set on a reverse course because a group of fools have jobs on Public media without reason, would involve forcing them to spend everything that is happening with them on their right hand side and left hand side and being prepared for any violence that may come from it, this will allow me step out of my door and chase my concerns without trouble which will further arm me with means to ensure that they are stuck with fat cats and fat cats are stuck with them, so that when they get killed the surprise would be that they were nice people on television – so I would be told this is me wishing somebody a mortality but it is only a process of setting out how their own case will happen too. The trouble with the media is the assumption they can do most of the threats we hear the issue to people needlessly because they think they are famous while the reality is the trouble in store for anybody who is married to the persons they love to persecute; I mean people would think it was hell if it happened for a week, mine does every day for years never ending; so this is the sort of scenario I would get myself into if I wished to communicate to them that they were bluffing and that I was keen to see what it is exactly they could do; if it would prevent them attacking me as a means of proving to the Boss that they are prepared for that job that would double their salary like we see them too all the time; it was bad to call people retards, I am just wondering what we describe this sort of nonsense as anyway. I do get told I am relaxed about it most of the time but I am because I know it’s about evil and wickedness and what we see is just stupidities that serve as a means of making sure if they lose power through abusing and attacking people on account they are possessed by demons, they can punish those who are responsible for it for as long as they wished but then again, having detached their wickedness from mainstream living and even the whole system of when people have suffered accidents and gotten killed adding to the power of the media if the accident was due to carelessness and the carelessness was due to unhappiness at home and the likes is questionable as a source of their evil power, it is not clear if they issue those foolish threats at me more so because they believe that they can back it up. Just like I get told that I have become a disturbed person while reality is more that the Offices of their Politicians are not the only places where decisions that affect the lives of criminals such as law making is being carried out and it was the only chance that they had. The story of me interfering with their jobs fits right into this; such that apart from the case where I need to destroy everything which means that fame and fortune is no longer a lottery where they pick up their bags and travel away to seek their fortunes somewhere but a process that operates on the basis they have people to work on in order to attain it, which also means that others will have nothing that looks like normalcy, it was always easy for them to carry out their jobs without picking up information I put to culture and society to run a Book shop by after they spend decades building up my Public image so they might sit about practicing how to be more important than I am. Eventually I get told I involve myself with media which I don't; it was obvious as soon as they started to tackle women who had no evil to commit and no sex work to do because they could get on media and work on something that was about fact and become something next to a priest that men can abuse all the time, it was clear that supporting those who came to me seeking support would also inevitably support another person in a dilapidated neighbourhood being beaten up by somebody who loves her, so I built a court. As for the part where I am said to have developed this leadership too far, where women are free from doing domestic work that supports the men who chase career; they were warned I found women who are older than I am were attracted to me and even when I made a statement about being attracted to women who are older than I am, which meant there was less of schizophrenic community croons chasing people for sex wantonly on account there was an alternative argument that they were being chased for it too, they had to get together as ultra-men and take that away from me too, then show up here to blame me for their problems like we know their stupid revolution works i.e. create problems for themselves, typical example being a lack of respect for peoples personal space and then when there is a bad smell on account somebody is sick to the stomach over it, they rather beat up the victim than stop issuing stupid threats at me and assuming none of their stupidities here will build up on them as well the whole time. In the end they say I never acknowledge that the Media people and Celebrities are more important than I am and that it is the main problem but if I said this was fair enough it would never end here; we see it all the time where they say I am closely linked with the Royal Family and should not be living the way I do but if I said it was Heir looms and quite valuable, they suddenly realise they are not financially better off and that if they got involved they could make more money for themselves, so it becomes a question of the reasons Dukes are surrounded by Heirlooms, the fact that the Interests of the Country always comes first and whether they got involved because they fancied me, fancied what I was doing, had a copy of my Books etc.

They have this insatiable need to address me, tell me what to do, tell me how to exist while they have their hands on something involving money as queer as hell and so I like to think that if people were really born gay, I would not find myself somewhere between the things that make their gay sex pleasurable and the gay sex itself, so it must mean these insults a game of loss, that nobody was born Gay. It’s another case that fits into environment issues where primitive populations that have never met them decide their behaviour is enemy type and they still do not think it is significant enough for people to care about environment issues - cut down Trees that were sky scrapers in Forests and return to their sky scrapers in the City like no man’s business and continue to finance poaching if not human trafficking and sexual abuse. I do not think about it that much naturally as it is mostly the sort of things that a Christian ignores when he wants to get a life but they do issue those threats and the abuses do persist for hours and hours and hours, which is why people tend to think I am relaxed about what is actually a big matter.

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