Today it is suggested I have been making very powerful enemies and I could never make sense of it myself, since it’s largely a matter of the fact when people obsessively think their prized fun is to get on Public places to secure a pleasure of making me do what they wanted because I am selling some Books from a Royal Office, they do it while they know it is not worth their time since they have racism in their society but because they think people believe what is seen on media first, it tends to be worth the risk, the fact that telling me what to do all the time is pressure number one especially when they had built a crowd on it – when the racists get involved its pressure two and when I had done anything which they got off on media claiming adds up to a process of serving them it is pressure three and I do not see them live that way – I do not see their Royal friends live with friends and families that are contending with that sort of pressure, I know it’s not tied to their Royal duties or their jobs as may apply, I know it is a form of fun they cannot do without and I could really do without, which they enjoy displaying on media all the time and which gets my audiences paying attention to them instead of my Books while the bane of their insanity was my financial wellbeing having become their main preoccupation in the first place. So there really are no powerful enemies I am making around here, just people who are nothing but think they are incredibly important, doing everything they can to make a mess of my life without sharing the salaries that get to their heads in the first place, likely to come to a head when their equally stupid children can pass those insults at me and get away with it, hence I like to think it’s all something they believe they have time for and we end up dealing with the complains whenever they are making use of my time i.e. it has crossed my mind a few times that the biggest barrier to everything I do is the fact Celebrities have money and there are other society goons making money where they should not – so it seems that their idea of what they have now described as competition to make things worse is damage done to my work and property between 2004 and 2019, about which I shall never at some stage get off the need to remind them its vandalism and not competition to damage their own between 2019 and 2025, so as to ensure that they also got off complaining about me as well while I had fun. I really have no idea how people can become more important than an Arch Prince if they were famous on a later date for my part but I do know they have another group of goons at the Monarchy talking about my insides on account they know a thing or two of the Military and blabbing the support from society fools that helps to keep me where I am supposed to be with a big mouth as if I had signed up some permission that lets them handle my person or my Books. So there are no powerful enemies here just a group of trouble makers who rely on my good behaviour because they screwed up their own lives – the original source of support was the Politicians and now that the celebrity money has become a threat to me while the Politicians want no more of it, I feel as if it would make sense of I started supporting Politicians that wanted them to pay more taxes on the celebrity money for instance, otherwise it is easy to see I do not want them grinding away £5 music CD over market I have built for my £20 Books to show up later and blab about being more important due to the money they have made but what happens is that my whole life comes to a stop while they had become very important and developed a habit on the matter, which they claim will cost them their mental health to kick and I do not care, as I am more interested in the Books they have bought here to match their interests and a service I am due to provide in order to ensure they got their delivery, blabbing about powerful enemies. It does appear to the Celebrities that others consider them to be very important but in my view it’s a group of people who are twisted and evil and rotten to the core, tend to set out a process of lending those who have been of some gain to them pure misery but building celebrity culture on the basis of allowing crowds to secure equality at the expense of such persons, then show up later to recreate the conditions over and over because it is where they made some success with what is really their insanity – this then adds up to the stupidities that Industry fools who hate my guts but have not yet been able to draw a link between what they are complaining about and the middle finger up my backside, facilitated by idiots who know a thing or two about the Military talking up stupid insolent nonsense about my insides that society fools may run with, the same who run up to stupid narcissism popularity canopies at Industry for them, to add to which they have an alliance with pornography and a certain kind of guy – apparently unable to see that those who work for fame without involving industry goons manufacturing idiots into public life always cherry pick certain aspects to ensure they do not become too much of a problem for others, even so considering that being manufactured into fame is likely to be something somebody did to support a celebrity fool that appears to be in another person’s good Books when general opinion is that they shouldn’t in the first place. In my view, they are getting all over my Books to stop me completing my academic work all together, nothing they do actually makes sense to me in anyway whatsoever and when I say I have had enough of what they really think is a form of fun they need like I drug, I do not imagine I had spoken a strange language as such – I am not interested in any of it, only care about seeing them buy a Book I have written. The media ones like to excuse these behaviour on claims they were making those who had some power and influence accountable of which they are not; they are squatters, as long as the  door has been left open, they will move in and wee on the sofa, in my case however it seems that I cannot lock it down well enough, so having set out some ‘if I got the slightest whiff of it’ scenario, they have measured a counter by claiming I have made powerful enemies and it just does not stop, while they issue threats and fail to share the stupid salary. It’s rather difficult to locate what they expect of me in all these while Celebrity money and society financial wellbeing is itself the biggest barrier to my own financial wellbeing all together - I mean I do wish I had an ego that was big enough to try and prevent people selling their products because I did not like what they were selling; never mind the effect being that it has become very uncomfortable to share or making use of my person and personal space as a result of my kind of products all together, which has gotten them off claiming what is bothering them is due to the damage I had done, like the spawn of Satan.

For the Celebrities and Politicians and stock market goons, it’s a clear case of the fact we have the problem we have because they are incredibly incompetent, their silly behaviours to make money by relies on me and they are making money by damaging my property, so the story of powerful enemies do not hold place at all since it’s a matter of disrespect associated with the idea they are so insolent they fundamentally have no respect for other people’s livelihoods and live in a world where general assumption is that people are not competent enough to take into account their stupidities when building a career i.e. I built it well enough, we are here because they handle me and my property causing damage and issuing threats in the process; the rest of the time it’s a matter of society fools tackling celebrities because of me which I do not understand, as it will put up its civil and criminal disobedience over anything I do when I step out of my door to feed on my personality, follow me around at academic institutions until it had destroyed that and is now after my Books – the results have begun to come through as something to do with its need to play around with racism while getting defiant through popular culture and putting itself up as the trailblazer of its mates when things had run off completely out of control, the whole time of which it’s not the one doing the racism or the one getting hurt by it, so that when I sit around counting casualties, I make enemies as their general stupid assumption is that I am counting their own or asking them a question; so they are attacking people because I tore up their society as well, have no wish to discuss the damage it has done here like the spawn of Satan. I do get asked how I am to explain the Celebrities I get around with but those are members of a Royal Hermitage Court with a history that concerns such things as Boys bothering girls at school, some equity I created on the matter and persons who picked it up to go to other people’s Music studio and make money supporting Girls - if they do wish to go outright Celebrity, I am not preventing people from doing so but the two things do not tend to operate alongside each other.

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