So I am told they plan to grab my career or destroy it but it is that which I doubt is going to happen and its utter nonsense as I doubt nothing of what I believe I can handle comfortably, it’s like this re-occurring nonsense where I am stuck being tackled by a handful of idiots whose media based career egos have made sense of the insanity that passes on either side of society gits, after they wrecked a Book I had written to prevent the problem, extracting money from my Public image over gimmicks about being important - nobody has taken or destroyed a career they could not take, the last time we checked yet.

That said, it is unbearably annoying that I am unable to avoid this nonsense of being followed around my ageist idiots who want to see me grovel for money, the processes by which they set up structures to hurt people, claiming it adds up to a business targeting me all the time and of course we all know that the Celebrities, Media gits and Television personalities have played a game which suggested they were completely unaware there was recompense for their destructive behaviour coming up as well, really wondering if the popularity gits were having their personal decisions made for them or whether when Celebrities plug teenage stupidities into my social life to make popularity money and show up here later to buy shares with every company I get involved with in order to handle me, they were not doing so of their own free will and therefore unable to understand what I am saying when I point out trouble that can be avoided as long as they kept their eyes on their shop floor and off my bum.

The careers they will grab or destroy with a big mouth that is – I mean the least of their stupidities I have to put up with is a process of market scrapping my patents until they made a hole in it by which they waste my day diverting public attention in what I am doing somewhere else, meaning I am unable to just go into an Office and work and of course that there is no base income for me all together, claiming to have worked their lazy persons free world competition yet, when it does not rely on their stupidities. It really does come to a head over those statements about the harm to my finances being done because of my attitude and the way I talk, while there is nothing wrong with the way I talk save the stupid popularity that passes insults at me over all I say, due to the corruption of my state provided security, to make my social life and person toxic, talking nonsense all the time but then again, it’s time to show which ones I want to get accustomed to as well, since it does appear there was no end in sight if they were convinced that I would run this place properly only when I behaved as their stupidities saw fit.

They are not really a threat to me – they will hang around complaining about my interest in their retirement due to the way they have hounded me and destroyed everything here over how my so called personality should be used to make people money, whatever that means or does, as stupidly as possible and yet they want me to know my career has offended them and will be taken from me or destroyed if they couldn’t since they have gotten accustomed to their insolence and their children have not yet learned to stop disciplining me if they believed they needed to live in a Country where their stupidities could be popular and get paid for it. I mean when it says I ought to relax each time it handles my work and public life to make money getting paid for being popular or conduct tribalism raids that will give its madness access to top offices at Industry, claiming the whole thing will pay me later, it probably would have indicated that at some stage it was thought that those foolish insults had translated to a suggestion I was entitled to financial wellbeing and how in all that is holy exactly did the fucking idiots get into a position of communicating this nonsense to me like this and doing so all of the time more so, with a big mouth now suggesting it wants to grab a career or destroy it. I mean I could draw a line under the matter, having reached this conclusion that ignoring them does not solve a problem, but it seems that rolling back the years I spent doing so, is the way this problem will be solved.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland