It may be suggested in some quarters I do not care to be interested in, that I am unaware or ill-informed about the reasons actions of tyranny happens and more so in the Eastern part of the World. I intend to clear up such a fact here too because it pleases me to do so and the clarity is rather those facts and more so on allies and friends which explains that the biggest problem with the Eastern World; Russia and China especially, is a lack of recognition that successful and financially well off people in their societies do have Children or raise offspring with a certain sense of social responsibility and that it does not do to imprison those people; This is particularly applicable to Female Actors, mostly based in Hollywood USA, who are affiliated to me and hail from that part of the world because of my duty to provide the securities. There is clear contradiction on the matter with the activities of get rich foolish Western Men and their Media and what their Girls get up to. The idea I need to be scared of big and powerful Communist Countries and leaders does not apply - we are all Statesmen and understand what the needs of a Country when you work for one is and I do not believe I have left open gaps by which such games are possible or seen to be worthwhile or even funny. And for those who may deploy anything on this site in any case, it is worth reiterating the Parent site is patented and the same threats and warnings apply on all its subsidiaries - just for reasons of formality so they never claim they were not warned.

The benefit of what I have done in terms of having peoples cultures and societies and personal and family life at my disposal is that of the fact that after years of temperamental abuse, it seems that people have achieved a thing around here which allows problem transfer for that they can have new beauties and decadence, while I must work very hard to ensure these my problems found do not affect anybody because I am soft and I suck - hence when I have their cultures and societies and family and personal life at my disposal it all drips away without an issue; it works of course for accountable leaders, contrary to the prognosis people like me are weak because if you have in some way indulged the same kind of evils they do, they are predisposed to do the same things as well and other things, even government might be jeopardised.

At the bottom line, the Children and relatives of tyrants, as insolent as ever, they say I rent people’s homes in the UK and then get known for eating them up and that they will get together and turn on me at some point while I am at it (which is another challenge in its own right) but that is what they say of course; the reality is a bit different from just facts about how I rent their homes and eat them up - the reality is that even when people are accountants or politicians or diplomats or even cleaners, they want to be able to use the personality of a Law student to get things done in their lives because it will make them feel good, so they use it and share with it others, it becomes the only thing they talk about when they gather on account they are block heads and cannot think unless they are using mine and using my mind and brain etc, it becomes the only thing that binds them from the various levels of income brackets they work in and therefore forges a means of conspiracy with me as something they can kill - having said that, the outcome is some life out there that I do probably do not know about is mine and I have all these throngs and hundreds and thousands of people in it, so that when I do something about it they claim I am the enemy of freedom and fame and it therefore becomes impossible to be confident that your boss can trust you with a thing and expect the results on his desk in the Morning and it shows too when you attend interviews if ever they let you get them all because you rent their filthy homes. So, this is why I do it but the catalyst for the actions I take is that process by which they tell me they wish to find out what I can and or wish to do about it on account that I disapprove.

EASTERN EUROPEAN DEMOCRACIES - TEST CASE KIEV (22 -23 February 2014 and onward)

It is never really up to me to decide what happens in a Polity or a Country - the reality is that it is up to the people who live there but if I were asked to speak of matters that are therein happening - then Ukraine is an example of such realities as the fact the Constitution is not a Law but a really binding way of making people look stupid. The good face of it is the matter of how Political parties come into existence and the reality around that is that of the fact they are all colleagues, somewhere in society at some point they came into being because one party had seen its potential in a particular system of activities and the other party had seen its potential in other at the same time; the issue is how they get to a point where they fight each other for something as pointless as power to such an extent that it leads to social and even security crises, hence this therefore means the other issue of whether or not a government can be held to account is more important because if you do get stuck somewhere, you should be rescued by the other party, otherwise you are simply changing a party that already exists just because you wish to be the one that had solved a particular problem and you might as well changed the mindset that depends on that party to sort out their Political problems for them and nobody is the Cinema is actually really prepared to give up their seat for somebody else hence you should never do it. The real losers of these battles are the 17-year olds that did not get to take their GCSEs this year and will have to take it the next but why is it a problem? Except that others are convinced they have done it and that they have won a competition and that somebody has lost a competition to be clever and to develop and to self-determine and hence must be made to stay that away otherwise the society is not just, then you have to convince him or her as well that nobody has actually taken up and done their thing and that it was just moved on to another year, hence there is nothing good about power struggles which is why the Constitution is always stupid and the question is always that of who wants to be more stupid than it is. The outcome of events have been the settling of culture and identity that people in the Country might be able to draw their own strength for their daily affairs and pursuits - two main parties having emerged to run the Political system and an understood state of affairs concerning them along with its twin state of affairs of what is a sense of the regular social, political and cultural ailments of the Nation itself.

Other decisions that influenced the basis on which The Russian Government took the action they took in Ukraine aside, the tale of capitulation is not one that I am aware of, what One knows is that even if Russia were to cover Ukraine in Nuclear Bombs for example, it will not change the fact the Country is called Ukraine and if one person survives they will return and repopulate the Country and it will still not become Russia, hence all matters move onto the overwhelming sense of failure that any strong diplomatic ties these days seem to degenerate quickly into direct conflict and war and the need to be more efficient at it as well in order to deal with idiots who want blood shed all over the place because they think it will make them rich and powerful getting their stupidities listened to. The other side of the story is that the outcome of this matter will largely have created the need for the existence of tiny breakaway states all over Europe who will be able to do their own thing and live in their own way and in the UK applies in terms of Scottish Nationalism but of course the reality about that is the old case of relics and Royals having a problem with respect for those on whose fundamentalism the present era depends and works with - however which the part they leave out is that this point at which they talk about it was created by somebody and that is me to be precise hence such nonsense exists in two-half one good and the other bad; the good half means Nazism is a good thing and the bad Half means provocation makes Government Policy which in my view is all very well but does not imply I have to get used to it no matter how much they must set out their games and how far they must push them.

The reality about Crimea becoming a part of Russia again is that as some have already warned it will end in slaughter of ethnic Minorities; it is already starting like some of them like to see the wrong side of me all the time here in the UK as a result of their expression of quasi Nazi disposition, the attitude of setting new standards for how badly they can treat people and encourage others to treat people is all we see them do in public - the rest is just a process of endearing those who have agreed to carry along with them and we know the insolence of their women knows no limits as well. My case is simply to support Moscow with respect to the Presidents ongoing programme of providing leadership for this problem which is an aspect of Eastern Europe that we cannot get rid of lest we tend to commit genocide like they love to try and extricate endlessly.


Of course it is never about scrutiny and making democracy tick, all of it right up to terrorism and diplomacy; it’s about a population of white people openly declaring themselves part of the criminal community again and again and again for the purpose of keeping their income safe and competing with others on spending other people’s own (I can never make out what they want from me when they actually hate my guts so because I support an Institution that does not have a history of protecting peoples fundamental rights and makes no effort to acquire any; I mean it is a behaviour that can lead to outbursts of violence and loss of life and when that happens there is no truth to any claim that fundamental rights, more so which is enshrined in law have been in anyway affected, every community in the Country screaming stop, stop, stop, can somebody make it stop and even the Politicians are powerless to do anything about them and their bullying and a process where the media is the point where they are other people’s personal Gods - as far as I am concerned they can go to hell) – they say it is their Country and they should have homeland advantage and people in Politics and Media and Industry do not seem to be fatigued at getting the backhand of me when they do it to me as well so I have no plans to stop my part either. I mean meet a man and he will make me understand between him and me I am supposed to submit to him because he is superior and the women are worse because they are doing the same job as me for much less respect and nothing I say as a result can ever stand. I don’t think it is a problem, I will begin to set them out as targets for the Police and it is as simple as it has always been to stay off my books: I mean they are so stupid by the way, the female ones do what they do because women are being successful – what they are referring to I guess is seeing some beautiful woman, well taken care of, in very expensive cloths and before you have the chance to look is showing you a product instead; aka the product takes care of it do you want some? So they have interpreted that as a need to sit somewhere moderating some popular culture nonsense claiming to be doing the same job as a Royal Prince for much less respect or money and therefore have no real cause to listen to what he says when he does not want to be bothered by them and it will end really badly as well.

They will claim I hate the popular culture but support and make use of it anyway, whereas it was the equity of their diplomatic office as it were, the one where they did the same job as me for much less respect and every time I have people do that they turn up and corrupt it for two reasons of being able to mess with people and have human shields that take the blame and violence of it right up to personal life self-improvements on one hand and on the other making a few millions to buy organised crime products like cocaine for example etc. I mean most of these equities are left to crime shows and documentaries but I allow some people make popular music with it as well, at the end of the day, real celebrities do understand when there is no celebrity service to perform then there is no job for them to do and they need to keep off my books as it were. In a few minutes of writing it down as I have the obviously case had already shifted on media to a case of the world returning to basic capitalism after a sacrificial lamb that is responsible for all the problems had come up with answers to them, where being able to spot a gap in the market and getting off to see if you can take advantage of it to make a million or two is an opportunity that is available to all, so I can only guess they have weaned their stupid selves off the corruption and corruptibility alternative lifestyle imposed on all story they think they own the media for in the first place but my position remains the same - they can stay off my books or mess around and it will be their undoing.

We soon hear them make mention of those tales of Communist Countries becoming capitalist in the future of course which makes no sense whatsoever, how government in Russia for example may supply eggs to your neighbourhood and you decide to do become a distributor because you can make it happen in 48 hours while the government takes 2 weeks – everybody knows the biggest question then will have become that of why you must or want to do it, so sucking up is more important than anything else and if corruption sets in somebody else can get the opportunity instead but if you do, sometimes it does get big enough for an export and then you will end up running those ventures overseas like a real capitalist – I always get told the problem is bigger than I give it credit for but the reality is still the same i.e. in the US for example he is black and because I am and he is manager for Ford Autos, he must decide my Equities and Securities business is nothing but a stupid little brother trying to dig his company for all the pocket money he can get because his insults know no limits and sets about acting in various ways to prevent that from happening leading to this outcome where I have to make it clear if I were his little brother and he happened to rummage through my purse to extract loose change to help stupid girls with tampons, all hell would break lose around here. What I am saying as such is that there are these big corporations in the US that the President there has spent taxpayer funds to support and bail out for them and that I understand the problem got bigger, but I am still in control. I get told my words are very unscrupulous but it is never about scruples either - in the past these fools will sit around park benches being party to crimes they are now helping Police solve which will create braveness and a sense of glorious men power and this is usually the start, as such an outcome of messing around with Police Intelligence gathering, by mid-point they know things about Police officers that officers do not know about themselves and by the end they are solving crimes they are party to and will be party to another still really soon - so take that away from them and it all turns up on media to create this outcome where things are calm for a long time and then an unpredictable sporadic outburst of violence that is very extreme in Nature.

I hear it is said they are not violent people but I wonder what is not to like about the need to be seen trying to get rich and famous with your public life and possessions to a point where they make money anyway and cut your work and finances to pieces but are still around trying to ensure that they are in a condition where they are superior to you which then ends with moving right to get around with gangs of which what results will be your fault. They do say the problem is that I deny the existence of racism of course but I don’t care; the blacks always say what is the white man’s fault will be to me as they say with that big mouth and we are putting the insults to the test as well and for the whites it is more important to see me beaten down low doing freaky stuff to make them feel comfortable with their stupidities than to stop flirting with torture around my feelings which is how their behaviour towards me have progressed way past bullying to become, so people like me that are not allowed to have jobs while racists have them tend to feel there is no racism until there are proper racism that can no longer be denied going on and they need to keep off my books. They say I provoke them by putting theories of their superiority to a violent test of ruling them in their minds which isn’t true, what is true is that they turn up here to corrupt my scared work and sacred places and sit about expecting me to get on my knees and pray to God offering up excuses as to why they should be spared any divine intervention that might get me into trouble the same way their stupidities does for the devil on my behalf as it were. They do say I think my activities are accountable or democratic but need to see how it is done by those that can dominate me but I have no idea anyway - my intention is not to be democratic, the problem is that they want to harm and attack people and have already begun a campaign that expresses their inability to tolerate the idea those people might defend themselves all together - no part of their democracy seems to exist without being a crime starting with petty theft and ending with murder from the beginning of it to the end and so all that is left is getting on media to ensure others cannot breathe.


They do say the problem with me is that when people put out products I am more interested in the brand when and if I cannot afford the products but it is largely a three part issue – first people chase me with expensive products because they think I have the money and when I don’t they still want to keep my loyalty, secondly they broker equities with me and that means when people see those equities they buy into the products with it until fools like these are asked to make advertisement for those products and so they have some dishonesty to wrought over property that neither I nor the companies that broker with me would touch on the products for the customers and then the part about getting involved with the brand being the one where I have never heard anything as stupid in a while even though I am glad I heard it from them – since a brand exists to show what part of your property has been taken over for instance by those who have bought a system that has products in the pipeline, a reputation and products in the market, so it is very costly stuff, however that said the problem here is that these traders and media scum continue this game of messing with my royal position, so that they think there will be no consequences when people feel getting involved with me does not feel special when we know when that is affected my book sales are as well and the damage to finances mean it is a problem that become chronic in nature and implies the state at which retribution begins. I don’t think it a complicated matter, they were not born this way or raised this way and so these kinds of behaviour means I cannot have a life with my own family and when they make money from it and have a life with their own families and the millionaire idiots that send them out to do it claim they are so wealthy I would not mind with a big mouth, this is the result and then they can be more privileged than I am from there. They do say I should have done it a very long time ago but I was never aware it was that necessary, I am doing it now because I am selling my books - the story of getting a job from others is becoming more and more and more unlikely, they need to move. They do say I create this real difficulty people face in terms of how they must raise their children, which is not actually true; what happens here is the complicity of young people with the menace of older women – the assumption is usually that they get to save their energy whatever happens in order to get about chasing jobs and fighting their corner if things go from bad to worse while you on the other hand get completely sacked because you are expendable, so the result is usually when they are graduates without a job and you are the guy that has careers you are not qualified for, then it begins. The menace of older women of which is largely concerned with pillaging your life to put up a bottom that men will fuck and going back for more over and over and over and grabbing your valuables which popular culture idiots desire because media idiots enlisted to do so by Politicians seem to have done a great job of making sure they do, no matter what is being done to her, claiming her experiences have made her a bitch and that she owns you and for these fools I have a history with them as well, the one I picked up from University and got on depression pills after dropping out; so of course I have blurred the lines between deviant people that will rip up your life in 48 hours if you let them in and everybody else but there were sound reasons for that - now they can live in the real world too and do need to watch those stupid Prepubescent threats as well.  They do say ultimately that there is a lot of confusion I have created into administration of my Office and a lot of encroachment on jobs others think they can do or do better than they did before as a result of involvement with me but it is largely a matter of being able to spend big and being able to control it; so one moment I am doing Intellectual Property Administration and Equity brokerage and the next I am terribly decisive about a position I have taken.

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