I have had this message come through for some time, of the need to send aid to Middle East Nations that are on the brink of being affected by the Political instability around the events that Occurred in Libya and those which are not emerging in Syria. The Prognosis is that of a Sunni - Shia conflict. I personally however do not believe that such a thing has any chance of becoming an issue provided people do not give it the support that it seeks i.e. there is a Sunni Community and a Shia Community and an overseeing Ayatollah in the Holy Shrines, it does not apply that another rising star who is good at forming people into militia should be accorded a different name and title to what he really is, which seems to be very common place in Muslim communities at present i.e. he is nothing but a trouble maker, a very ambitious and evil war monger and nothing else. There is no point assuming that the rest of the world will view events with a sense of meaning attached if it is to apply that people can do whatever they like provided there are infidels to blame for it.

Now the suggestion they make on media all the time is that I have reached a stage where Muslims feel like playing foolish games with and or hurting me and more so all the time and that it may apply to my friends and allies instead so people can find out how I will handle it; the reality is that there is no such thing - Muslims feel like playing games with and hurting them and not me, all that anger they get off on their stupid media to put inside of people is actually a good thing they do not realise it seems, I mean it is one thing to feel like hurting a group of people all of the time and quite another to actually get to do it, it does not necessarily apply that you cannot be allowed to feel that way.

I should say I do not think it a major issue either for my part and I am not crazy about money in any case too; its just a case of building an empire and watching the money end up somewhere else over the period of 12 years in which you built it every day with the use on media and the very fact that I exist with their big mouth. Who knows where it will lead anyway but they want some of mine anyway and that is what everybody is certain of?

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland