For me personally they always say that I handle peoples cultures and societies and thereby set out to make up ideas I can write books about that and be allowed to make a living with it, which is a useful distraction from rumours meant to determine whether these so called weaker sex as compared to them get any jobs at all or are allowed to exist with any kind of quality of life which is the same power I wish to have here too with the help of the ladies on Television and then hopefully I will one day hand over the civil service to them to run on media as well when Politicians think they have no limits over such callous destruction.

I do not handle peoples culture then write books about it, these idiots just think that they should occupy all my time and every space in my life when they know my livelihood depends on what I am thinking on a continuous and progressive basis and thus became part of the job, I am not releasing them, they are free to move away and move on and it is not my fault it happened nor is it my fault they cannot get their lives or stupid ideologies of wickedness back after all that tough talking.

It is clearly the one where they will one day deploy the government salary to look into the problem of gangs that they seem to think should become a pain in my backside and I will look into those insults they duke out for me every day and its violence until I do the money.

It is never true that the big source of my problem is first an inability to figure I am not accepted as one of the herd in royal circles, which never came up as an issue except in the company of idiots who think the purpose of their jobs is money they deploy to make profit in a condition where others are robed of jobs which does huge damage to the economy and makes them think everybody wants to tolerate the idea they wish to get rich through parties and not work, the other issue in it is simply that of the fact I simply have an arrangement in which I work for the Queen on my Literary Empire and not a process where it becomes her property, not that it matters anyway since if I fail at the job, the job itself will return to the person that gave it to me even though everything I own will stay - hence the reason I fail to see the relevance of such nonsense; I fail to make any connections between civil disobedience people think is fine when they fame and fortune do their insolent revolution wherever those who have no clue what they should be doing allow them to do it, has in common with a process where I am privileged to have the job which offers me benefits from the Monarchy that I could not have done without in a process of developing my work.

It does actually boil down to it anyway, facts about the world and a certain loyalty to the United States of America, for none communist economies and of course the old issue of some strange and powerful complicity between white and none white trouble makers provided they have a certain targeted victim whom they claim has a means out of their predicaments. In the end it is regularly claimed that I hurt people with my advantages but compared to stripping me of my quality of life by stripping it off my mind and making it their own however I have done nothing to them yet, just like their black Counterparts, notwithstanding of which they have lots of stories to tell about social inequality already.


Of course it is said I expose myself to Royal brats with my behaviour Ė not actually, I mean they do say my actions are completely unwarranted and uncalled for when they are happening around things people do to mess me up specifically when it comes to work with those who liaise between my Office and that of The Queen in a capacity that is concerned with the Church. However I donít think it is bad necessarily its largely a matter of the problems that The Prince of Wales has created for himself which again I handle with a sense of men messing me up to profit from things that are really silly and the reason it is not bad is that if these anus and penis and chest and head insults mean men can do whatever they like it should mean HRH will have no trouble hiding away at his office with his Government Ė however I simply cannot understand why he thinks his Mum is doing things all wrong but I cannot be seen touching his tuff lest I did it before he was King and complicate his Government. However in terms of relations it would have been easy to have a normal human relations with Prince Harry for example but not when he has been taken over by goons who want to talk about his relevance to better their social standing and have a thing for abusing me Ė the result of course is that they do things and have no idea what they are doing and that is what I have to clear up here i.e. it is government and government is dangerous stuff, not for the Prince they are allied to of course so that means they can do anything but changing my relations with the Government is not funny and if that continues they will continue to find themselves in conditions where they have to hold it together as well.

Itís like the US surveillance thing Ė I will never speak of it until I use it to extricate lessons I want people to learn i.e. these people have had the essence of them taken away to a point where they have to be fundamentally anchored to the very nature of the Country in order to exist or get by and yet they hate Royalty and attack my book sales on a daily basis which is not just intellectual property administration problems but an issue that goes beyond stupidity as well Ė so they are interested in hounding Royalty that people want to chain and put up somewhere to look upon and feel good in order to enjoy life obviously and their idea of a bad thing is that it can be good sometimes hence they hate Royalty, hate tyranny would have been one story of course but they are famous for hating Royalty, a real need to hold it together for me as well. Itís much the same with the terrorism issue Ė no idea why it is always said that Jihadists do not represent majority of ordinary Muslims, Jihad has got nothing to do with ordinary Muslims, there is a war going on and there are sound reasons behind wars that break out and sound reasons behind the actions of those who take part in them. I hear this point of view is the defeatist one of course but terrorism has developed from suicide bombings which has been the preferred method of terrorism to carving out a piece of the world that they declare as theirs, these are the hall marks of the fact that it has nothing to do with ordinary people as it were Ė and my point is that these people have way too much of these kinds of cheap victories with ordinary people and need to fight their corner and leave others alone and out of it; yes we know they are very good at bullying people and dragging them to their deaths of course so whenever there is war those that are caught up are as good as dead but that does not mean those who think they got what they deserved over 9/11 have been defeated either: having a problem with my faith which they should have attacked but chose to attack my finances to make sense of their hatred for my faith which means I cannot finish Church business and go to school or university or attend to my job has already cost their freedom because I want to put to the test how they will do my stuff as it were Ė now speaking to women in equal terms as I speak to them leading to sex wars because they run my life will cost them that media as well and those processes of initiating conversation which means 90% of civility being discussed is mine while 90% of activity being hailed is theirs like they are my personal Gods will not save them either Ė one way or another, natural causes or not I will pass away on this Royal Office, people donít just turn up with their stupid insults to defeat as it were. They need to fight their corner, neither their wars nor the actions of terrorist have anything to do with ordinary people.

I hear it is said I am drunk with power, looking for trouble but I am not in any way drunk with power; these fools are terrified for the first time in history ever that if they do not get around chasing the part of their lives pertaining to career and being an upstanding citizen, there are so few alternatives that allow them to become too supreme for others they look on as eternal victims that somebody will comfortably grab it the one that specifically pertains to them and they will never ever get it back after that Ė I for my part can only draw from the fact they are duly warned here about keeping off my earnings and keeping off the bit where Nazi history is a financial liability for me on account they exist. Besides which even if I am drunk with power there is really nothing that they can do along with their German friends; so it is still a matter of their civil and criminal disobedience whereby each time people donít want them to do something it becomes their major preoccupation, then they cover their tracks and the victims come off worse off and looking like the ones that did the wrong thing, like they have in my case setting out a case against the British Empire while they lay popular culture empire pipelines right across my Royal Estate, to talk nonsense about being drunk with power; I am the one in need of a public life over this matter they on the other hand had long found media and are milking it for what it is worth at present.

So there is the matter as to whether I think women should be getting less pay than men do of course - I cannot understand it for my part anyway; if somebody takes maternity leave, they cannot get as much money as those who have not obviously; so the question has to be whether they take maternity leave every year which means they get less pay than their male counterparts and not equal pay every year as well for instance but of course there are certain problems around it i.e. men hate women getting involved in the work place because of these pay issues that require employers to review their efficiency and Employers do not want to overhaul working practices because they do not know what lies at the other end. So the reality about this matter is that we get told what we know about gender inequality in the work place by women affiliated to idiots who do not work for their money because they need a lot of it and if they have a lot of it and did work for it they will have no energy left to enjoy any - hence this sense there is fundamental discrimination against women in the work place because it is a world where you do not know what is happening if you have not been there i.e. for instance, most men have families and at some point their wives got pregnant for that to happen, it simply is never true that men discriminate against pregnant women at the work place. It is all therefore a very well calculated plan by these idiots and we all understand they come from the things that their consumerist societies do where people chase other peopleís anus and penis all day long to preserve their money and grab other peoples on by threatening them etc and so these women are either making your life hell with community idiots who love to experiment with social intolerance and a lot of insults because they are fans of theirs or when that is no longer producing the desired effect people are having to deal with gender inequality in the work place; I therefore understand it the way the ladies put it to me i.e. stay away from water and stay away from men AND IF I CATCH THEM AT MY RIGHT HAND SIDE PRETENDING TO BE DISCRIMINATIVE THEY WILL SEEK THEIR FREEDOM SOMEWHERE ELSE MUCH QUICKER THAN THEY EXPECTED - HISTORY SAYS THE LAST TIME THEY GOT OFF BOASTING MR OBAMA WAS UNABLE TO HELP THEM. They do say I play with the media all the time then complain and blame others Ė utter nonsense; that is what the Court really looks like and people now need to prioritise between my books and their problems, whenever they chose their problems then they can keep it and leave me alone. My experience of people is not negative like it is popularly suggested, itís just that customer is King when he pays up and they are using products and services without paying like it belongs to them for abuse and we have a problem. They do say I am being picked on by those that are picked on by my own followers but I could not make it out anyway; it does not affect me, they have only built up so much media abuses on doing so that there is some sense it does and I do not know if that is real or not but it affects anyway and is looking for more trouble than it has already caused, I do not have to do anything for or fight for any democratic fool. Itís simply too much insecurity to continue this existence where their outlook despite having proceeds of all these trophy destructions is still my life and possessions - so I am a fan of it too and I will get out of it when they get out of mine. So they do say that itís the democrats that have ruined their history and existence and are now off to suck the well preserved socialist one - utter nonsense because I started with me and got involved with the Court, then decided to stay on their case and have it resolve so I donít have things bumping into me when I spend time with me; since then I have been stuck getting named a woman, I have been stuck getting deprived of a job, having my books stifled and being made into a fool with anus and penis abuses, academic work stifled and the lot even involvement with Court on a daily basis to cleanse themselves of the effects of daily rigor and so on and they really cannot explain what the reasons are when asked - so sucking on that socialist thing has become very important - I will get out of theirs when they get out of mine.

The Politicians do say it is becoming more obvious I am not upper class which is satisfactory to them and it shows they do not know when it is past its sell-by date too; since what I am doing it taking care of my customers who will take care of me so I can get my own home since it does appear that renting shoots a career to pieces because you must co-operate with peopleís needs when you pay them to rent a home that is not yours after you had paid for it. That said, it does not determine if I am upper class or not and when I take care of my people well enough selling my books I will be taken care of too - I do not need anybody's help or flattery or support I need the books sold, nothing I write on the websites belongs to anybody else but myself, they can only get some by getting themselves a copy of the books and going back to basics like these, means the question of whether or not my Books sales will constitute a problem because they and their media fools exist is well provided for and seem to be the only way to solve their problems whereby they get to beat up and kill with a big mouth; nobody here wants to talk with them about any violence or sexual abuse or kidnappings and all that nonsense, it starts as bargain for dignity as a fundamental foundation for existing at all in the first place where they get to spend their problems on their own stupid personal lives instead and stay out of this one. The trouble with Politicians is not that much of a difficult matter at all - itís just that they have their naivety of what people are really like and lies they tell about helping them to other peopleís possessions which is effectively a bribe to ride on and of course the problem here is that if they push me further with that I want to spend all you have old chap and the violence that comes with it that appears to be more important than government work, destroying things around here to make me co-operate I will take it away from them again and the hung parliament they have now can easily be the least for the worries in the longer term too; so itís a matter of watching what I am doing just in case I have another set of damage I am accused of when the case with Politicians starts to go one on one - man to man like the media one is developing at the moment (itís a world of roses and the last time I checked I was the more powerful one and they were just intruders; clearly it is a world where you lose friends when you stopped being a big spender, it is a world where you make yourself comfortable by spending or you have no leadership, so I am just saying they need to take note their provocation and insults and threats along with those too with that stupid media alongside)..

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