So the story of how I believe myself to be able to protect myself from absolutely any number of assailants is rife all over the worlds media I can see but of course that detracts from the point completely, which is rather that a Prince is out in public and people are off led by their American idiots to cleave trophy power from him that can be used to make them rich and famous, the result of course is that it is impossible ever for me to tell people not to do things I do not appreciate to my person or anything I own and so they are on a roll at present. As they say, they always think it is perfectly okay until it ends badly as it were and the Journalists, those are the main issue too; it is impossible to escape at any point at any day, a process where they know their insults will be picked up by criminals and vandals and get rich quick freaks around you and thereby feel like doing it every second until the way you react is funny to them, so I bet they will be at the forefront of the civil rights fights as well when and if it kicks off that is. Of course they have stories to tell that I play around with peoples wives, which of course do because they share my career and need to share everything else as well, bearing in mind that at the point where they had become financially successful and left my work decimated it should have been enough to recognise an end to high irresponsibility like that because they have little children at home, instead they turn out on my Television screen every day to introduce themselves, put a name to their faces and start; the exchange of places in the world between Princes and people from the gutter, that means we are untouchable and yes they do claim itís not just the wives of journalists I mess around with too which is actually true as it were because those other ones mess up my work to get rich and or famous every day as well; you never rest from the complains of children whose parents own businesses, of those who want absolutely everything and how it risks their lives and their future and everything about them and how they damage your work to get a means by which they can do such things as well because they believe money is synonymous with their names or something (and of course it is never as simple as I have said it either because the way it really works is that a minor will have wanted to have sex with you to commit you to helping her etc and if she cannot have sex will bare herself in public on account of you to fight back and defend herself). So I guess the idea is that when these complains had died down, then it is over and finished and done and I have to live with it, with a big mouth, while they return and have their own families and court criminals for me and violence for my fame and rob their new found wealth in my face to obtain self-improvements of my royal estate every single day until there is an exchange where I have it no more and they are the ones that have it. I suppose the idea I play with peoples wives and will get into trouble is all just as well then; for as long as I am the one getting into trouble it is all perfectly fine as it were Ė otherwise they will stop addressing me one way or another, my way.

Wealth inequality does not cripple anybody and nothing I say about it is a function of random inspiration - itís all factual stuff that bullying peoples financially of which there needs to be success to bully financially in the first place, then explain your actions away with aspects of their successes that you have pried into is something that socialist are the only ones clever enough to devise. So there has to be finances and jobs and wealth first for socialism to bully in order for these things to happen - they are a fundamental threat to the right of a Country to be successful, so what I say is not some inspiration from a grape vine, its factual; so it is the fundamental case at the heart of it all; if they do not turn out to lean on my Royal Estate to have babies, there will be no need for me to exist on their radar and as for the part where they do explain themselves away as wealth bringers, itís the old story of drugs and gangs i.e. Get the innocent involved, make money leave them behind and get out, so there is always good reason for me to be intolerant of their culture and society and every evil thing from that turns up at government buildings. They do say people rob communist countries of their influence which is utter nonsense; these socialist fools do not hate Americans because they have everything these days anymore, they just hate them for power - I am British on the other hand so I know I am hated because I am an unsightly thing that likes to have a say in other peopleís lives and be that as it may, if I see anything they have done with me in which they were the boss there will be trouble, likewise any stupid culture that serves a means by which to claim I stole my ideas from them and that they deserve a cut of my income on media. So itís a matter of the fact whenever they have something they can relate to as a Community it means each time you appear in public and they claim you stole your possessions or ideas by which you worked for it from them you have not got a chance in hell and I will not tolerate the sight of any of the culture as well for my part either because they have become quite fond of the damage they can do to my company - so it is a case of the fact they never seldom get their own but we are no longer doing wealth distribution by sharing money with those who have talent but have none, those who are in difficult situations because it will make them inferior, we are doing wealth inequality by sharing intellectual property and thinking space with those who never get their own because it will make them inferior; they simply had to decide for us what kind of economy we were going to have and that is what it was all about not people taking communist influence away from them. The other part of the story is that the only way they can maintain community control of world wealth is by making sure the west cannot trade with them using their vandalism and corruptions of involvement and saying so will also mean their counterparts have gotten me to accept Russia will end up a democracy sooner or later and it is really annoying - need to keep them off my books as it were, I mean itís clearly the democratic warlords at work with a big mouth; I mean they do claim they control my temperaments but itís an old issue of how if I were not doing it some kid would be abused to a point of being possessed with demons to tell people fortunes and so on - so I say what I say because I want to, they have claimed on media it is because they poke and sodomise and now they have built a false confidence that means they can hurt me if they want and this is their current problem. The talk of the threat of the US President is one I never answer because there is no credible threat - he appears the nicest liberal thing when he is in public in private he is well immersed in every evil culture in Africa and popular culture communities where people seldom see a clean street for the sake of party and vandalism in the US so there are two lives to him and there is no such thing as commonly assumed that I think he does not see what I see when I get around my own concerns when I know he does what he does to help twisted black men especially the ones around him to get rich with the White House and the only way to ensure these idiots let me be is to line those their Industrial pride and joy and take them down like domino, being as destructive as I have learned from them as they do not teach such things at Church as it were, to find my normalcy at the other end of the Tunnel; people are here to buy books or they should never be found around here at all, so it is getting serious and those stupid threats are still the biggest problem to compound the fact people cannot keep their own to themselves. The problem is not complex at all - itís being explained as an empire sacrificed to better the lives of poorer people because it belongs to those who have a history of oppressing others and not apologising for it at some stage but the reality is that Mr Obama means I cannot get through to a highly prized literary empire which products are being sought after and cannot get an alternative job either, so this is human rights gambling in case I do his own as well, so itís not complex in anyway whatsoever - I mean millions of people died in world war two for these rights to be declared - they gamble it and go into the white house to think you are for granted every time looking for trouble.

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