So the question becomes what they must now do to solve the problem of their inability to show they have persecuted a Christian and won and I mention something about people voting something else and people respond with the idea that it must never be said that one persons need determined how they voted which is entirely incredible but they say they donít believe in religion and they are now apparently so much better off for it too as it were. It is apparently incredibly easy to industrialise the persecution of a Christian on account they want to make money at his expense and deploy it to seek lifestyle in return for giving him his right to practice his faith later on as the twisted goons we all know they are; the problem we have these days apparently is how they have no wish to pay for the part that has to do with a damaged sale item that they have damaged and a career they have damaged and aptitudes concerned with personal life which they have damaged because paying for those would damage their socialism first of all and then ensure all of it made no sense whatsoever later on.

What I intend to put to the test here is whether it is better to kill people over social issues or sort out the devil in our midst through trading, so we can find out how things are being done. This story does move very quickly away from the truth that the reasons a media idiot will love to savage your finances and products is not just because he is a nepotism bigot but because certain Industry women fuck his toy boy stupidities better when he does that to create people who are figures of abuse for their purposes of such kind and drives straight towards the case of how I exist and operate under the shadow of Businesses and Industries that they worked hard and studied hard to create which I want to be able to do as well for nothing just because it exists which is such a distraction from handling them first before I become a male prostitute so they can have their small whiles and a heartís desire fulfilled, but then again it does not matter either as the reality is more of the fact when you do have a good idea you want to take your time and bring it into being and so you do not explore it, thus those who flirt with torture and punish you endlessly for fun in order to express their story about being a bully who is powerful on one hand when we all know they are bone head idiots and on the other to extract the idea when you are forced to express them and deploy them with intent on encouraging others to join in, is looking for trouble but they are rather confident in the part where I am said to be the same thing as those who do such things even when I do not do it in order to feel superior.

The story of international co-operation over terrorism is not a problem as claimed either; the reality is that a Country has an identity and has a need to succeed and has certain rights that gives it the parameters by which it does that; most Political offices in the world these days are held by bloody idiots I understand that but if it is not that way they will never work for their own pennies, having said so it is not an issue that their people hound me all the time, itís just a matter of the fact they get out of bed to find out how I work, how I sleep, how I play, how I eat etc and get on media to spend it on themselves and I need to get out of bed every day to prevent that from happening which I am not at the moment because I am a little too busy. It has never really been an issue and as for Mr Obamaís tiny racial problems brain, it seems we still are unable as a planet to fathom what it is exactly that is going to be done with it. They speak of sanctions against those who disrespect their stupidities in the white house of course but getting all over my book sales is not hurting badly enough yet; I mean they can only make it work against those who have not committed crimes by committing crimes themselves which will make America very unpopular and they do need to be reminded what the economic growth of China was last year as it were, in case they still wish to continue: I mean they do speak of a problem associated with how unacceptable what I say and so is but of course the reality is still that you cannot breathe because the same idiots that are complaining about racism want to send out a message that everything you do at government Office is about to go to somebody else at the whim of somebody that is more powerful unless your co-operate - he has not put his own house in order by the way at the White House he just likes to display how this is a power he has over me because he is setting out a level for these kinds of evils talking nonsense about a historical injustice that needs to be corrected, so that when you tell him to take up the job that will be akin to the beginning of the end of the Monarchy in the UK which is why he has so many idiots on the matter - reality being the same old case of British Army fights Terrorists and Americans want career piracy from it, so now I have both sides turning their attention on each other he thinks I have no right to flaunt it as well.

Obama is not a personal friend of mine; I do not have to put up with cash flow crisis to let him get away with intellectual property based crimes at this office and this Company - I will shout it from the rooftop and ensure it follows him everywhere he goes every single day - it is not as funny as their stupidities makes out it is, after all they did conduct the filthiest elections in American history anyway, so it can only get better over what they think the media will bail them out from, I will continue to keep an eye and watch but they will do what I want when they handle my possessions: like scream it and make a real mess and he will be first and probably only incumbent criminal president that handles my books without permission and likes to think it is funny and some will likely ask what I hope to gain from it as if they have not worked it out yet (I mean the first was Bush and Blair, who were first criminal incumbents at this Company doing these things but Obama turned up and picked it from a wholly new angle all together, the part where he knows me inside and out because we share the same skin colour).

As for the pay Politicians get and the issues around it; they complain about Lawyers and doctors and CEOs that earn more than the Prime Minister but of course it is the problem at the heart of tax evasion and tax avoidance; since even the very prognosis of being able to make money as a result of being a British Citizen must be paid for as it were and it is never clear where people feel the government is digging for gold when they collect taxes anyway; so it could have been that we got it wrong for the politicians is in itself entirely baffling because these are people that work at the heart of what the taxes are spent to make the UK into what it is, how they do complain they are not getting enough is beyond belief unless we look at the extra responsibilities they have built up and therefore need to ditch and leave us all alone as it were. So for me itís all in the same family Ė tax evasion, people complaining I am the biggest obstacle to their plans to make millions selling government secrets, tax avoidance, Politicians complaining about pay, Popular culture idiots getting around in the secret services and pillaging peoples personal and public lives to make fame paid for by Politicians spending tax payer funds on them and so the list goes on and on and on. The case of stitching up Politicians as a result of offering their services for money is well understood but it is clearly because these media fools have themselves been cheated out of money Ė so the rest of us need to know what is really going on. So we hear too much of their whining and really needed to set it out so racists can have a story to run with; it is usually where they claim I get stuck which is utter nonsense because the issue that will soon be resolved around this is how their girls need to handle the part of Britain I was born with leaving the one they were for energy with which to make even more money and seek power and the fashion industry is beginning to look like a Prime target for it too and as for the men, they speak of being the racists who have ideas while I am the glory seeker that gets off to deploy it which means every fucking media scum gets off deploying my work and my books talking nonsense about what has already been done looking for trouble and then they start to pretend this game of making them live in the real world not expect when they have feelings others comply with their needs due to deathly threats is going to continue for eternity; so generally they believe what I suppose they are doing with my books which by the way sting like hell all the time while they want to be seen around it all the time as well is actually called racism so that we might never get to see what their own looks like as well as it were. I know they always say I risk my life saying such things but of course itís all in the same family Ė menace of older women and the insults, racism, terrorism, people stealing and selling government secretes, politicians complaining about their pay and so on and they have never learned not to threaten me while getting rich with my life and leaving me incapable of having a family life now that they are supposed to do it in peaceful ways yet , we hear them talk nonsense they cannot back up clearly of which suggest of I harm them their blood will run white for instance and that will be signs of superiority. It is not where I am stuck at all. When these fools talk itís not just a matter of a fight because if they are so confident I can get beaten up by them then a fight means they want to flush their lives down the toilet creating people who have a need for encounter with them until they get beaten as well - so every single thing that comes from them is a death threat and fashion to media to Politics will soon learn my way that it is a whole new kettle of fish when they issue the threats and continue to be seen around my public work and my public image and my books, to talk nonsense about pressing the flesh and hurting none violent people to get some relief in their stupid tough and difficult existence all the time. I hear either way I say or do these things its people still taking advantage of me anyway but that is not actually true; itís always either a matter of ignorance or violence but for the idiots that make a confrontation or handle my public life or possessions, there will be a physical need to move them on should things remain the same at some point and I bet that point will be one of those points where I get threatened - then they can live like millionaires which they never worked for and talk nonsense about their prognosis of criminal violence all the time. I simply do not want them to handle my life and do not want them to handle my public life and do not want them to handle me in anyway and do not want them to handle my books or any other possession but this is something about which they wish to express the full extent of their criminal disobedience because they do not like their lives or what they have in it and I do not actually care what they want, I want to know which one is the threats and what it is about - I mean if they have no wish to stop it they can always go off and get the Politicians when they suppose it is as easy..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland