Here in the UK we of course even hear these goons complains about Parents helping their children financially at University which is a bad thing, when we all know that it has always been a case of setting up a certain savings first before even venturing to get your student loans in order to start University and for the most part while you are there, you will have to acquire a part time job as well; so their problem seems to be that if this whole issue of the need to mind their own business at Parliament so students can chase the part time jobs that should otherwise have become full time jobs for their hoodlums is not chased up and enforced we will not end up with the kind of social state and economy that they want regardless of whether or not it actually is the economy that works. It is much the same with media unprofessionalism that costs others where they are paid to report the news but their main concern is reporting information that I deploy for something I need to do – so a lot of the times they report half the news and misinformation that they later clear up to select whom they wish to allow use the information they have been paid to broadcast and it is all fun – they say my behaviour causes them to behave in that way which does remind me of the one about Politicians damaging the Company I built with my hands and sweat only to make out there is nothing I can do since I too have thought religion to be a good thing and have consistently supported or given strength to a system that is good at damaging businesses that criminals own; so in effect it does reach a stage where you have enough of it and decide they must duke out what kind of society we all want to live in which is where we are at present -  especially because they love to make out they want to make it personal like a fist fight or something like that. So things generally stay as they were i.e. the blacks if men want to beat up the Christian that is grabbing all the attention and generally refuses to have sex outside marriage and if female then it is about that stupid under world and clubbing and drugs and greed and the general sense there are some men they feel they want to beat up or bully until they are become homosexual which is why those things are disappearing on account of myself as well. the whites simply regularly come up to update a story about how I am not allowed to finish my academic work and or get a job which is why my mistakes especially the part about what will happen to you if you don’t have a certain savings before you return to University and your parents are not at hand to support even when you do have your student loans etc led to a condition in which bearing in mind all their stupidities, I happen to have dropped out of my studies becoming one of the most important issues they want to bring up on public places and stalk me around the education system to ensure they milk for all its worth; until that is it also leads to a condition where they will never see that stupid culture and society again and the day they decide they wish to give me  a break will be the day that they will have one as well – which is where we are at present as well.  My point is that these guys know how to look for trouble like they claim people turn up in their society to spend a lot of time getting a lot of attention to do things they love and not things they should earn money from but I do wish they will back that up as well when their side of media is fond of being found around decisions people make with their limited resources so they can make their own get rich quick decisions for industry connections on it as well which bottoms out everything all the time and becomes soon something they want to do on a daily basis with no scruples whatsoever – they know how to look for trouble, they are very good for that indeed but soon want me to turn up with a damaged company that they think damaging is funny to discuss it as a social issue as well, when it isn’t.


It is never true that I think it is okay for people to kill some people but not to kill others; it’s just that when you compare the physical endowments of a celebrity with that of a terrorist they match – so why does one person become a celebrity while the other is a terrorist and then there are the other guys who simply like to ensure they sort out the prognosis of becoming something worse than the terrorists because they have the same physical endowments who simply cannot let sleeping dogs lie and will learn to keep their hands off me and do it my way as well. So the way it works is that Imam A recognises a problem and set out after it and Person B who is violent but not necessarily a bad person joins in to play a part and because of that person C and D who are both very twisted murderous scum who always have ideas about people’s blood all the time joins in as well so they can set out somewhere to express their evils and find out where it leads – these idiots and their media are the same thing except that they think the one they are good at should be superior to that of the terrorists and hence involve me over a barrel or indeed the Government hence their obsession with questions about the day I will become a target and so on. So there is nothing anybody can do when they have offended people to a point where people have taken up a resolve, even the law is powerless over such realities although we try to ensure people do not suffer the ultimate loss at all times, this is what actually happens – the terrorists do not have the right to kill those who can do the terrorism and violence as much as they can but chose to be beeline caring celebrities instead but as far as I am concerned these other fools are fair game and now I have gotten them facing each other I flaunt it because I have got it. For my part I am going to get them to a point where they feel like touching me all the time as well until that point where they do it one last time comes into its own. I mean a few days before now their own states of affairs at their own level of society had come into a stage where they realised it was more important to work on the matter of getting their Politicians and stupid media off the attrition at Diplomacy and Public life issue but they instead chose the path of a guy here that they want to touch with that big mouth - so it has been 48 hours since and they have achieved nothing and at the time I asked them to kick it off if they had the fucking guts and they did not make the noise they are making at the moment.

I. Uno I

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