So I understand it is thought that I have a very difficult existence which is not really the case, its people with very, very bad habits and after going through hell to tell them off you find them doing a little bit which comes when you are busy with work or anything else that may matter; in my case it is as serious as being pushed out of University so people can peddle my personality to build popular culture on it and get rich instead of ask me how I end up with such a personality when I am not a celebrity; the result of course is that I cannot even clean up and return to finish an academic work 8 years after I left it while the media ones say there is nothing I can do about anything playing into the society ones who get involved with matters of academics and career and finances to get everybody thinking they are interested in stuff like that while they are really only interested in fame that work for ugly people and mostly by abusing me to make money; the Media ones of course are like the seat of great evils so to speak but mostly I say nothing or less about their case because they are the sort of evil that a Christian ignores in order to have a life, however it is becoming more of a question of which much of those tales of religious people encroaching on their lives in actually fact, never mind stupid community croons that are always abusing and attacking and working private services of oppression that those who have money will be able to take advantage of – they are now targeting me with the fact they got angry enough to get involved with the Police and Army and do my stuff getting shot at by the enemy, considering I have proven myself to be way more manipulative than they are but for the media ones as a whole since there are no better existence save idiots in suits squandering my property, it is an old story of how much society will protect them if it can explain to people and write a text book on the connection between hurting me and making money while it is angry because of what I am done, which I did after and not before the need to play practical jokes with my finances pushed me out of University and continues to cling to my Book sales and hope for a day it will peddle my faith and personal life and public image without consequences that way, protect them from everything I am about to set up in order to have a dialogue with Television operatives about the incessant and abusive lack of respect for my person and what I do for a living which ends up making them money as well, as though I am being educated about the reasons the mysterious murders happen and we are left wondering if with all their nice public behaviour there were people who actually did hate them so much. So, does it mean that I hate society then? Of course not, I do the same things as well; give, give, give and give it all away then cling to the bottom line to ensure you are facing off the trouble makers, since it is even less effective to bloody somebody and get harmed in a need to secure a decent society where women feel safe but if I do it this way, will find myself being able to protect as many as possible. They are always providing that service, always some form of life changing abuse levied on me which a goon with money in the city centre can take advantage of, always doing it on a provisional basis – the threats are a function of the number of times that I am not also sitting around thinking about their muscles when I am being lazy, the number of times I am not building a safe environment for stock market traders that will exclude people that are striking other people’s chests and bums and heads etc like we see them do all the time to ensure I cannot have my Office space to myself; then we hear it is how the economy recovers while the banking system was supposed to do as well as the number of people with jobs and not the number being forced to work for their profits as a result of difficult economic times that they created themselves i.e. my version being the real way in which the economy recovers. I am not saying it is a problem for me as such; we hear I need to protect my public image all the time which I actually am; it will show up like so to ensure while my whole life is its preoccupation it does not want my Books and spends most of its media stupidities to ensure others do not have access to it as well, then it will start to ensure some people never will and that will get my Empire looking smaller and smaller but what it is complaining about is when I pick up the practical joke a bits that have been prevented from accessing my Books permanently and like an engine, took it apart, cleaned it up and put it back to together again, it believes when it complains on media especially about what criminals might do with an idea like mine, it makes it my problem and determines what my limitations should be. Then we hear my Books are the main problem while the process of making money that they have not worked for, which in the case of the men had caused them to replace everything that says I am a writer and that I have Books at the market place with an alternative practical joke that works for them on National Media, while the females just want somebody to discipline me because a woman cannot deploy my life and work to get rich even when she is famous – we hear the Court and my involvement with female journalists was the main problem while that was the bone of contention itself, we still remember it took years to make them listen to the fact the Court is female only and we have not been able to achieve that and yet I have had a botched academics and finances because they have a right to discipline me if involvement at my Court causes somebody to lose a £70,000 job – so the days I was angry enough to play it up until we meet has now gone I suppose but there is nothing wrong with my Books, only their need to make money where they have not worked for it, their need to avoid work as a means to making money.

I have been giving thought to getting into their Celebrity and Media and popular culture and Industry backyard as well, the very reason it annoys me so much when their insults and need to continue these habits takes a turn where they get to tell me I brought it upon myself. They always say nothing I do has any effect but so does such tales not take into account the games they play with money and think others naturally have the time availed for them to do their gimmicks with is something I will get after all together as well. They do say that they want a closure on the matter which has always been as simple as playing up money gimmicks with somebody who has dropped out of University for it and continues to give you details about where he has ended up, complete with features like reacting to the insanity of society and yet you continue to do it to a stage where his life and property ends up in a situation where there are no Laws or rules, then expect him to keep little facts to himself like taking a walk to come across people who need to stop him from being an introverted person and when he is really disturbed threaten him with violence because his problems are affecting everybody while they use his good personality for sex and beauty sleep - a bad habit that one goes through hell to stop only for twerps especially the ones that share a skin colour to continue doing little bits endlessly: it cannot possibly be that complicated to just let people be when they do not wish to be disturbed.

I do get told that I am making enemies with everybody which is not really the case; I am only making enemies with people who see me hold my Books in hand and a plan to sell to paying members of the Public, then get off to build me publicity that says I am not a write complete with features and history because they have feelings that suggest my disposition is absurd; we see them implore media manager to sack people when their own is done in such ways too, pretending they have the power of God in their hands. Much the same as the case where it is said that I cannot tell my friends and enemies apart while reality is that rock star film producer will know nothing of people living 200 miles from Local Police Office and how to make a film that solves a problem for them but will get off and grab my work and pervert it to serve those who are out of peoples league and need to bottom whip members of the Public whenever they buy products, especially when they do at designer outlets - so I am just going to recover my patented property and administrate it on the internet, so I might be able to get on with the rest of my life. I am obviously stuck with people who talk about the way I use their women while none of this would have been happening if they did not invite themselves into my concerns, no idea why I am stuck with theirs instead of how others who want to work with me to build their family inheritance and sort out personal finances wish to manage their matrimony, since it is usually the means by which they put some distance between us whereby if they are in control of it I have nothing to worry about.

I hear the Nationalists get the better of all I get up to and its much the same as people getting held up somewhere trying to read my mind and starting to play practical jokes with my finances when it avails them because they got stuck with the Church stuff in there or black people claiming I am a coward that does not face them while what happens is that they show up on my concerns to change their lives in ways they do not fancy and then I find out years later that they were bugging me which shows what it is all about after they had decided I cannot be left alone to be by myself or the Media full of stupid men with an ability to follow a certain road and create problems for themselves, find out others are to blame for it later and then threaten and attack those who want to talk about their useless and absurd nature. So nobody moves into my right hand (it is an old story, especially linked with a condition where they say they do not wish to tolerate any black persons running their Country; I am not running their Country, only my Estate and yes it is intricately linked with the Country but it just does not have anything to do with them in much the same way that they believe I am so naïve about their democratic and republican insanity that gets black boys having dirty sex with certain white women on video then show up to tackle my Books, patents and income margins, looking for social corruption based convenient blackmail that can never stop giving with somebody they can never get it from, with friends from German irresponsibility and Japanese excessive behaviour all the time), the City centre operatives and their money based abuses are good to go but need remember if I become obsessed with getting my little problems fixed on their backyard like they and their media friends cannot stay off mine, their stupid insults and threats will not make any sense whatsoever – the misogynistic women are good to go as well but need remember if they will not complain about me using their own as well until they drop, while they continue to assume their worst nightmare are those who take pictures of their bums and display it on magazines and internet, then it will have been alright and completely risk free. It’s never true I am on and off with Celebrities either; it’s a matter of me looking after my patented show business property along with Celebrities I look upon as friends and allies, who need to be close to me to gain good knowledge about how things work for the film and entertainment roles or the popular culture ones that help me on support for schools especially in return for a knowledge of how to get around Industry and to go to somebody's Music studio to make some money to pay their way with; in the US what people need pay attention to being that Republicans and Democrats are doing what they are meant to be doing, just like we are all over the world, thus the insults that are slowly becoming lucrative, that I am unable to make my own decisions have obviously gone far enough and any rock star film producers with a need to grab people’s property while looking after Industry and film and celebrity neighbourhood backyards I will be prevented from getting into when I want them to do what they do on their own backyard and leave me alone, will not suffice (we are talking about stupidities and absurdities that help them sell and exchange me like cattle on media making excuses about slavery and slave trade giving way to those absurdities they never give up that get them stuck in a two bit way on the left and right hand side while they become obsessed with making use of other people’s lives as the victims are prevented from even mentioning they got themselves there by the same stupidities that is plaguing others and will not change - it gets to a stage where it becomes serious such as these i.e. the stage where the insults and stupidities need move somewhere else if it does not agree that it is unacceptable that its exit should continue to operate as a process of wrecking my whole life and finances so that what I do to recover might allow it to find out secrets I would not normally have given | we are talking about those things that cause me to build up publicity for the stupidities and insults and watch them continue to make money loving civil rights abuses and attacks out of it which threats and disrupts what I am doing with Brokers at this Estate with insulting excuses attached | we are talking about the bits that is now causing me to devise sex work for those who continue to show up around my Books to play up their practical jokes and strike my bum that they can obviously se due to stupid violent insults they cannot back up with the support of criminal men, passing me absurd information in the process about where I ought to stop before the problem gets worse with a big retarded mouth showing up on Media for it all the time).

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland