It does eventually come down to that old case of a people whose whole life is based on the activities of that stupid woman that wants to make money every corner she turns attacking me all the time and it usually gets serious when they blow off their big mouth at me a civil rights money loving threats. There is no other way it seems of reasoning with a group of people whose only behaviour on public places is to mess up my finances and go off to build a version of my livelihood in an affluent neighbourhood, which is soon followed by threats associated with the idea that they are famous and so successful they have a right to discipline me – which is what we know are celebrities; so we can all see the bits where I will see that they get their arse fucked before anything happens to me as well. It is ever so difficult to locate what it is that people who organise societies and cultures into a process of chasing and hurting peoples anus to ensure they keep a 6 figure salary on Public media have to do with whether or not somebody else has duties with respect to the Church or somebody else has duties with respect to the state or indeed both but then again here we are and each time any bad thing happens is does because of their ego while their stupid Politicians claim I deserve it because we have everything while poor people have nothing and cannot keep their mouths shut if nobody is taking files out of their offices to make fame and fortune on media just yet as it were. I do get told I never used to be an enemy of celebrities but that was because it was uncalled for, besides which we were told when they jump on your public image to make money they move on and let you go your way and you realise it will be a lot of work to let them make a living wage but prevent them from becoming millionaires by handling it would have been back breaking work that paid nothing, except the outcome when you drop out of University is usually the obvious fact that they never will. Then I get told the way I speak is no way to address elected official which I sentiments I do not share as well anyway; these are idiots blabbing nonsense I used to think about when I was a teenager i.e. the reasons poor people are poor and rich people are rich was never as I realised later that the poor ones are usually always engaged in a process of building a means of entrapment that will help them make money through self-improvement of taking advantage of the talented via democratic absurdities of trying to role a rock that is bigger than they are up a steep hill, where the better my ideas were during those times I came across their wealth inequality campaigns is the more I got pushed to the back of the line so that those who were student Union Panel leadership types might get around telling me how to exist– the idea that rich people were responsible in a way and the fact that if I did put any of such ideas out at the time I would have made the biggest fool of myself; until it turns out that even when these fools see that their behaviour harms them, what we find them do about it is seek Irish republic and reunification of Ireland and such things in the North of the UK for instance, while the Media ones say that the way society thinks should be re-evaluated as it does appear they have become more important than I am; so it’s impossible to escape a financial complication when somebody says that in such a violent way with a guest on National TV and considers himself to be such an amusing fellow who has some financial benefits attached to his deluded insults at the other end, when he knows perfectly that he is nobody and all he has got is society and culture fools helping him hurt peoples private parts so he can claim to be famous, famous that is with a criminal record, fucking famous; in the end of which I get told that I dispute their success in such an absolute way which of course I do because all it does is get money off rich people providing one hell of a service that not only allows it to handle its financial problems associated with its lazy pathological fear of work, by handling what others have worked for and taking credit for it, choosing what it wants to work on to avoid any jobs it has been paid to it if it has any, but also ensures that others are unable to protect themselves from industry idiots with any pocket money that they may have been left with and so this money is used to build up a perception that they have become richer while what happens is that the entire world has become poorer, so that when the link has been drawn up between how a process of getting money off rich people leaves my friends and allies in mental illness, my livelihood in a mess and their big mouths wagging on media all day, it turns out what they think they have done is create themselves a job and that only a bad person would prevent others from having a job which means it is how it will be. So it clearly is the method by which that stupid middle class picks up people’s lives and shuts it down because it wants to avoid work as a means of earning money, with the Politicians finding it impossible to keep their mouths where their money is, if people are not walking into state office to pick up files and run off to media to make fame and fortune or increase their income with – I dispute their success absolutely, not least the fact it knows nothing save messing up my Books to make some money and put the feet up over expensive drinks in a tourism economy passing around insults that a bird will carry around the world, with idiots who think they are famous and or important disciplining me by a big mouth as though I have not had enough of them yet. Their Politicians say it will never end because they are better human beings than I am a good for handling three to five bedroom flats neighbourhoods superiority which culture and society I will peddle for a living as well pretty soon before it decides to stop but for now it’s the Politicians that will spend tax payer funds on them in betrayal to churn my tummy and talk rubbish about their privates hurting as well later on with a big mouth, yap yapping which one is more important than I am because they have money to show for it.

Its future of making good its stupidities by explaining it on what I get up to and the Publicity I build for what I am doing and what I say and the Books I write, which is why media is vital for everything in life will not get it keeping that stupid media in peace just yet: the biggest deception yet is that wearing a suit makes them any less stupid and I have no idea what I have to do to stop them grabbing information I put out to culture and society to run this Bookshop in order to find ways of getting a bit off this Royal Estate with using a Media job every day, which largely proves they are fucking idiots and not the educated people they want everybody else to think they are all together - when things need to be re-evaluated by society as it appears they have become more important. They speak of how I need to fight my battles all the time and I wonder if it was any less than three to five bedroom flat superiority of mid-sized gangs fucking people on my public image, laying claims of ownership to my coolness and then showing up to reinvent their stupid selves around my concerns where I least expected it; even now I am still in control like I have always been all my life but the new question is how to stop the scumbags in parliament that were the same when younger from creating me financial complications so they can boast about having power over me while they are the ones complaining about the matter altogether while their media fools invite themselves into my Court and gain corruptions of involvement based access by which to talk through to me on Media – why they find it so difficult to show up here a Politician if they want a Book or keep their mouths firmly shut as it were.

They always claim I am unaware that my actions affect other people’s finances but the only reason people will continue to show up on my concerns every time they claim they are more important and I let them mess up my finances so I can provide them broke Royalty leadership is apparently because they are besides queer idiots grooming lovers of perversion and the stupidities of Politicians seeking to spend other people’s incomes which is associated with it, incredibly superior.

They do become forthcoming enough to blab about which one concerns Gay people chasing lovers, looking out for a process where I insolently get involved with people who are beyond my league so they can befriend such people and have homosexual copulation but we all know this is what they would never mention naturally, it only becomes an issue when friends and allies are about to lose salaries and they have to bring their International Media and Politics to bear on the fact I dropped out of University because lesbians were chasing female lovers and have had quite enough of them all together – the insolent media ones who join the song of the Politicians blabbing about which one I do not deserve to do as this is not my Country while their civil rights neighbourhoods will not stop hurting my private parts over acceptance issues nobody here has ever asked them for are only going to continue until they have to give me a time and a place where I can ensure they get out of bed to hurt themselves because they couldn’t do the toilet as well and then their big mouths will discipline their fucking mates from there too. I mean they do say that these are things associated with what security operatives have done on my behalf but while I accept responsibility it should be noted the theory that if they are angry it is the world while if I am it means nothing is a fantasy, they cannot keep their mouth shut and ideas are starting to emerge that will surmount those lies and prevent them causing me financial complications every time they attend an Office.

They do speak of the reasons it happens while the is only the fact that they are superior as the reason i.e. the small facts will be that I dropped out of University to become a toy for them on account they are chasing homosexual copulation – the bigger facts will be the bits that developed from the usual stupidities where they want servants and I looked weedy and the price they will have had to pay for me in the UK will be too high while they are unable to function without one bearing in mind they had always had servants in Africa etc – so the white Politicians pick it up from there and the Celebrities feel they have the right to handle me like an animal all together and if they do not keep their mouths off my public image, any Royal Publicity here and my Books, keep it where their stupid money and its concerns are located very soon, the fact they are complaining that many have died but it did not suffice which teaches them lessons about reality where bad things can happen to good people and people do not have to be evil to get caught up with situations that involve power, will look like a picnic compared to what I am going to do, so that they might discipline their fucking mates like they fantasise about all the time; their Families are usually none the wiser that the behaviour that produces this blog is the sort of nonsense is what they go to the Office to make me put up with every day.

I. Uno I

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