Obviously especially with respect to youth, they want to get rich, so once eyes are set on people’s property they never rest until they have used it to spice up their sex lives and thereafter when people deal with such problems associated with it, using their silly rich man's attitude that comes when they are stuck because they are stupid and have also got an attitude to match. They are not currently dealing with the filthiest Polygamists in the world yet as it were, so there is some link between the existence of such things and myself, what they think is that they will mess up my business with their problems and continue the whole game of when I start they take it up from there with a large gob and have already realised like they are still realising things at their age-which they used the 2003 Second Gulf War and their claims of Global Terrorism to exercise on my earnings and will not give that up. Same old story really: illegal access to other peoples offices which is the only kind of access that will be enough and then insolent and abusive sex and violence plus lots and lots of confusion; wastes peoples times of course to ensure they are forced to do civil rights in a way which does not pay in cash, so they might be nice to idiots and try to make a living from other peoples generosity, which justifies an audacity to touch people’s property because such a thing is being made to happen to such a person, in expectation there will be no consequences, with a big mouth. From what I gather the purpose of the wickedness they run around me to wreck really is, is not just their stupid young fame but also the fact that their parents generally want women to be in a certain place or understanding while they have the kind of sexual desires that they might please themselves with and the issue with respect to me has more to do with the fact I have taken that away from them because I do not like it and they will do everything to ensure their stupid children take away from me everything I have and work for as well. To which end it is obvious I cannot and must never do anything without seeing to it that it operates in a way which hurts and causes pain and suffering for role model freaks. 

It is not actually true that everything I do hinges on money or money matters, what is true is that I had a process where big businesses turned up to ask me for my equities and securities, which I decided to hand over to them and get another life because it was becoming destructive. What they did with it was get around causing trouble and then preventing me from getting an education and any job whatsoever, they said the reason was that if I had money or education I would want it back but in actual fact a more objective observance of what happened was that they thought that if I had refused to give it to them they would have taken it anyway. Now the big businesses are terrified of me and these people need to be as well especially the black ones. I will not have their respect or their distance it seems, so I will have their fear. In the end the reasons is that this is all a matter of their scorned mothers I refused to have sex with (it makes you wish to kill peoples children bearing in mind every place where there is greed and people abusing others it is always their call, always their fight and they think they are more modern than everybody else but there are better options).

Their most important idea for everything is to do with the claim they know my game about which they seek remissions for their wickedness on the basis on which people are meant to say such remissions twice over including the matters they have with their parents as the case may be, in order to save them from the consequences of it while they think the world is deceived and they can become the father figures of whomsoever they like with anything they project into the air over those who do not want it there. It has with respect to my livelihood, so much to do with those insults with which they will choose what they want to pay for on my royal estate and fake church insults because I sell books they can vandalise on the basis of lies and rumours they wish to direct my life with as insolently as they possibly can, which could not be any further from the truth. I have no idea which is the real problem these days, them or idiots that get services off my work from the cameras of Television and Paparazzi idiots, it creates the wonder of the destruction it causes and the wonderful question of what exactly that gets to change. In the end, I have gone to the very top on this matter to make it obvious to the Politicians I don't like being insulted by them but it seems they still want the balance of power to shift from the female side of society to the male in the most brutal way imaginable, so the self confidence extraction abuses for whatever reason continues.

So it applies of course that I am very well aware of how and why people hate the way I walk and publicly mock me just for walking by, then go off to walk in that way which means they have stolen it, then get to claim I stole the style of walking from them and they are now stealing it back - of course it is the same attitude to absolutely every item on my person for the time being which shows all sorts of rubbish that have social importance attributed to them.

I. Uno I

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