. I am aware it is said there is a lot of trouble between myself and women and yes that is the case provided it is not their time to burst into the scene and be famous on account I have written books and that means I can be covered up and hidden away because they are ambitious with all kinds of cultural and violent nonsense while they and their foolish men get to use my reputation to make fame and fortune - it is wickedness of Biblical proportion, the money making happiness that comes from it a violence that deserves what it gets and their gain for it is due in my eyes at all times. However with respect to the issue on Journalists, the reality is that I created a Working Court to ensure there is security for journalists who aid me to run my Literary Empire and especially with the process of keeping certain people out of employment by keeping employers informed at all times of the cultural and social and violent nonsense they are employing into their establishments by giving certain idiots jobs and then people can get off to do their racism and cultural discrimination nonsense and get rich rubbish around my income as much as they want. Besides which in any case if I have any problems, I can always choose what the content of my Working Court is. Now I know it is suggested I have learnt most of the things I do with evil freedom lovers from living in Africa but of course the reality is that while they want to have the conversation they also want to continue the financial pillaging; hence it has always been common sense when people wait for me to find my first job and turn out to harm me every single day because they have created the idea wealth comes from their laziness if combined with their envy and there is a link between having it and harming me especially on media and their advertisements, to do the things I have done in order to ensure an office and a sales operations of a company is a normal occurrence for a person bearing in mind they have conveniently declared themselves a separate arrangement from the rest of society and hence something that can be deployed to harm them every time I am making sales at the company just to be a normal person - besides which I am sure Africans will want to know that you learn how to deal with financial pillaging from them but for me it is their cruelty that the technology is economically advanced countries give them the means to follow me around and perform financially that will determine what I do with them.

I am not of the view that Media should be regulated, it is perfectly okay as it is. What the problem is for the most part is that I have a Working Court that is based on mass media but for some unexplained reason, no Woman can travel off to somewhere to report news or even appear on Television to do it on account of the Interests we share unless it is under threat from Companies that combine our personalities to sell goods, stock market operatives that usurp every public appearance of what we do to deceive people and make profits that they cover for at a later date and then there are other media colleagues they have who combine my personality with their own to make everything from Popular music that makes fame for their teenage idiots to Advertisement for Companies that pay them a lot of money to do so, to Pornography - all of which happens as though I am not aware that these kinds of persons and the kind of Court I have with them will be full of people with a certain personality issue because they sleep on the job etc; Hence at this stage they speak of those who swim against the tide when they speak of controlling the media because it has become an integral part of their profession and at the same time has reached a stage where they need to change it and I do not mind such things myself anyway.  The other part of the issue of course is that some journalists are bullies and you must put them in their place if you have enough of them.

Of course everything that cashes into the Working Court are all things that must be crushed; the reality is that each time the economy shows any signs of recovery it is what they want to do instead especially the advertisement Industry on account it appears to them to be the lazier thing to do, which is very provocative as it is destructive indeed - same old story with lazy Industry idiots who have money to throw around, nothing is ever done properly - patch here and there and create more services for more customers and make more profit is the rule and I cannot breathe in my Court as a result which is leading to something a lot more serious and more so on the Global Stage as well. It is natural for any fir minded person to assume all administration for the protection of the Company Books and Products at the Global Market is done at the Working Court, hence anybody that loves to pillage my right to own my books and everything associated with it all over the world will always have a problem with it as if.

I have heard a lot of things about my case with the US President and what problems it can bring - I do not know about the problems as much as I am aware the biggest problem I face at the Industry and Market place is an American President that only breathes a sign of relief when and only if there are American Republican and American Democratic Party Interests playing games between them with my income and profit margins, which is further more enforced by the fact America has big deadly gangs and he likes it and if you ask any American about how much vile constitutes the inventiveness of that sort of behaviour they will tell you it is an evil from a fundamentalism you ought to leave unexplored. It’s been 6 years of this behaviour on a daily basis kept up by his media idiots as we all know and he will cease to be a lame duck leader not when he handles me like his idiots talk about all the time but only when I bail him out of it.

I hear it is said that black people are responsible for all these wars in the world but I have no idea anyway, I only know it is a story that will sit very well indeed with the fact that black and African people understand each time they screw around with me or damage my business and then my health as well like only they can which is something that is second nature to them to do every time, they also know their cultures and societies are in trouble too – so if the Arabs and the Asians and the Whites want to finish the job for me they can go ahead but taking it out on me is another story since all together they are hard of hearing and there is that sense when they think they can get their hands on my possessions that all of them are not exactly the same kind of scumbags; so maybe they bring this issue up because they want me to say something about the fact not enough have died yet, so there I have mentioned that too and they can blow their top. It goes without saying they need to leave me alone as we are not mates as it were – where The Court is concerned is largely a matter of recent checks I have made because of what I am doing with my books and company about where they stand and so in terms of a meeting with me they were all receptive but in terms of noticing whether or not I am borrowing some man thing from the men and hence the clash of our understanding that we share, they did to an extent and got fed up and I have chosen this point thereof to hand it in so people can leave us alone as well if they are interested.

So the great old case has always been this insult and abuse that religious people are lazy as it were and it just gets to a point where you have enough of it too; since there is nothing about getting out of bed at 5am to do your prayer time for an hour and get to school by 7am that means you grow up to wake up late if you wake at 6am and therefore have all day to get lazy with which can be a lot of work in its own right anyway which indicates your religion makes you lazy as such. But it does not bother me as much as they think it does, it just rather seems that I will be finding myself in a place where I get hold of and sell off whatever it is they have recovered or recreated of that stupid culture yet again so far. However going into the details the reality has always been the same i.e. that these are deviant fools who turn up here to make their plans on my finances and get their Politicians to explain it away as Britishness and when it does stop these kinds of insults will stop with it too; that religious people are lazy is just below the belt if I must explain myself i.e. the problem with socialists is that they have no economic Policy whatsoever, they want government offices and when they get there have to invent their own version of what others did with the economy such as balancing the books but in truth their idea of economic policy is grabbing half the population that is talented and then destroying their lives to ensure they are controllable and are giving their ideas to those who have been chosen by government to make money and as bad as that seems since nobody can ever pay off a National debt let alone handle or manage or even reduce a deficit with that the reality is still that we do not know what balancing the National books means in terms of socialist Policy at this point anyway – I raise it because they speak of the economy and the laziness of religious people who are taught to be nice to others and thereby thought the ways of customer service that those who have money can therefore exploit to pay off National debt and fill tax holes but refuse to hand them over – my point being that it gets to a stage and I have had it up to my neck and they are not getting any more from now hence forth. Naturally they do claim it was all a bit of fun of course but it has never been funny to me, nor has the decade of unemployment for me been amusing in anyway and yes the threats are things they will implement using women’s whiles, popular culture violence, homosexuals and my chest being made to feel like exploding all day long while people chose the easy way out of problems their behaviour creates for them on claims that I look like I am solving it anyway and they are more privileged and have less tolerance for those problems than I do; so it comes to an end and I am determined they will not be making such statements ever again unless they are paying the bills around here.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland