It is generally a matter of great mystery to people who hear me go on about fame and fortune and the destruction of popular culture idiots but if I have a job to serve a Government and a working Court I must train on certain matters bearing in mind their alliance with me means involvement with government and procedure in their Actor and Media careers, bearing in mind there are also teaching and knowledge shared with customers which apply a certain degree of training from my books as well, some people are perfectly aware of destruction and vandalism they do here with fame and riches and popular culture elitism more so based on the items of claims of an ownership of me and power to control me and power to manipulate all I own and above all else bedding me to commercialise it, to a point that they can now cash into the bag logs of video and scenario fantasies they have created and therefore need to sustain over wrecking my book sales and finances but will clearly do nothing else with all of their time and I am not suggesting they do not enjoy it either: they say I talk of course but underneath is still the issue of an income and even state unemployment benefits I am getting which I mention and goes to show as well that they are out of my league but I do not mention income because I want to be shamed by their seemingly limitless intrusion and its destruction and vandalism, I do because I want to make the matter at hand very clear indeed. That I intend to slip in the Law Court as a means of resolving the destruction done here somewhere near their retirement, so that when they had worked for it all, it will be time to share because I did into the same purse as well or they can today, early days, get off my book sales and allow me a quality of life. I mean the general prognosis is that I can earn money from the books or I can earn money from the books and then something else will come up like a Court case for example - in this case it is suggested that I will not earn any money from my books at all with a big mouth and so we will see too. Maybe entire global news and media establishments need to give instructions to their staff worldwide to stay away from me and my work and property specifically; I myself do not think it is too much to ask either. So I have given it time and made it available so they can pillage it and I can gather enough facts including dates that will show nobody else has the same problem and that what they do on Television to me and my reputation and my property is not coincidental and that they have contact access for it - it is at this stage something they cannot back out of so I can see that process as the best outcome; they need to leave me alone as we are not equals.

HH I. Uno I

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