These products are written creativity equities that develop convenient exemptions or business equity, for the special interested customer that wants to develop a system with the CEO, are packaged Creative Equity and Intellectual Property Administration Products from each title and therefore are purchased with my Autograph on them to be found on the 'Books by the Arch Prince page', both of which have been created from the disposition which afford the building of lucrative insults and abuses that are never wrong to those who perpetrate them, once they are enabled to make money doing so by those who may be malicious people that have alternative arguments in mind to facilitate Market as recovering what they grab from others is that which time constraints will cause less success overall. Usually in Political circles operated along the lines of insults and abuses which are excused for the purpose of driving chosen victims to such ill mental health that they can only write books or do things which criticise those who act in such ways. Social application of this is that once they have done so, then at the precise time their victims are about to earn from their work, those who have been abusing them for no reason suddenly change their characters taking on criticisms for the way they had acted and their victims lose all opportunities of employment, self-employment and credibility.

They are not perfect Pieces of commercial Literature, and I sold them as they were to preserve the environment and condition in which I wrote them, they are sold with content errors to preserve my Authenticity and ownership of my work as correcting such errors would mean overhauling the Equity involved and nobody should buy and read them in a bad mood or temper. More support at ROYAL JOURNAL EQUITIES

Of course, I am playing around annoyingly with the influence and power of the United States of America in and over the world and for me as well, there is an alternative United States of America somewhere else that I can go to do the things I want to do since the one that is currently talking rubbish all over the place is not playing my game. This is not hurting badly enough yet apparently. Naturally, this is where their lies people are doing things that belong to them because they insult people move them on and do what people should be doing for themselves to get rich and move into people’s right, bumps into something too. It is where I would like to deter them by mentioning the process of security there is here which involves confronting them for fun, protecting the market for my books and making sure Celebrities chosen and Fans of mine are spending anything that results from my problems and the fights and defences I have to put up and work along the lines of setting up and doing anything with my Books. The errors of diction during the drafting of these books have been published with them, as they carried the experiences and security based authentication on which the securities are rooted (they have all occurred at the point where sexual bullying by evil women happens to instigate violent familiarity based bullying by men, which is intent on causing mental illness and financial Failures or preferably for those that have always known better to be able to buy them and make the corrections themselves).


It’s like that old story of how I am always angry which has no basis on reality – I am never always angry; the reality is that it is rather ever so difficult to work out what problem these people have with those that look after me – I mean when they look after me that is what they do, when somebody messes it up that is my problem so they need to stop complaining as well. I suppose the reality here is that I have been spoiled rotten and especially by female journalist, so that there is that sense that I can do anything and then I will never be wrong no matter what I do. It’s like that question they ask about the mess that their leaders and Politicians find themselves in at present – the mess that was brought about by the same issues but in terms of jobs and income, so that all you think of when you go to a job interview is you in your best clothes and a well-rehearsed story about yourself and what you know and what you can bring to the job and why the employer should like you but they have completely changed everything and set out to corner you with the same employment system that was meant to support those that are lagging behind, and now what they have is a condition where I am confused while they sit about stealing everything I do over every single interview I attend to further their careers and give their stupid blockhead children a boost, complete with abuses and all kinds of derogatory nonsense, which I decided to make a National affair as well – so there is a mess in Politics but they are not the only ones – I had to go through there facts in order to ensure they are convinced and it is much the same with these employers who know nothing but making trouble for others every single time too – if you attended school and had to go through a screening process and during which somebody told you your career has gone to another, it is enough to break you if it happens three times and yet this is the language these idiots speak as a basic form of existence and so they want to be able to determine white people cannot buy my books and blacks will have to buy only when I show them enough respect, so it is a mess here as well as it is a mess over there for them.

I. Uno I

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