The Fundamental case being that My Business Parties at the Court Systems, Industrial Emporium and State Office is developed to show that I  am aware it is said I never acknowledge the dangers I face as a result of activities; I can understand the dangers story however which I have been facing all my life as a result of my morals being about good behaviour which makes me vulnerable to people who have needs but then again the dangers I must get out of bed to accept I am facing on a daily basis amounts to another story all together; a question of why they are so insulting and whether or not it tends to make them important when they are actually not. I mean these are people that are so evil that there is no good or moral aspect of their stupid lives they can fall back on when they come across an emotional crisis and need to choose very well therefore whom they routinely decide should end up at the receiving end of their stupidities if such a person is to face dangers every day; we are not talking about some bad things people do and explain as something done to ensure a harsh world around them does not trample them, we are talking about idiots who shed the morals their parents raised them with like a shirt on locating me and naming me the big one to seek access to my personal life for the purpose of sensations of convenience talking about dangers and it is usually that way before they get the Politicians involved when I handle them as well. Besides which the involvement of the Politicians achieves something as it were, if it is not a process of travelling overseas to seek out problems that are bigger than they are, only to return to the UK to work in the shops and look out for a target hate figure they can feel good with all of the time. The matter has never been a complicated one altogether – if I face any dangers at work or as a result of my Books and Royal Estate or this Company we will find out who will die first as it were; it is becoming more of Habit for me as well.

So they say I am being replaced for some reason and have come to enjoy talking of such things on Media all of the time ever so often; I wouldn’t know for my part anyway, I know however that its rather a long shot since the reality is that when people know that my life is not built around who has the money and the ego, they will show up on my livelihood and besiege it until that is what I want to do, therefore done in a condition whereby they do have the advantage of some sort and can build up their confidence and other fake it till you make it parameters thereof. I have never really thought of it as a matter for concern; I have always rather loved to indulge them most of them i.e. nobody just sits around while his finances fall apart, there are reasons human beings behave in that way and you have to empathise with those reasons or even view them with pity if you want to, not show up in public and seek to have a conversation about other people’s laziness when you are a bully that gets out of bed to top up your working energy with other people’s lives by ripping up what matters to them to exasperate them and develop some narcissistic fun on which sales and being successful and important can be developed. It’s like when I say I do all these amazing things on a breakfast and a meal everyday not a Giants dining table and some fitness expert – the assumption being that if I don’t have to deal with their insanity on a daily basis, there is no way that I could possibly cut down on my food even further and kick them every single time thereof. I mean there has to be a way they can conduct their concerns without threatening other people i.e. clinging to peoples public image is what you want to do, no need distracting them from career and academics and other important matters, then make yourself immune when all that nonsense associated with your decadence is designated by Politicians as your civil right. The bit they think I am keeping from them so I might have everything is the fact Women in security services do not like them at all, for obvious reasons – I am only answering the case of my laziness and the possibility it has become an issue because somebody has asked them about what they wish to complain of recently; when I figure them out and get the better of them all the time as well, never pleased seeing them around my Books, happy seeing blabbing on Media about injustices. The problem here is largely that I do not appear to be strong enough but it depends on how people see it; what happens usually is a process where I am sore all over because somebody thinks what is bothering them is my responsibility and likes to ensure his main business has been placed around my concerns to see that its progress bothers me for good measure; so I have to be able to get around making sure the consequences of never coming through when I should plays out all the time, they are unable to steal my work and ensure I do not have such power in the process, get prepared to kick them as well if they have a go at me and when finished get off and come through on the matter anyway all together. It makes them feel like real guys especially with respect to being unable to control most of the publicity that occurs around my Literary work and my Business altogether. Case reality here is that Government work is never done and this sort of conversation is meant to be violent and abusive by those who initiate them and as long as it continues, so will they need CCTV to chase the career wellness of their Politicians too. We do hear I have no idea what to do and enjoy resorting to power but it’s a matter of being unable to control my own publicity like I said and they cannot do anything without threatening me as well – punished so many. So they always say I run away when I see the fighting and I wouldn’t know what the conversation means anyway but I do understand it’s really expensive for them to turn up and create conditions where their insults achieve an outcome where living in their lower class surreptitiously has now led to an outcome where the general publicity around it is that I am scared of all things that move being enforced by entire communities as well but time and again it will be an amusing apt behaviour to chase me down and trap me like I were a farm animal with that big mouth.

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