So it is said that I never really acknowledge that I had a small Penis but I do not think having been this nonsense had been raised several times, that I am meant to be annoyed when people speak of my penis size either – it is supposed to be the result of a life where a bunch of idiots had sexual encounters with so many people that they did not know what they wanted from a relationship anymore, hence the penis size was a compass or they were a bunch of idiots that were so selective that of the persons they have deemed worthy to have sex with, they all had large penises. Mostly however these are a bunch of idiots who have other ideas on what sex should be used for and the irony is that they are not good at it and cannot cope with the world when they have sex: so we are looking at difficulty right up to the stage where they bring somebody into the world, parents and parents in law show up to ask about the new person that had come into everybody’s life and they had to introduce the new person but they were meant to bring the person into the world first of all. So on the subject of taking the matter seriously, when we do talk about it until a line is crossed, beyond that, a mention of my penis size will lead to trouble and this is the actual penis size as it were.

They love to make up those tales that I am a real waste, but it is utter nonsense; the facts we know are that if you had a good business layout, Industry twats dreamed perpetually of profitable claims that you were trying to make money from the way their companies had affected the world, without paying your dues. That said, Celebrities do the same things but its not a matter of taking advantage of your beginnings like it is with Industry gits, it’s a process of targeting specific areas of your career no matter who you are, to develop lies that suggest you were provocateur who is now trying to make money from money that existed on account that they did business with others or money expected that they had paid you on account of doing business with you but it is the politicians curating the process, who are now complaining about waste, as they clearly find it incredibly difficult to stop trashing other peoples Book sales. I mean mostly the claim I am a waste would be offensive but either way I am still winning in the real world, public, civil and National service operatives found my work useful, I needed to ensure they had supreme confidence when using it, so I placed National Cote of Arms on the websites. It has reached that point where it is the Politicians that are doing the damage to the economy and the fact was no longer deniable – all of them were Prime Ministers while the Cabinet was responsible for big business deals that bring about huge number jobs at a stretch, followed up by a need to spend tax payer funds helping a handful of low lives get paid for being popular instead of getting a job, to blame the problem on the Monarchy and develop this process we had to face every day where people at the Monarchy thought they did nothing at Parliament save expend a lot of energy talking rubbish.

The Politicians therefore were the bunch of incredibly stupid people that had since abandoned the business of paying attention to criminals and spent most of their time working on what should become of a decision, they made to suggest I picked up a career that was too big for me and suited their size at the same time. The history of the problems these people have created for me is that it started out with a process of hanging around somewhere safe to push me into trouble with the Police, which soon gave way to academic environment abuses and now they had built a community that gets imagination up my bum, claimed their abuses were set to make me a better and more successful person which has been counterproductive like the time they ended up in prison, since taught their stupid children office space insults that can be channelled at me to cling to my Bookshop earning margins instead of getting a job. What the Politicians were complaining of happened after and not before the University fiasco itself while the personal side of it will be the black idiots that were responsible for all these on account they had perfected the process of handling other people to make money, now looking like a need to get paid for being popular at my expense, get imagination up my bum to ensure I changed nothing about my life until they were rich by handling me and set to start a war with my resources, assumption being that I too do not dream about winning wars as it were and the disobedience will not move on yet especially the Americans. The white Girls that used it to wreck my University studies are still at it naturally, like a handful of mean cunts and what people complain after around here usually happens after, not before.

They do claim that these matters occur because I am different and I am not – they simply have access to my Court, their abuses are meant to express how much they want to use culture and society gits whom they knew would get imagination finger up my anus all day if they had the access too, so if their celebrity culture does not lie in complete ruins, the outcome whatever it will be, would have suggested I had not gotten round the problem or settled up on how far it went. The suggestion that I had a way of causing myself more suffering worked in the same way and I don’t, what happens is that a Client would broker equities with me for three months and give me some task associated with a livelihood, others would for 5 months and get a copy of my Books, while these idiots will do the same things they see Clients do for a 3 year period, to show up at the other end claiming I was never able to solve the civil rights problems, the social issues or that I was linked to the armed service, give it a while and I will hear their stupidities boast about having conducted a candy from a baby situation on my earnings. So the part about deploying my service process to change who I am into somebody that gets into a fight with others to help them feel safe and special was the pinnacle of their insolence, therefore am I justified in weaving their career into my work so if they didn’t respond when I wanted them to do something I would press until they cracked and responded either way. They do claim that it was difficult to tell whether I am a Communist which I am not - China set out its position as a trading Bloc, Americans are responsible for the unusual wealth that the Chinese have secured over time and now think that allies needed to co-operate - so it is never unusual to find this nonsense where they were the rich ones, so others had to do what they wanted including the way that British Politicians could co-operate concerning how my work and possessions should be used, so we are heading towards that part where the British ones will allow an American government Office fool put themselves in charge of Public matters they knew nothing of at my expense and turn out to trash my health and finances for the last time.

I do get told that with what I know I may act before I am told but its not a matter of what I do as such but I matter of what I should not do; normally I would not respond to them but its little sexual things on the streets dragging people into rabbit roles, ripping up careers and blaming religious morality for the problems associated with their personal decisions while I am being batted around – society and culture gits getting imagination up my bum, another group of idiots selling what I did about it to make their own money. They could never do a thing without issuing threats at me, the stupid threats were unbearably distracting. So they claim they can never tell which is the me dispatching my Office and which is me running a Bookshop but we also know that they are not entitled to any persons career on this planet, need get off turning a bad neighbourhood I picked up to write some Books on me over access to my Court, using my personal space to get a good feeling about life, asking their society idiots to set up small business on it and also using it to get paid for being popular. It makes more sense when they suggest its about me dominating those I am meant to be superior to but we also know if I added up all I had done since school and all their celebrities had done since school we were both the same things – so the same way they buy whatever it is Celebrities are creating to get people spending money in order to find themselves in social difficulty these days, needs to be shown towards my Bookshop in like manner or they were setting out a fight and choosing sides. It is quite simple to keep the practical jokes where their own careers are located otherwise pay people the same professional curtesy that is paid to them, so they might keep the career that gets to their heads. The work that I now must do is to ensure Celebrities I got along with knew what I was saying and those I did not understood me very well, so that my audience ceased to look ignored and abandoned, it is not work that my audience is meant to do.

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