So I am said to have been caught up in ever more controversies which I am not – it’s the story where my Court was female access only, then the men decided I was discriminative and it has been a 15 year period of abuse on how despicably I can be used to achieve their dreams, we have now reached the point where they had to reject the way that the stagnation of my income, my singleton status and the stagnation of my career because I spend all my time moving it on, did not add up to enough facts to dissuade them, so I want to pick up the fact they claimed I interfered with their careers as well and run off this issue to an extent where I could get on a routine for the fact that they had done it again after the clear out and the warning, like we see them start 6.am every day and run it through to avoid a process of making money by using the employment market instead of my social life. The Celebrities were the biggest force behind the gimmicks where they had access to my Books and now a Royal Office as well with a Media presence that helped to decide how it was to be used and how it will be damaged each time I failed to co-operate, hence it’s not just the health issues that were bound to get even worse when paired with the state of my finances which they have inflicted on me. the stage is that they are not legal studies students or legal practitioners to speak with people and interview guests like they were the one that I should have been, but we are also aware that their own is the only career that tends to screw with people’s lives in these ways. The controversy is set to continue, the first complaint was about the way I had put it out in Public to ensure that I could run my career on it and bring up the issues frequently to churn their tummy as well, especially on the cowardice question but most now of all I too want to run off my own on everything that happens as per they had done it again as it were.

It has always been a single problem I.e., Celebrities getting a lot of fun from wrecking my career and livelihood, of which they were now peddling the consequences to the rest of the public, as something to do with the way that picking on me was financially profitable. I write a Book and they found it useful, so they developed a way to beat me down with the problems resolved through those Books and pass off the effect of the Books as their own creation, which we have been doing for 6 years now – the breaking point has turned out to be the way they return home to their families with salaries in hand after deciding that their days will begin and end in this way, which has now become so bad that the famous idiots regularly now spend time picking up what happens when I get out of bed. Eventually around 2012 they did realise there was no way to make this operable without a process of physical damage to my finances and this is the point at which the physical threats had become to come through as a means by which the matter may be resolved and I plan to pick it up for my part as well. The excuse is that the abuses of Government operatives makes them into the famous idiots they become but so are we aware that their need to pick on and attack Government operatives brings about the reasons for the abuses and the matter can go round in circles endlessly – crucially is the way my entire life and career had stagnated because they were interested in the Government operative side of my concerns, where I could say I had worked Administrative directives, did not make directives that caused harm to others and if I had a Goddaughter she would be doing very well on the mobility front, only interested in the Goddaughter doing well on the mobility front bits, where like they abuse my Books and earnings we find they were off building me publicity that suggested I should be serving them, getting imagination fingers up my bum to make me put my back to it when I had messy public matters to get concerned with and of course chasing any available privileges they can put down as their own entitlements. So, we are now about to find out whether what I did which involved building wealth equity I worked with some mistresses was strong enough to replace their Celebrity culture, as I have been left with no choice but to try and destroy it too. As for the prognosis of how it comes to this in the first place – it is not really a matter of their need to pick on some random persons they can inflict a lot of suffering on and perform acts that add up to what the vulgar Crowd describes as ‘taking the piss’ with people’s careers and financial wellbeing. It is a matter more of the fact they enjoyed the way that victims responded to this and therefore did it because they were narcissistic enough to – in my case progressing into something of a need to explain themselves through my career to such an extent that they are now regularly seen cross examining their guests like they were legal practitioners while they knew nothing of it whatsoever. For my part, I plan to build my case up to such an extent that since we are now in a place where they go away when being made to by violent means, I can say that my actions added up to self-defence when the Police came round asking questions. I have therefore already played out the part where I had taken my time and the crisis was a question of when they move on if ignoring them does get them to, where it stops if not responding in a real way does get them to, while the criminal character who complain about the consequences of wanting to play practical jokes with my social life, to such an extent they felt they had to take up camp where I lived and the others who thought they were clever enough to evade the system invented blame culture and a habit of getting imagination up my bum, following me around and sharing my personal space will likely become the catalyst for it, if they abused me one more time on account of the insults channelled at me by a famous twat – especially as it will help to make sense of those excuses that these are activities performed because I interfered with Royal Politics while we know they are tackling me over a Royal Politics that they made up. Apparently quite possible for a person to a famous idiot, both characters playing up at the same time on media equipment without consequences, which I think will be apt to change as it were.

They do claim that the wealth equity mistresses I speak of really do not exist, but it is an old story and a familiar game as such, another group of gits making use of my structures for purposes it was not built for, soon to vacate it if they were done building unnecessary publicity for it. It is the same case we had to deal with hearing them blab either about making me more respectful or that there was a time I got along with them well. The wealth equity mistresses’ position has always been a lucrative one considering the many men that want to give them money in a bid to antagonise me but had to waiver feelings of having lost the money, as per it is gone when spent on a product – I do not need to be educated about it. As for the business of getting along with the Media, it is meant to suggest that there were alternative explanations for their gimmicks and that women who were trying to avoid being paid less than they were for the same work done while trying to avoid getting attacked by people they fell in love with, would build up a media bubble that was so destructive I spent most of my career time responding to it – which rather tended to point out the truth of what has been a systematic process of having such persons as I started a Court system with replaced, showing up here to torture me thereafter every day with access that their stupidities had secured. The respectful issues bits will be the part that has always been amusing considering I have never met the scumbags as a minor and they have never paid the bills here but did begin stupidly enough as gimmick that helped them take advantage of a Christian that listened to their problems which their children never did, 20 years later which the insults carry on like so making a mess of my Bookshop while the fools go home with their salaries again, something I am about to put an end to. It is all developing into the usual outcomes; state security attacks Celebrity and Celebrity attacks the fans of Government operative, and the statement was that Government operative facilitated work that state security did which was dangerous and ensured they could do it in relative safety, hence there was a need to keep Celebrities off the Cookie Jar leaving the victims of Celebrity attacks to spend the rest of eternity chasing Celebrity bottoms. We know this has always progressed to such an advanced stage that the victims of Celebrity violence are now actively engaged in abusive processes that will allow them grab Celebrity careers, hence we are having this conversation because the famous idiots must have turned a corner.

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