So I was thinking I had come to the point where I needed to settle the problem of horrid adults old vandals and the seemingly really intense issue they have with my earnings and work and it turns out I need to complete the thing with the businesses and the Politicians and then find out what the problem with incredibly stupid spoilt black girls and their parents really is around here but it seems I had to voice my opinions on the matter of Migration in the EU instead. I have no idea why anybody would think that migration in the EU is something that bothers me to that extent but at the end of the day it is the same old foolish incompetence we must put up with all the time. I mean say something about what we stand to gain and what we stand to lose with respect to Europe migration and Politicians cannot grasp what it means which is not surprising anyway because these are actually individuals that want two three jobs at a time and when they do not have it, there has to be a fight. So, you soon hear them tell you that the correct question is more about how Commonwealth matters fit in with Europe matters and then you must ask them again the supposing you asked that too. It is not a major issue as such, we all know all they do with their time is chase around the wealth of the country and nothing about their jobs which exist to provide them office to chase that wealth with, while when the rest of us write books protesters take our companies over and do protest on and with it. The issue now is that knowing that this is all they do with their time, they regularly turn up on Public Television or public places to set off these conversations about issues that are relevant on my feelings and so therefore, for every time they bring one up they have to start it off with something alarming and provocative. It has more to do with being at the helm of the generation it seems, where you are perpetually being shown that none whites are not needed where money is which would matter to no body hence they want your money; hence I must be picked on for them to connect with voters and what have you, of which the question has more to do with how they think if I handle them, it will appear to them thereof that they are Politicians. Itís like that old stuff where they say I am just a kid as well; bloody clowns. The main issue these days is that they lie a lot because they need to create an effect into the things they get up to; they lie about me all the time to create that effect and those stupid media goons as well never tire of it.

They speak of problems that my existence creates and that of course will relate to the process where they spend all their time linking all I do with the activities of the Monarch, so that they can do their spin whatever have you and then turn up on the left as well to ensure that I am responsible for the fact the Queen cannot protect me which means that I am responsible for the problems that the House of Windsor has with trouble makers which continues to grow every day, so they can get off sitting somewhere to feel as though they are creating some really important revolution. I for my part figured that recession was the best time for them to have fun and so we will find out how funny it is really, hence all these activities have cost them everything on account of me and I will only be settled up to trade my books when I know the model of the global economy is that in which their position is untenable.

I am saying that I know it is Politicians and their friends making statements about how blacks are not wanted around, while they grab the wealth of the country generally and that would not have been a problem if they did not set out to grab mine and get off playing with my feelings the way they do. I mean they are superior to me and that is the end of it, if it does it for them, I am not arguing with such claims. However sex all over me because I will have sex whether I like it or not due to the fact I am a Christian, after which they complain about big brother society and stuff as though anybody is playing with them around here or indeed their money stupidities stuff all over me, so while everybody thinks about the mortgages and how long their car tyres will last I think of whether or not their stupid businesses are productive on account it is what I promised? They lie all the time and cannot leave people alone and it is the biggest issue ever. I mean I know what racists do to people of my skin colour and I donít want to think about racists with respect to absolutely everything I do and will most likely take steps to ensure that I donít whether or not I have been cornered everywhere, especially on that stupid media; the last think I expect they will want to do really is get off handling my work when I have not given them permission to and the law has not given them authorisation to, the last thing I expect them to get off to is those insults by which they know that their games have resulted in stupidities which suggest it is that close to being impossible for me to get a job ever in this country and therefore get around handling various things around me and what I own to screw them up.

That money that vanished off the financial system is not yet back in it as well by the way.

They keep claiming of course I am the provocateur but in actual fact the truths remains as it were that it is a matter of stupid insolent girls at whose hands my work and property ends up with racists so I can get it if I am tough enough. Resulting in social changes where there is anal sex pornography everywhere when homosexuality is not their stuff and I have not even thumbed them hard enough yet. Still left with the whites and their pride and arrogance about their culture and the fact they hate foreigners who come round to tell them things about it but my work and property ends up somewhere in their hands, so they can play football and do politics with which to change their person until they fit with it and make it their own and this has always been the main problem i.e. they are sadistic idiots that want a society where the law ceases to interfere with their desires and I have not permitted those desires to be practiced on me no matter the excuses or lies. The black ones on the other hand are my main concern these days for those I will move into that their right hand side again, globally and when I have seen that their stuff looks the way it normally does and it is kept away from my work, they will have their lives back. I mean they actually think those things they do are really funny and you need to see the look on the faces of their stupid insolent wives when they claim I am the kind of thing that creates their beauty sleep and they turn up to play me against their white idiots to keep my attention focused on them, so they can peddle and get rich, with stupid insolent girls that continue to insist on insulting me until I am homosexual of course.

So getting back to the main issues of media, Politics and businesses and the fact that I will never sell my books unless they know trifling with my income will result in severe damages to their insolent irresponsible contraptions as well, which project must be completed so I can look into the fact that the more I say I want nothing to do with a black female idiot because she shares skin colour with me, she continues to tell me there is nothing I can do about it, which years ago was where it started anyway with Political idiots making acumen from it; where truancy and other things of that sort including boycotting employment means revolution and the destruction of my work means progress. So, it seems this issue of migration in the EU was a successful distraction in their view as it were but not quite. So we are back to the claim my academic standing is woeful and shameful which of course is utter nonsense as the real issue is that having been given a royal commission by the Queen a decade ago it has since been impossible to do academic work or complete any I have gotten involved with because every single dissertation I write for example ends up on Parliament for MPs to play with before it is marked and every exam or test I write ends up with music industry idiots and so when these things happen before my work is marked and the result is that a teacher gets confused about a conjecture I made, all I can say is that he or she should have stuck to the rules and then I would not have done badly but that would not change a thing in anyway, so I have to expect to work really hard and achieve average grades because of the problems but it could only get worse of course because these kinds of failures soon mean that racism creeps in and then failing academic work will tend to have become something I do for a profession; started of course by black people at such a time of which we hear no stories from those golliwog mouth as at yet. Again of course the golliwog mouth is a serious issue but that itself started years ago when I started getting bullied on account I think I am better than others because I have no golliwog mouth and can fit in better, it has now resulted in some really funny sort of abuse that means my hay fever condition it seems is usually worse than everybody elseís with people sitting on my breath basically and so after those years of being told to link dog shit off the curb when I walk past their homes paying off in golliwog mouth being written down inbook they do not have to have golliwog mouth anymore. As for those that continue to attack my books because they had read them before they are published to see such things being written to justify their lawless vandalisms, their own started years ago as well, when they stole my protests and of course we had been there and done that but the details are that in their case had to be teased over work and privacy until I became really angry and then because of this I will have something to protest about and then they will steal my protest and make it their own to get more attention. The result of course was that attention gained got to mean that teasing me was socially and institutionally acceptable and so the teasing graduated into bullying and now bullying has graduated into wealth seeking and lifestyle improvements. It seems they want to push boundaries and anybody in my shoes would like to tell them to get over it or do the same as well.

So they say I think my racist slurs are acceptable but in actual fact I donít remember making any; I get bullied because somebody has golliwog mouth for example, it is the issue he raised over his golliwog mouth I spoke of not the fact I made a slur, no sane person writes books with slurs even if he would have wanted to. So if this explanation is not enough, then I should make it clear in the world i.e. that I will say and do anything to wipe that insolent smile off their faces with regards to those things they do to me which ensures issues like my hay fever when it is summer becomes worse than that of most people, which they think is really funny.

There is nothing wrong with my vocabulary, this is another typical issue on this parameter. The truth is that I take on board objections to my vocabulary because those who do show promising signs of helping get the book sold which will finish the job of course. I know the real issue is that these idiots mentioned in the facts in the books do not see themselves as part of the picture or want to be able to use the books for their purposes. The other side of the vocabulary issue is that they know the vocabulary is correct and offers up exploration of their behaviour and their lives and are sending a message they do not want me to write my stupid book about them, which in actual fact I am not; I am writing books about myself or about my faith, not about them. I mean their Politicians have discovered making me write books about people who will later tell me I am not authorised to is not a good idea by the way but the bottom line remains the same; the job is the job, equity brokerage is equity brokerage and when I want to write the books and advertisement industry idiots donít want books about them, they know how to behave towards my work and property to ensure that is not happening. I mean, I work for my money and a socialist government opens the treasury to give some to another but that makes the world a bad place; you can never get your head around it. So it is still the two main issues Ė on their part a matter of respect for my work and property as items which belong to another at the market place and for my part a process where they see to it they run their affairs without damaging any more of my book sales, otherwise they have businesses too and will feel me as well. Like I said before, it is the only thing standing between them and business as usual.

As for the products themselves on the other hand, the first fact is that I could be helpful by telling people I was given a royal commission by the Queen of England and became famous by it, anybody who does not respect this commission can think of themselves as people at a position to push boundaries of course but should not complain if they end up in the books, otherwise if I leave them out it will be a process of rambling on without meaning and will never constitute a job. I mean when they do pop culture they can be famous but now they will determine my fame is the idea with a big mouth and when they cannot stay outside my life, complain about ending up in the books as if there is anything they can do about it.

in the end I have never seen a process where people buy products and set about making use of the equities on them but such things are possible if there is such an amount of disrespect for people that their private business cannot stay private with the individuals they have business with. So, before they tell me their human rights have been completely violated, they might think they like money but need to take a good look at the celebrities. When they buy products, they ought to use products, not deploy the equities on them and of course shut it about becoming better than I am.

I am not being dangerous as such, that has more to do with these brutish British idiots who think that people really like them but do not know they are hated secretly. I do not like them in anyway, I am simply putting together viable structures for running a good business and nothing more. If I am being dangerous then itís one of those questions about why I would stand between God and some of the most wicked people in the world i.e. when you see Banks do not destroy them even though you know they belong to some of the most wicked evil doers because there is hope they will get on your side when you have suffered enough at some point; really? I am not being dangerous, the truth about it is that if they stay away from my books and away from my fame then they should have nothing to worry about. I mean if I say such things I will naturally have to deal with issues about those who manage the lives of celebrities with my earnings and property, after of course they show they have protection from those who are always hoeing themselves on me so to speak, as if they feel like hewing me very soon Ė no real reason of course, just plain old greed of refusing to accept I donít want to give my life so I can become responsible for bringing about explosion of greed and the destruction of society and then get murdered for it and honoured while people get rich; the rest including racism of which is utter rubbish. So why on earth would anybody get around managing the lives of celebrities with my property and where and how does it get off being their own? It is the same old problem of course. I am not being dangerous, when I say they need to get off my fame I am doing them a favour, but they do need to get off the books though, there is no favours to that. I mean the businesses on the other hand are confused that somebody does adverts on my property without authorisation and that I have consolidated it and informed them about doing so; where does it get off being their way and how on earth do they suppose reincarnating themselves in another form where they own it out right will actually help? I can only simply keep so much records and of course the realistic chances of doing anything would be that of first if I had savings i.e. 5000 pounds for two years rent and I donít know that I have 13 months to completely wreck peoples banks in order to do the will of God but what the situation actually is at the moment is that I donít have savings but I have an up and running business, so which is really worse?

I donít like them and they can presume to punish whatever they have isolated because they did not do so that I might spend time working to get rich all they like with a big mouth, especially the black ones Ė they are not complaining at the moment so I have nothing to say; they live in a rich country and cannot shut it.

I can understand the agitations generally as such; I mean they are no longer covered by loopholes in the law created by properties that cannot be legally quantified ending up where the owners will not be able to recover or defend it. That now rests with those who are up and coming in that stupid world of excused theft they live in. For my part I will never understand exactly where it got off being theirs anyway. I sell packaged equities here and so I can only sell them to those who have money because even though that wish to blag their way need some money to start with and whilst I know that contact is made with my market place and websites every day by businesses who need the products, the businesses have sent out message I need to sell them to consumers for a start as self-provided equity securities to raise funds to reach their level before I sell it to them while they use it for whatever they like all the while and it really puts meaning to the question of when exactly it got off being their own.

It appears thus that some people really need to be laid out like a mat on which the new economy that will result from recovery by this economic crisis will exist; I can only imagine that all that bloody mindedness with my earnings and property is meant to do so to me and it will clearly not happen if I do it to them first. Of course the usual claim comes next from such nonsense as the fact I dig the equities up from the country which is utter nonsense as they are a product of the Royal Estate Ė it brings home all those stories of medieval times when Lords found it really impossible to tolerate people trespassing across their lands and stuff. Same old here; businesses trespass and they want to stifle my finances dominate me and live out the dreams of black idiots having me as a slave that does not know they still enjoy the culture of slave trade, pop stars trespass and they wish to stifle my finances and dominate me as well and so I have come to the point where I want no more rubbish from any of them and I believe I have also been clear enough about the fact it is the media ones and their goading i.e. finding problems and returning to goad me with them that will really kick that one off.

The coalition government here in the UK by the way if my opinion is so sought after, is just a huge big missed opportunity as far as I am concerned. I mean that is all it always was; a giant opportunity but it has been so wasted since it came into power. Like the stuff about my books where I set up things to sell my books and somebody else takes them over and uses them for other things like protests, same with the coalition government. After doing something about all that violence, doing nothing with myself would have been fine but not as productive as putting it towards industry and jobs and that was it, you know like I set out books to sell and another person hijacks it and uses it to do protests to whip up the problems all over again on the daily basis then get on media to goad me for it as well.

So they speak of media wars these days with a big mouth and I really do dare them to kick it off too if they have got the balls; they say it all the time with things like documentaries the entire purpose of which is to show what changes there have been to their society, the fact according to them that it is only when the train stops that people work out who has been travelling first class or not and the changes in their society with respect to football and who is really responsible for those changes and how it makes it impossible for people to get rich and itís like on my head and they will deal with me for something; ah ha there it is:- the fact I provided security for my working court, that is what I will be dealt with for. I mean for things those women do with me in a professional sense where they want to get involved but in the end want to leave only with their Journalist jobs for example and the fact it is impossible for me to communicate because others have taken it all over and are now attacking my finances in order to curb issues they say exist to their embarrassment among others etc was bad enough but that it now means media war is something else entirely. I always consider that we Christians have always liked media wars and the kinds of things people do with it like notorious cases in the US such as WAKO and Guyana etc, so we have generally always liked violent idiots that do corruption of involvement and therefore always think we should set up groups that can join to take over, do what they like and have sex with anybody they wish, otherwise there will be financial problems and even worse, who therefore think this is still the 1970s or that this is the US where they run free and do whatever they like with anybody they want. I mean does anybody really think I have never known that society is split between government and bullies like them? Whereby you please government and get into trouble with them, please them and get into trouble with government even when government is not interested in you. For the Court on the other hand I had to create security for things they do around me and the meets they have with important people and heads of state and so on and that is what I provided security for; the initial reason was the risks of their jobs and the dangers of getting involved with me; so these days it has been taken over by these men and they want to take it over and use it, they want to destroy it when they have finished using it and create some social and cultural violence that will suck me in and while that at it, tell me that they want media wars and I simply get the sense they have never been scared of anything in their stupid lives. I mean somebody will get the ear of the Russian Prime Minister for example because of affiliation with me, the reason for it of course are things I had done to provide security for what the history of the world has become, without doing so of which when people fall behind the lines of that history they will suffer as a result and we will end up with wars and instabilities and many other things that we used to in the past and so this was a completely separate life from the lives these fools live but now it looks as though they are a part of it and call the shots and all that rubbish has got nothing to do with reality in anyway.I relish their mad media wars and will be ready too; for now business wise they have peaked, it is a matter of resources people have you see, now the loop holes in law that enable them to live their lives of excused theft remain for those that are up and coming in that world they come from; for them it is over Ė no more growth.

Speaking of the coalition government which is the main issue; first of all, it is said my temper confuses people when I speak, which of course is a different thing from when I write as such but I do not think it really does i.e. as I have mentioned before, nothing of what I say will change what people are in a real sense or indeed what I think; itís like the thing about the fact the Russian government thinks I am playing games with them, when in actual facts itís not me or any of mine. I was however expecting every single fundamentalism to be translated into real time opportunities and jobs to create market balance for what the market has become in the advent of the Banking crisis and the fact the Labour Government has delayed bailout money to make themselves relevant to Bankers and was hoping to set that example from the fact all I say is designed to sell my books and hence generally as it stands any who messes with that has a story to tell as well. Not listening to labour, they are always right because giving people money cannot be a bad thing, I for my part am referring to real work and real employment not public sector rubbish that comes out of the funds of the tax payer at the end and so I did do my part for this anyway at the Chamber of Commerce and Chamber of industries. Itís like the old question about how I see things clearer than most people but it is really simple; not listening to goons that claim to have more connections at the chamber than I do and of course always see that if the chamber was divided into compartments; the media one and the fashion one and the high street one, we will never find such a collection of wantonly destructive vandals like the ones we find at the media and celebrity compartments, who infiltrate the Fashion ones as well and they really do absolutely nothing with their time as well. If you want to see people make songs and albums on the business equities of other peopleís companies, you go to the Media and celebrity ones, if you want to see people set up companies that supply agents that manage the lives of celebrities, set up and run on other peopleís company equities, you go to the Media and celebrity side of the chamber of commerce etc and the list of their great deeds goes on like that endlessly, before they tell me they want media war with me using a really big mouth I suppose as though I have not had enough of them yet.

The other frequently told story of how my actions lead to activities of Political parties that are neither good for me or the Country are very well recognised; the reality of course is that the behaviour continues to come through that I need to live and behave in a way that suits other people provided they have some strange lies to tell about why I should when we all know it is a factor of what they feel being more important than my very life in my life as it were. Hence it is clear the Politicians will have to accept they need to carry on and since they had decided that my reactions are amount to fretting about it which causes them to feel they have actualised power and therefore get worse, it is rather likely that we will handle it on either ends and tug it to pieces but to live and behave in a way that suits people I think is something mentioned because they are bluffing - besides which nobody here is fretting about anything.

I. Uno I

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