Their leaders say their democratic society makes space for extremism and that they will not be complacent about insults all over the internet as well. I have no idea if that is a threat and will really like to be assured as to what it really is. I mean when they know what insults are they give speeches but before then we generally live in a continent where the fact I am a Christian means that since I promised to turn the other cheek when slapped, if I did as I promised, somebody would not have had to slap a racist who will shoot him as well or it is the part where they want somebody they will control as he works all the way to the top so they can manipulate his feelings and use their insults to create him cash flow crisis, then make money from it and dominate. Way too fond of this kind of work and there are still a few things yet to be done to them so they can understand when they see products at the market place they buy and consume them not buy them to find out who created the equities and we are not yet talking about giant conversations I am meant to have with them about a process of seeking to move into my right hand and dominate me on account they just feel an unending itch to tell me to move outside, which has led to a process where I feel an unending itch to hide them away too and will not run my business in any other fashion. When they know what insults are they give speeches, itís amazing; especially the part where there are idiots who think they are powerful seeking games of power to play.

I mean, I have work to do in England and it bothers the Norwegians, same for the Spanish, same for the French and so on and that is why it is so important to them to ensure I am cash strapped because it is the only thing that puts meaning into it, as for the Americans, those are office trash anyway and it does not surprise anybody Ė they will not cease games they play with their stupid influence which means when we provide security for our allies in the common wealth the result is military dictatorship simply because our actions involved some military activity. They say I scare people when in actual fact I am simply making my business work; they have their South America to play with but it is not enough obviously and when I scare them they will know without a doubt I have been at it. as for the speeches people give when they find out what insults mean for their part, I simply want to know if it is a threat because they never give it a rest; 24/7 my work must end up in places where gangs are trying to rip out each others throats and we all know you cannot just gain from gang stuff and move on because it is how they are, however this process of making sure my work and earnings end up where they are fighting is the domination that these scumbags practice which shows I am broken and afraid of them and that they are superior to me and it never, ever, ever stops; besides which it started without reason years before in the first place. I am not playing with them, no body here is and there is no such thing as a new planet either.

The Americans like to feel they can reach out and take anything no matter whom it belongs to and the rest are just the same but I like to look at theirs from the point of view of the fact they are very evil set of people with strange cultural needs, who do not want to stop moving into my right hand as though they are paying in cash for the benefits and therefore get to deserve it as well. I mean once you begin to follow them on whole heartedly, you begin to develop the hate as well. These are a collection of idiots that always think racism is part of their history all be it a bad part of it that they do not want to expose because there are also the good parts that are reserved solely for them if it is not. I donít have an issue with that but cannot work out how making a public affair of my privacy to move into my right gets to ensure it stays that way either and or indeed getting around provoking me by attacking me all the way to reaching my finances at will when and if wanted will get to ensure it stays that way as well; okay I get it, they are violent idiots having a feed and do they tell people the racist history is never enough before they complain? Complain about somebody damaging their chances of hiding the fact they loved the clear air and the clear streets and the good times and the swastikas draped all over government and Council buildings and so on, which is what they want to preserve and have to themselves and I find it impossible to figure out how making a mess of my privacy on media and moving into my right hand gets to ensure that it is the way it stays. The truth about the issue is that it is all about money; I mean even the blacks are doing it i.e. expecting people to accuse them to racism as well because the whites claim I am when they have done nothing, in which case they have nothing to worry about because I have it all on record and when they do anything everybody will see and know they have, the blacks on the other hand which have no shame whatsoever because no body knows how you travel to the UK to steal matters of culture which are financially lucrative from black people anyway.

This is what it has always been all about, money, money, money and I wish to find out exactly what makes out the idea that targeting me all the time is the way to go; after all they are better at it than I am, better at making sure peoples work end up where gangs are fighting each other, which will likely happen until I like anybody would get hold of that stupid Politics and media and make sure the gangs are calling the shots as well. As I said, they feel as though I should be outside all the time so they can move into my right hand and I feel as though they should be hidden away too and will not run my business in any other manner.

I have always known it is about money; hey, hey, hey I am an animal, I am a predator, stay away from me or I will pound you etc Ė I have always said they are violent not stupid or deaf and more so as well. I am not playing with any of them either. Itís about money and I am a target all the time as though they are teaching lessons on the topic of why human beings are evil. It is not that I do not think about whether or not I deserve to do what I am doing at the moment, I do i.e. break up all you own talent and property into a means of providing security for friends and allies, then set out to write books for a living which is like seeking more but the question rather is as they say; somebody has used their own to do it recently as it were, hence mine is a problem. I have always known it is about money and the reason I cannot breathe air everyday is because my earnings is stuck in a place where people scramble all over it to make the kind of news that will make the rich. Their bosses will do nothing about it because they are more interested in telling me to take down something I write on my websites for example. I for my part get so angry about such reaction to the problem that it becomes impossible to speak about it, so instead of indulging the hate, I wish to acquire a means of showing that I can do something that will affect their media earnings and media jobs and it is the process of going around dominating and taking over businesses owned by my Court that will make it really personal and therefore kick off in a big way.

The means to dealing with the issue is too elaborate; at present what pulls me back all the time is that question of how I could not deploy all I own to make a living but was able to deploy it to take care of the media problem, so that tyrants can pick up on it and set out their programmes for war on freedom of the press with but so far it has taken a decade to get them off my income and it does not get better because it can get worse. The way to do it is gather facts on their operation over a period of time and because of being the stronger opponent extract everything from them in the process and then with that start writing blogs and anything you want about it on the internet or whatever and this is the real risk because I might write them and forget them and then somebody will pick up on them and use them for evil purposes. I am not scared of these outcomes as such, ao there is a level of destruction that must deserve such a consequence and at the moment they are not quite there but are really close; especially considering the end product is preservation of continued sexual bullying by their community croons.

I. Uno

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.