These are Business Equity titles developed on each Book created at the Company to service an area of properties that exist on Equities and Adjudications between HH The Arch Prince and Industries, Corporations and Businesses, which run along the lines of HH's obligations concerning the immoral aspects of society and how their activities affect Ones earnings and Company business and Companies around the world and an issue they have with popular culture and the way that it and its media affects their earnings and income.

Now the story of being stuck in a culture trying to rule people that are more than I am has no basis on reality, what does is not just Politicians and really stupid men that want my Royal Estate praying and playing stupid games concerned with such things becoming reality i.e. they are famous, got the millions now the fans want a piece of their own and they were never cut out for fame so it has become a process of stealing my life starting with destroying my finances. In the end I enjoy managing the culture idiots and moving them on and out of here while the rest are media fools and they were always going to be responsible alongside men and idiots who want to show how much power they have, for a process where I have offended the culture idiots who will then follow me around everywhere with problems they invent. It does not mean anything in a larger sense, I have it under control and the reality is that my war on media is nowhere near 35% of what it should be i.e. Christian preaches gospel and points to certain evils people are supposed to avoid and those evils are media idiots today and then tomorrow and then it becomes a guarantee that he will get out of bed every day to preach that gospel for example, I am not doing that at present, so it’s nowhere near what it should be but having said that the problem they have is that whenever people ask me what the customer service content of my book are their community idiots and bad neighbourhoods and what they want to do recently on media takes over and is finished up with stories about journalists I get around with that are beyond my league hence goes round and round and round in circles since these women that are out of my league is exactly the same story as not being able to tell what the customer service content of my books are right down to their bigotry ending in circumstances where women get into trouble and I cannot aid them while they decidedly will not because those women want me and not them. So, they do threaten their violence, but I am already aware what they fear most is not when people punch their lights out but when people ensure they cannot get on media and popular culture to spend what is not their possessions on themselves.

I am aware of the case of what must now be done about press freedom in terms of terrorism but I am not aware there is such a problem; the reality is the same old case of the various versions of evil and wickedness to wreck people’s lives and finances, push them down the line of a cause and hold it there until they have to try and make a living from the cause which they then finish off with getting on media to glorify themselves for every single occasion in which they do so and in my case my personally favourite outcome is the bit where the Music CDs have been distributed and the millions taken but they were not cut out for fame and to look after the fans they have taken into their lives whose money they have taken as well, so I must be set up for that and the media is after my personal life. I don’t think it is a problem, it rather does appear I must be checked all the time to ensure what I do in the dead of night on my computer is not about them because if I am allowed to run a campaign of the Christian who spreads a gospel that does not pain them in good light which it never will the consequences for them will be disastrous but that is one half of the story, the other half being they love to piss me off and claim it is how the press behaves which is uncontrollable; so it is important to note the physical endowments of the terrorists are the same as their own and what happens has nothing to do with me and also to note that drawing pictures of Mohammed having sodomy is completely unnecessary as far as some people such as myself are concerned. It has nothing to do with free speech and the mention of these things as I have does not make me vulnerable in anyway; they don’t get to decide what I say, it does not hang around like a fucking atmosphere; it can be ever so infuriating when it also amounts to their needs interfering with the Office at the diplomatic as a result of actions they take to knock out those who make popular music around it to serve me due to the fact they are famous at my expense and must now make use of me to manage the fans considering fame to them means making a lot of money being notorious which is one of the greatest indications they were never meant to be save activities of idiots with too much money for their own good who obviously got rich by being so stupid.

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