In the end it’s just reality that I will not stand for it when people go off to check my products at the market, handle them and feel them and go off to ensure nobody they know gets to buy it while they pillage the markets to make their own riches and yes I understand when they speak of cultures I take advantage of and the people in them that I sell products to in order to make a living but that does also mean they should never have handled the products so I can pack up a business if it is not feasible in their stupid countries and get a job from somebody else instead. The slight comments we hear be it more so because we will not do Politics and media and professional activities on the basis of whom is scared of whom led by Politicians will never do – they are involved with marketing and sales as well for what we know and need to stay off my numbers.

So it is said that I never really honour a promise I have made in anyway – having set out Communities that help to spend the hospitality of world leaders in order to push them in the direction of beauty and better behaviour in return for equities you leave for them in very important and strategic locations; the equities by the way are there and the Communities are there too but when the Politicians mess it up it is then they have to take up the problems and deal with it themselves. It has never been an emotive issue, people find out what a writer is up to by buying themselves a copy of his books and not by seeking out insults that mean they become vulnerable to things that he deals with and set out means on the other hand of honouring their popularity Politics of psychopath friends. So they usually bring the issue up because the economy and its problems is the fault of those who know what needs to be done and should have done it I always say that they want to peddle my personal life to get rich and I have made myself clear about where we stand on that as well, starting with their top of the pops popular culture homosexual lifestyles and communities and societies and cultures and so on, so they can tell me my career has already been done and I am a broken dreams one otherwise they will never get on; it’s all what happens when I am educated to NVQ level in the UK and others are educated to the same level in Countries that are bigger or people are more savage than they are in mine.

I understand this really intense need to show people the conception that I am a good person is wholly wrong and that I am evil beyond belief but I have no idea what they hope to achieve by it anyway, all I know is that those sort of conversations are born out of the things I do to them as well and as long as their stupid evil Labour Party and its people do not turn up here to wreck my finances and stand around having a perspective that means they want to know what their stuff looks like then I will not have to cut anybody off financially so they can turn up in public to tell me what my own looks like as well which is what they are doing very well at present. These are very twisted and evil people who like to brush their true nature up and cover it over with money and they love to think bugging me is amusing especially when they display how amusing it can be on Media for that purpose as well and this is not their lives, they need to move on and leave me alone. I am simply going to keep saying what I can about the anus and penis and tummy and head and abusive insults until it leads to the point where I will need to see their own anus and penis and tummy first before they can get a job and then they will become prostitutes and start to get poetic because nobody wants to pay good money for their services.

I have no idea why the story is so popular that the case of wealth gap between rich and poor is where I fall down all the time – it is not, the reality has always been that the idiots who bring up the topic feel the world can only exist if they are complaining about what others have which they don’t and other people who may legitimately have such problems are unable to, that the world will exist when such complains pay off and they are rich and others are not because their own has not paid off and ultimately the world will be allowed to exist when and if they are rich and their money is in a place where it cannot be shared. I have no idea why it is so difficult to see it is not the rich that attack my books and that they need to get off the Public media and prove their points somewhere else. I understand they say I will provoke them into stealing my career and it has always been a load of nonsense too – the reality being they were not born that way and do not have parents that way and do not have siblings that way but it is currently their own stupid lives because they are trying to be rich and none of it is being done by the rich either for that matter, only they are doing it, complaining about the rich and pretending the gap between the rich and them is something I fall down at all the time which then becomes a means of getting back at me when their heart desires anything they cannot have. So I wonder if they are talking about wealth inequality and poverty that they create working with their stupid Politicians who feel the public appearance that public office has afforded them should be a means to watch certain people who will create products and do the market research only for them to destroy such products and insert their own, to get rich and connected with rich people. I mean if you let them have their way when they talk nonsense about wealth gap, it will lead to a process where there is a company and you have products to deliver but the result is that Politics is the way things get done and if you let them have their way around that like I did, then the story will change to the one where you are the guy that turns up to show it is easy to get successful in their city and if you let that have its way then wealth inequality is where you fall down all the time and by then they have more resources for it than you do – I allowed it because I was after something else; have had enough of them and each time I see them around my books the result will never ever fail to be a case of those problems they never knew existed getting everywhere to their hearts content.

The part where they say it is a problem is largely about the bits concerning how I am not the one that gets out of bed every day to get inside another person’s personal space claiming the way he reacts is both edifying and thrilling and of course we know this is the reason black women and black girls feel there are people they can do and undo with and simply never take a hint to that effect as well: I mean I cannot have a relationship with my parents and siblings because they exist and are trying to get rich with my public life, which then means I get to lose either side I support with a big mouth whereby wealth inequality is something that involves me like we were mates. These are the savoury aspects of my character – the part where they set out people they must pick on if they feel oppressed and must be seen doing something in public to ferment provocation of leaders and bring about oppression of course is just when they are being strong but for me the personal bit is that they were there when I was born and I can never be a Royal Prince and it will end very well too seeing them around my Office and books as it were, for their existence must be mystery to me and therefore new as well.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland