Doubts and leadership admin – mostly a matter of keeping me safe from abuses that makes me feel as if I have not got any clothes on because people prefer media setting the stage with them as leaders while I do all the hard work -  hence stupidities invented at my expense from becoming financially profitable, to such an extent that the practical jokes are then claimed to be what peoples civil rights looks like on Media and to do that before they destroyed my Bookshop to get out of the way their personal decisions have affected them (it means keeping society and culture trouble makers famous all the time against their wishes – hunting mean women if I am hunted by them – handling Industry idiots to make money at their expense as well - keeping a close watch of the public service operatives who serve Celebrities with Public security matters and property as it is usually inevitable that once done with their goons who think they will justify processes of paying less taxes if their security was not provided by the State while at the same time pillaging other people’s lives while preserving their stupid selves, it will all be done at my expense as history proves it).

Politicians do support these activities obviously, except when Celebrities declare themselves as the pinnacle and highest pecking order of all Trends that is, at which stage the abuses and homosexuality become confusing as being confused is a better option to saying that religion and family is correct.

There is talk of me being weak all the time which is utter nonsense but what still beats in the imagination is why the same group of people who started the business of threatening and attacking me over their money problems being part of their civil rights, that was then followed on with a case of daily insults and abuses that destroy the health and wellbeing in order to stand up somewhere opening their big mouth about being superior all the time, were the same group of idiots to engage in this business of pushing me for a fight all of the time; it is the pointless of it all while they are very good a cracked up out of my league looking for trouble and inventing excuses for suckling me to feel strong enough and clever enough for it.

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