It is naturally never true that I have since ended up at a point of no return and no recovery – the reality is more a matter of some partially well-dressed twats with ideas about my career ever only being successful if they spent their money to make it so which will never happen until my attitude changes for the better, as disrespectfully as possible. I am then informed that I never took decisions for myself which I don’t because decisions for myself would bring success rather quickly, needed to do something for the world we lived in as the complain is that it was uncomfortable for everybody, so I am now in a position where I have counted 6 years of getting out of bed to fight for my income margins because the patents have been so badly breached while the idiots responsible kept the abusive damage going through Media and social Media, in a bid to make their own money, every famous fool and scumbag in fashion now thinks their future was built on a business of making me a character people bullied to befriend the wealthy and have since enlisted fringe society Scorpio to handle me while they continued. I am not dead and buried socially, financially, culturally and politically as claimed either – these goons have never stopped suggesting that they have been fighting my wars, hence having picked up a bad neighbourhood to help me write my Books, the bad neighbourhood has now fed into their need to run my life with the social activities of criminals. I have made it easy for them by building and setting the stage where they can refrain from running it off at me when I am at work and staying away from my Books – currently it is not listening when the whole thing had not yet developed into a grand case of finding out if it is as they claim, that I cannot hurt them enough to recover my work environment. For the time being, we are avoiding truth, in favour of bottom chasing gimmicks that spend a lot of time on lies about the way that immoral society big wigs, were more important than public figures – the reality we face on the other hand is that in the eyes of the King, the abusive gimmicks that led to the sexual context insults were criminal, the executive does not think about it in terms of which person committed an actual crime, that was rather the job of the judiciary. The clash with the famous was simply the product of a process where I am not allowed to dispatch my duties and even if I had, they would ensure that it was not effective, so they could attack and abuse me to get a private and personal service as disrespectfully as possible – having since arrived at this stage where there was a cost to fighting my wars, each time it shows up here to claim I am a pipsqueak people suggest have picked up his battles and won them, only to get around with rogue landlords, retrieving my personal life for the purpose of running restaurants because it had to eat once done with its stupidities, it is becoming clear, that I will be the cause of its death eventually as it were. It even suggests it was an issue to do with equality, but we know its reasons change in every turn. It is said at Government that it was extraordinary the way I found it easy to pick up these matters but it is not complicated in my view i.e. even if people had not made the series of decisions most other peoples did, concerning the work Police were doing, as a matter of their careers, there must have been a stage where the teacher intervened to say the prison service was in a certain location and they certainly wanted to be somewhere else. All together we see why the executive does not concern itself with the details of persons that committed specific crimes, as this all plays into gimmicks that a bunch of idiots engaged in, to support criminals, take advantage of those who did something about crime, end up in a position where they can do and undo and finish off picking up other peoples income margins to get by because they spent their time on stupidities that had since caught up with them over time – biggest facilitator of successes for them being the Media and celebrities, which is as pointed out earlier, the source of the clash here, needs to stop handling me. We have now heard them claim I failed to handle any of my concerns with dignity, whilst the need to get me caught up with crime itself was profitable, what I did with it was the due of others who were more important and I was left administratively crippled like that every day all day long, as they shared my privacy with the bogs from the streets to ensure when people were done fooling around all day, it came back to me in my privacy, building communities that fingered my bum, to keep my Career on a media presence with a big mouth.

We had since arrived at the insinuation that I thought government provided security was inadequate, therefore I had to get it done on my own; not surprising but this statement was the bane of political corruption, I really rather loved to hear people make it on the contrary, as it does give me pleasure to listen to them twist, turn and writhe over a need to give a lot of ear to the complains of criminals at my expense, that said, what had made it a public problem is the corruption in Law enforcement, that has been facilitated by stupid Politicians. Hence not actually the case, that any of them could pin it on me, like they love to claim they could. This is not really an issue, it is a product of fame led gimmick where a bunch of narcissists made statements about not recognising my position, which can then be used by criminals to make statements at Law enforcement, Law enforcement being manned by people and therefore a tendency to make sense of it at some stage, even when I have not cleared it up like so, it does not bother me in anyway as the disrespectful suffered from it the most compared to everybody else. Queen Elizabeth II, took the view that unless you had direct evidence of their celebrities doing enough damage to warrant a response, you must stay away from it and avoid the Media, things have changed at this point by 2022, since the passing of the Queen and the ascension of a new King but the matter has not really changed, disrespectfully listening to and forming opinion about me as created by criminals, no idea why people have formed a habit of doing it and more so when they have not explained an obsession with the way I conducted my concerns without getting into a fight with others, if they were stupid and completely useless men, trying to recruit me to their cause because their lives were hopeless, by making a mess of my personal finances, which is quite incredible but I am of the believe that I am losing something important by working it too much, just needed the point cleared up here.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland