They do suggest I am misunderstood but I do not wish to be as the platform that would have facilitated a process where I otherwise was, is being used to ensure ageist gits were full of information they carried around like PR I did not need to fund, it should not be that difficult to say that perhaps all the problems would go away if I am a writer and people regarded me like I was. I mean my career publicity does not meet with that of their Celebrities in anyway, it is a matter of there being some professionals somewhere working on a project for instance and because I am working equity I may have made available something which helped them win a project, a more successful project and therefore decides how much reward I got too. I know I have enough of the brokers and clients to live comfortably and this is the problem i.e. that they want to work for those clients in order to handle me, want to pick up my career publicity for other purposes and want to handle my Royal personal and social life to feel good and be superior to me, hence the problem that need solving. We have heard them suggest we lived in a world of Libra conspiracies whereas they are always saving their energy for trouble which prevents them from getting a job and we know that when they had spare money on them there was a streak to hurt people which indicated they had not actually earned it in a real manner what I did was to be nice to them for a time, what I failed to do was to take the business of becoming a threat to their financial well being all the way to the local council and to make it official, I am not the only Libra in public leadership to entertain this view. Eventually they confess that I am a pain in the backside whilst the only thing that causes this is their abuses, never mind the other German influence one showing up to show them short abusive videos they can pass off as advertisement, provided it is not complaining that myself and my wife had a certain attitude towards intimacy. The ageist trouble makers get full of information as they bother people because they wanted to learn something important, the corrupt private security was the source of all health problems and therefore possessed enough health for everybody and the popularity twats passed around the insults that groups of social men have sent it out to run people down by, because he or she possessed financial means to fund it does not have to be a pain in the backside, it is not just annoying that the same who make it so were the people murmuring, never mind the annoying way that this behaviour makes a mess of my finances.

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