We find these elevated emotions engrained in a business of the way people bothered Politicians over me all day. They say it is a matter of the way they hated me which does nothing to change their behaviour in any case. So the behaviour continues and the abuses continued while the abdominal discomfort and the smell caused is just something that carries on until they felt inconvenienced, which meant that their stupidities had begun to annoy themselves as well and the victims were in danger with a big mouth but we also know that most people would be happy to move on if the idiots were able to show one instance in which they were not stopping other people’s daily concerns to complain about problems their stupidities had created for themselves. I do not think it is a crisis, they exhibit these behaviours because they are stupid, and they target me with it I suppose because they want me to do something that ensured that they had stopped being so stupid at my expense.

The Politicians have always worried about the tension but there is really nothing to it; an example of the reasons is that company CEOs usually think that befriending local hoodlums was the best way to get about managing sales matters in large businesses if they were managing one – these idiots on the other hand have taken to an issue with any CEOs that think getting along with an Arch Prince was acceptable, so they replaced those CEOs and set about handling me; so far there has been no reciprocate interference with their daily concerns and even the road between home and the Offices where they go to cling to my income through another person’s business, sit in an Office doing nothing to get a sense of how Royalty lived and never handing in the job to another person who needed employment, which also adds on to the motivation to show up here and blow off their big mouth at me regularly bearing in mind their activities leave me cash strapped and any processes of recovering the effects of their stupidities would be picked up by money mongering popularity twats that are looking for their own fill of trouble as well. Then they set about making sure that whilst their lived had developed on some disobedient happiness from this, that allowed them cling to my income of Media, the Politicians had to deal with complains their stupidities hated me.

This is not a crisis either – I am set to begin a series of events that produced an outcome in which somebody else took the jobs from them as well and the fact they preferred handling me to working those jobs at the Offices will come in very handy, while the insults of the popularity idiots will add up to a grand motivation. It’s an old story that they don’t really think I am in control of these matters at all, while what happens is that I attract and catch the popularity gits by acting like a peasant which gets them smelling blood for the stupidities they exhibit to get round in sociological circles over other people’s lives, while the Celebrities and Industry fools had really set the stage when they decided on an alliance with criminals and quasi criminals over my earnings and I have not been able to account for the way 3 years of my time have been spent because I have deployed that time clearing out the consequences of their stupid popularity – the old case of making sense of what criminals and quasi criminal got up to via their social lives and public image, really does bring forth the required results as it were.

They do speak about the American bits but it is an old case mostly – a matter of American Politicians picking up my Books, stifling my career and working it until they made sense of every single item on the Books with respect to an improvement of their personal decadence and social lives, at the end I am then allowed some success with my Bookshop – however, I can always act to ensure they understood I am not their property, by testing them financial as well and can promise the effects would not be pleasant at all. In the wider sense it is largely what is expected; usually what happens is that people are encouraged to get imagination up people’s anus when there is involvement between British and American persons, so the problem was resolved on a professional front by a process of making sure that each involvement came with clearly set out statements on what the purpose was but apparently when these idiots want something, they will find a way to get it. They never stop blowing off the big mouth that I am at war with them because they believe it to be their strong suit but it really became an issue when Hillary Clinton contested the elections alongside Donald Trump, but before then it was mostly a matter of a handful of twats who want to drive limousines passing insults at everybody that is not their equal as such, now it had since developed into a matter of twats getting imagination up my anus and telling me how to exist, especially when they studied science at school and I am set to kick them very hard as well. so I have been told I needed to do more on the matter which is not necessarily an emotive concept; I mean the main reasons I make sense of the actions of criminals and quasi criminals on their social life and public image is because it is the only way to ensure I was able to enjoy my family life and anything I did with public work did not predispose me to a process where I got punished each time they gained from it because of my public control measures, due to the fact I will be entitled to have sex with my wife – so they really do need to stop handling me and just leave me alone before it gets worse. I mean the blacks always boast that it will never happen like so because I belonged to them which is all good but so are we aware of the current destruction of all that is the violent lasciviousness on which the businesses of their communities rely – it is set to progress to a process of making sense of the ways that they got into the areas of my career where I had done my best work, to present their stupid selves as a replacement while trashing my finances to ensure I was incapacitated, as stupidly as possible: the best way to make sense of it is what I do with Fashion models, where a Model would be given a contract and somewhere between people showing up to get their money’s worth and a sense that modelling an item was the end of the story, is these idiots with threats abuses, sexual violation and all sorts of buffeting nonsense that either wrecks what people are talented in, the best jobs done or areas where they were very good at performing a service, on account they were getting rich themselves and so black people never really respect how easy it will be for me to burn everything that matters to them, when I want them to stop handling me and that big mouth suggests I will never have such a want as it were. I have issued warnings on this too; I have pointed out that when it does progress to something of me wanting the control back for what happens around me, there will be a grand test of whether this nonsense is what the stupid culture they blab about owning, really looks like in the first place as it were.

They do perform those gimmicks where I knew about all these and did nothing until the activities of black people wrecked their careers and it’s an story about those stupid practical jokes on my income and patents all the time naturally – their own history is one where it is evil, so it wants to ensure I cannot attend Church to refresh my faith until the issues catch up with me and I look like I had a personality I was detached from so others may get rich with it; from here, it follows me around over what I know, to make a mess of my career and when I write a Book hell breaks loose because I ought to write it with my own Country, meaning we are far from resolving the bottom chasing issues when I cannot say that where I lived was home as it were. It has always been an issue, that I could either get stuck with them and hope for the best family life or settle down with somebody I wanted to get along with but before I did my sex life would be dead, unless I got about making sure the activities of criminals and quasi criminals were expressed on their social lives and public image. Hence same applicable the thought that I want them to spend their time with their own mates but it will never happen and this was the case because they were idiots basically – If I made sense of criminals on the public image of celebrities, behaved like a peasant for the popularity people and set off a cluster of events that caused the industry gits to lose top jobs to others, I would be better understood and it is what I have begun doing as well.

They claim my mind is dangerous and its utter nonsense – it is what a talented mind becomes when it has been dragged through all sorts of abuses and put to work on social issues because their stupidities were other people’s personal gods. It’s an old story about people just being annoying and we are not talking about the annoying we hear them mention, where some 11 year old would think you should be doing something about a thing that is to get out of the bushes and scare her all day – that would be the part where they were happy for it to know where a path leads and go straight down it because the Police would investigate and put somebody away for the price they paid. I am talking about big enough to fight her own battles loves to intrude into your life and make sense of people getting money’s worth for something you were paid to do, while she bullied you over your best work and best talents because she needed her money too, giving way to daily abuses and processes of gathering communities that helped run you down because she was making sure you did nothing about her abusive character, to mock you endlessly with a sense she had now made enough money to ensure everything you did to fight back was ineffective and you would have likely underestimated her if you wanted to act. It generally only means that case of war on celebrities takes off, whereby The Queen or Prince of Wales would say people need stay away from the Media while I am being bullied to a point where I needed to do something impressive – whilst we are all normal people, they had developed tools for money making which is for some perverted reason that have been worked over a period of years have to hurt people to make money and would do anything to protect it and now the destruction of my career on claims that I am a coward has brought my full interest to bear on it, therefore the choice of whether they want to see how it ends or leave me alone as it were. It is not an emotive issue – they think if people’s personality can be copied to get them paid for being popular, those people should not complete University studies and then there are the community croons that in my case started out claiming my personality which was a function of what I had been working on, was a product of sleeping with people’s wives and they have never stopped beating me down through sex since. The point is that my mind is not dangerous, they are worried about what their stupidities have put it to and need to stay away from my Books, cease all processes of addressing me, especially the part where they offered media presence for quasi criminals who then set about making sure all I did in response to their madness was passed off as another person’s achievement, then gather around with some abusive German influence to push me into violence with the other gits that love to do the bidding of ageist idiots, thinking if it did degenerate into violence, they would be better off, like they always do and the annoying me to the point of the smell issues, produced the outcome where the smell irritated them and there were threat issued and plans for violence made because they wanted ownership of my social life and had annoyed their stupid selves over it too.

They do claim this process of dancing around the matter instead of getting into a fight over it makes it worse but it doesn’t – what happens is ageist idiots setting out a bunch of fools to run me down all the time and if I attacked those, I would end up with a criminal record while the ageist idiots clung to my social life and public image but if I trashed every abusive, insulting and lasciviousness nonsense that kept the community business going, they would listen to my feelings about their stupidities, so I had set about doing so all together. The big problem is that the Celebrities got involved to put up more pressure that will get me into the violent bits and it simply draws up the reasons for their complains when it affects the Office of High level public leaders and the business of the way they were big enough to fight their corner happened so quickly that they had to find people they can sacrifice in order to get out of it – where it is said that I have exhibited the same behaviour as well but mine was mostly a matter of their need to trash the lives of white people, make people racist and then trash the lives of racist as a gimmick that targets me, so when I put up the question of whether racist got to attack me while I lived hundreds of miles away while they within three meters were doing all the damage, bad things happened and then I had to stop because they came up with stories about how enough of them will die to ensure I was affected by the racism as well. I have had to find another way around the matter while Politicians have said it’s not necessarily the way out but then again if we allowed this sense enough of them will die to ensure that I was affected by racism to play out because we were preventing those gimmicks they cover their tracks by where they decided some people were just annoying and others had to understand until the bad things kept happening to the good people, we would end up with war if we failed to prevent the war bits. So I have dragged it up to this stage where sense is being made of the way culture and society gits are to me what celebrity culture people are to Celebrities while celebrities were my replacement, running up to a point of their alliance with criminals and quasi criminals to target me for the public work that was not being done to allow them feel more comfortable and to attain a good enough lifestyle to execute new forms of popularity contracts with the media and the public, so I am set to attack Celebrities as well – they are just as much a handful of scum like these culture and society gits who would ensure I cannot step outside of my door without smelling of what I ate and if checked up would have something to do with my diet which they want to eat – this is the part that shows up in front of the Police all the time.

So it’s like they claim they have taught me a life’s lesson which is utter nonsense – when I say what I say, I can write it up and place it on a website to draw attention to my Books, this is not the problem; the problem is the pressure and question of how what I said and did fit with the schedule of the general public – the question of ‘if I am talking about it now’.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland