I am regularly informed that like the mess which have been made of my Film maker Process Assets and Functional Assets that people have patented to their names without permission between 2002 and 2019, I can only achieve a lot of things without money, which leaves me at the mercy of civil rights goons - reality of which is rather that I intend to take it one step at a time, enforce a process where their ideas about making money was firmly rooted in a business of getting a 9-5 job.

I am said to be completely unable to tell what I like thereafter while the first time they started a mini war over me, it was because City Centre people defended my interests due to the fact I had a talent similar to their own, the culmination of their insults and abuses was when I dropped out of University and they passed their exams to kick off busy body opportunism that made it appear the age of 50 for me was a luxury, running off at the Stock Markets and Popular culture and Politics every day without compunction and a big mouth to back it up with too. Now the business of building communities of idiots with ideas about what to do to me because I control the market for my Books too much, is just a follow on from following me around to make a mess over what I know and then when I write a Book start another war because they should have had it free of charge Ė so I have done my bits on seeing how deep the Rabbit hole goes, their complains about me have now gone global and it is time for me to move on, they might want to think about doing so as well, as there is nothing their stupidities knowing what I like I donít actually can do about me, if it depended on them.

The Heart of this issue is that I am too nice to Media and Celebrities and it leaves me smelling like what I ate all the time, which does damage to the academic pursuits and financial concerns regardless of how hard I work Ė is the business of the same idiots picking up these difficulties to make a new statement for themselves that they can run off even more of these sorts of nonsense with their jobs by completely unnecessary? Of course, it is, most people might want to think that it is except the cleverest of us all who have the Media and Celebrity jobs that mean they can never mind their business because of their incomes. They do claim I am unable to handle it while they have a history of gesturing me to the left, which if I took up would mean I confiscated that stupid public image as they are more of a problem for me than society and culture trouble makers at this point and like those insults of getting involved with all my concerns then pee, pee, pee get down the part of my life where they can grab money from a market place I work for, that leaves me feeling sick and like vomiting all the time, I will be the one practicing such nonsense on them the way I have learned it. Their Politicians have rather continued to make out I brought it on myself by coming up with what I need instead of running down other peopleís lives as idiots can get but they are not yet finished with the hurting bottoms associated with decisions they make about which ones I have caused when I build publicity that suggests culture and society goons have culture and society that is used to fulfil my heartís desire the same way they build me a publicity that means they point to me on the streets as a character that is used to fulfil theirs, as stupidly as possible; I am not doing it, they are, so here is another decision they are going to make as it were and this time itís about the Media.

So ultimately the question now is that of whether I have worked out the reasons people like to tackle me all the time and itís nothing else but the fact they donít like anything involving Intellectual Property Administration because they want to be stupid and rich and wish to maintain those insanity that leads to quick money while I am left with a wrecked Family Finance base like it is what their rights were, so even when they see that putting that stupid Celebrity up on my Public image to make sense of some financial leverage they had put up somewhere until I had lost something of value that added to their profit, had wrecked the finances and academic work it did not matter while they knew I had enough Public power to begin tackling them if I wanted to, because their stupidities could make it all my fault on Media and carry on regardless while a new part of my life became toxic again like my social Media profiles joined the count of what they had made toxic around here recently. So, it has become rather obvious a matter of Companies wanting people to be part of their intellectual property but the main work being to get rid of the bad elements is something I am very good at on the same social media, hence the complaining is apt. Next stop will be mainstream media as well and hopefully did not make my Trust and Canopy toxic as well since their abusive insults really know no limits when they are not in pain for some reason.

I. Uno I

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