Flattery and praise for all I do to service my customers on National and International media and popular culture tracks as well as advertisement run on it alongside other advertisements designed to wean me off any consequences, I might be able to apply on the squander and everything else associated with it would sound like a complete description of the situation. Reality of course is that I am not necessarily a sad young man myself anyway and have warned I get around with women older than I am and therefore know everything too.

By the way of which it is never true I act as I do to secure a problem that is too much for me, it is just a legitimate fear people have; the truth is that my academic work and finances have become a plaything for popular culture criminals and there is no need to keep assuming there is enough time to write personal diaries that back me up anymore - it may then be said I am mentally disturbed but such a claim is something I will get round in order to have them anyway; I bet if they stop those behaviour they exhibit, the level of power they will lose will be unprecedented, especially that concerning how my actions and my books make them feel provoked and how that means I am not selling any in hell with a big mouth - in retrospect of which anybody would be hard pressed to find them far away from those books when I have made it clear they need to stay away from me and all effects of me, public work, personal property or Company goods.


In terms of the matter of right and wrong and where freedom of speech is supposed to survive in the middle, it has always been a matter of the fact the same pressures that you face when your parents are atheists and see you work on media to put up with religious pressures, are the same for others that are Muslims from Muslim Families and you need to take it out of them every day until they have no sense of themselves; I mean these guys even use the same demagogue for goodness sake and the most popular is that your stuff has been done and so on - my position is simply that people should not involve me when they have been having their own piece of the pie when it comes to the provocation and by the way of which they seem to involve me because they rather believe that they are more important. So that when it really comes to it the reality is that they think they can determine what happens in the world and this is the exact words that the terrorists in France used - so the question now must be whether it makes me a terrorist that I have used it too. The case made about how people like me advocate that others should live in fear has no basis on reality - the reality that there is no part of the outcome of the events of that day which is savoury i.e. the Terrorists are dead and so are the Journalists but we seem to have forgotten that the Terrorists are dead too and that they knew that outcome will be the consequence of their actions from the very beginning; I mean we are talking about spending 12 years of other people’s time and I am referring to myself the guy that is aware of the realities of all these things not the ones that do not know better , making sure entire civil services and government office is deployed to serve a destructive purpose they find amusing by targeting one person who then becomes so strong they have to spend all the tax payer funded time on him and tell lies about why they are not doing the job of running the country then get together and vote for it time and time and time and time again as a community - reason being that they want to be able to ensure they are wealthy and important and I am nothing so that they can beat me down on account they find it amusing, so the tipping point comes when they start to push their teenagers through University on this basis to create another crowd of young people that can graduate, get the best jobs and turn up to take the piss; here in the UK the primary reason for it is a conspiracy of Toy boys on the right and left but in France they think they are my father figures with those usual main land European insults we have to put up with all the time. Beyond this as the reality behind making sense of what is right and wrong concerning free speech, the other reality is that of me being threatened of which is simply a matter of them finding jobs in the secret service as well with an outcome that means when world leaders rely on me to put forward equities in public places which foster a means to handle complicated government and diplomatic issues, they turn out to seek to determine what happens in the world with a game of power that means their relatives sacrificed their lives to make it safe and hence would have implied they can do whatever they like and so the result of that being their celebrities cannot keep a hands off my books and income because they work in the Secret services like the FBI and CIA, not mentioning the UK ones that I know must have told their American friends by now that I am not as much their toy as they would suppose I am anyway, so eventually I am primed and prepared and if they threaten me mortally I will kill them first: we can all see the things I do about their celebrities gives them resolve instead of show them deterrence so it is a confidence beyond what our imaginations are able to conceive that they can do whatever they like and never ever listen to anything anybody says to them - it always take such a long period of time to get to harm the American ones because they have so much resource to play around and be elusive with but I do not believe I will ever be daunted for my part as well either. It is very common to hear tales of how my lifestyle brings about all the issues I complain of because it would have been a lot more inconvenient to mention the fact that it is rather peoples determination to create them while Politicians eliminate the effect that spending on their time on being menaces creates using wealth distribution Politics; now they have a social crisis and they have somebody to blame it on as well and that person being me has decided to make the very process of making it worse very exciting.

I mean the fact One's activities are very provocative for British Royals is not an emotive issue anyway - for whilst the wickedness of popular culture idiots that have become ever closer friends with them causing trouble here all the time and messing up their Royal Personal lives so they might feel as though handling my hospitality for their own ends is addictive and they are the worlds worst envy freaks - their own wickedness runs along the lines of how I do it with my own possessions; so that a combination of that with an involvement at Popular culture wickedness which is the kind of things Celebrities have to deal with of which Celebrities they are not and that old sense of intensifying a process of meddling with my business and attacking me even more for each occasion whereby they find out involvement with popular culture is not something Royalty should be doing, means I have to take into account an issue I must not allow to become a state of affairs matter in case somebody wants a piece of me physically for their own as well - it also ensures the issue does not become a Prime problem for the Incumbent which is the part Politicians really like while they spend tax payer funds to support and foster the popular culture evils as well at the same time - I am simply the guy who is worse off and will not stand for any of it as this is not their own lives.

I mean we see them complain that quantitative easing is very expensive and takes a long time to reach the Man on the Street not without an eye firmly fixed on spending my Company property equity earning the perks of my job or trying their hands on doing it as well to bring about equality - which applies as a process where they are passionate about protecting treasury money of course and on the other hand of which is that spending it to do wealth distribution is perfectly okay considering the former will end with some people being rich and some people being poor but the latter will end with some people being rich and some people being poor but a vast number of the rich will be twisted bitter and stupid people who excuse their activities by the strange relationship they have developed around the sight of money and how they wish to play it out on other peoples possessions all due to their strange nature, hence rich while they have never before worked for a penny in their lives doing what they do best as we end up with a problem that has no name; I mean just putting into context the story their Politicians tell often that I am always convinced every issue can be resolved through a renewed sense of responsibility that others are not necessarily bound to reciprocate because it is what they advise them to do - the old matter of throwing away the spade to dig a hole with a pencil because what you are actually thinking is that another will turn up to dig that hole so you can over power them and make use of it in order to ensure digging it no matter how much you need it never gets done by you while your evil and wickedness increases more and more depending on how much you want money, considering that for you everything is for fun and games and every period is play time.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland