Now they do say that I am disrespectful of women but what really happens is Industrial and criminal feminists making an example of what a Man should look like in their opinion out of me and I have issued these warnings enough times about the fact their stupidities are clearly not a difficult decision for them but making an example of them on my part is a difficult decision for me: obviously I have wrecked plans when a pathologically lazy idiot decided I am a character that works for money and they had a fear of work that was clever enough to take it from me because it must be easy for me that they have a fear of work on account of how difficult it is to work for it, while I am able to as it were I am sorry I have wrecked plans when they pour everything they have into tackling and controlling me without success over the last decade but I do now think it is time for them to move on as well. The Politicians have always suggested they could do whatever they wanted with my person but I am lost as per how they come to this conclusion all the time we know they think nothing will come of the insults that their women bandy at me all the time with plans to grind some money making gimmicks at me for it too, but what will happen is a fight over the need of the British to hold people down for women to wee on, irrespective of the challenges where in Africa for instance the Mans Family pays the Dowry and the Parents do not pay it unless the Children are about to have babies at School, so you feel a huge sense of responsibility for somebody whose dowry you paid to get married to, while in the UK the Females Family pays it, so you feel the same huge sense of responsibility on either side the idea nothing will come of it is their big mouth wagging and I am sure their female MPs do have family members to spend their time passing insults at like that endlessly. They do run off the gesturing me to the left stories all the time but that thing they make gestures at which hurts them bum is not their house, the idea they want to be me and I have encumbered their sense of fame does not refer to a Public life that belongs to them either none could ever tell why the goons flirt with tyranny like that all of the time but I have been clear if they handle me for the smell I am going to try hurting them mortally for a change; it has become tiresome, the sense that I am a better option to a process where they commit paedophilia, that Armed Forces personnel fight for the Country and must have the things Politicians need in order to be the most important nonsense at Government, the idea they can do whatever they like with me that their civil disobedience idiots can run with and wreck everything around here when they actually cannot, every day. It all comes down to the business of others putting me to errands all the time and its pee, pee, pee get down the part of my life where they can extract money from a market I have worked for because they loved me so much, as abusively as possible, soon after we find them issue threats as if they were not complaining of my tendency to sell their culture and society for money about which I can push them into a difficult corner and pee, pee, pee get money out of their lives all the time, irrespective of how big mouthed their insults got its never true they can do as they wished with me and it has become even more of a reality that needs considering that their stupidities are not sharing the incomes with me. So for me it has come to that point where I look after friends and customers and the alternatives to employing a security guard which I cannot because my Bookshop operates on the Internet, gives way to handling pee, pee, pee get down the part of my life where they can extract money from market I have worked for, putting me to errands whereby they got to secure themselves some higher power that enforces it, complaining about civil rights while flirting with tyranny as stupidly as possible, then issue foolish threats at me when they think their confidence had grown well enough too. In the end the lower classes have their dichotomies on the left and right hand side to pay attention to because they walk around the streets making others out to be characters that should behave towards them like employees, while those people then respond by moving into a part of society where they claim they were important but never get the right kind of attention gestures to left and right is not befitting of this Office and the idea MPs can do whatever they liked with me is dream land; usually started out by their party leaders who want to make use of my work for the betterment of the Country then allow them do whatever they liked, brew party rebellion and fail to control it, about which the Labour Party is so corrupt they decide nothing else can be as despicable as their own victims and it is becoming something of an outcome where I am get away with a harsh reminder that the Parliament is not their Offices and their Offices were the only places they could issue those threats comfortably from.

They claim my whole life is a joke naturally but it is not in anyway the Primary duties of a Royal Hermit is to support the Monarchy on matters of Church, I support on matters of State if it is required of me, so if people are complaining about the culture and society trouble makers need keep away from it and stop digging me out of my position, then have trouble living with the consequences, especially the part where its embarrassing to say that I am Royalty because I have no money, bearing in mind their foolishness wants to do it all the time. The part where it is said that description of my work is vague however is another story; I mean the Men do not want me supporting their children while they grapple with Family leadership and how they dont want their children ripping up my property like the Celebrities, the women dont want cracked up out of my league playing with the Public image to buy a group of idiots venues and equipment by which to extract money from the image of public service workers such as myself but do either of this and the Politicians will destroy it, then hang around complaining alongside their Media goons. I mean we cannot hear what women are saying these days anymore we have somebody who has been attacked; the female has been attacked by a male and the male said that she said something offensive, should be find out what she said, it will mean she was saying that her Career was facilitated by a Man and he was not that Man so when they destroy the work like that and the explosion of homosexuality in a Country they have built in a way that suggests what women are saying can no longer be heard, it does brew up the question of what they were complaining about if they had decided we should become an overtly homosexual society as it were.

I do get asked if I believe I should handle Politicians of my own accord but its rather the other way around as they have ripped up the academic work and finances, I know I can deter the Celebrities but they can encourage everybody to take part and mock me all the time for it never the less so, especially over the matter of my Books and income margins, it is more a question of whether Politicians should be handling me of their own accord, otherwise the insults rather should indicate they believe their own Offices should look like that as well in my view, as we can see they are so keen it will not stop of its own accord. They claim its the way I talk which prevents people from gaining decent public life, while its their push comes to shove attitude and these activities taking place because the decade and a half long nauseating financial complications looked amusing on me to them they take those threatening stance because they want to see what will become of an occasion where I drove them hard enough for them to spend time with local gang and hoodlums and try to look after government Office while doing so as it were. I do get told that I have no control of this matter but I do as I am not emotionally attached to this nonsense and cannot see why they have so much trouble just getting on with their own lives without bothering me, such that it needs to pee, pee, pee get involved with the fact I have exposed myself to the Public because I wrote a Book to creep into a part of my life where it can extract money from a Market that I had worked for and run its stupidities off on the access for weeks I can raid whole City neighbourhoods to ensure it stops if I wanted, I am not emotionally attached, so as to select a diplomatic option. I exposed myself to the Public because I had written a Book and this is what people should buy when they get involved so they will claim their push comes to shove stupidities says that I am ordering them to buy my Books, meaning that in order to keep them off my Hermitage and foolish plans to be me or have my privileges, I would be nice if I said that somebody else had bought the copy they should have and even if they wanted to pay double they could never get it back and are therefore not important and if I am not I will want to see what it is exactly they can do with me over my Books. The crux of this matter has always been the same as ever, being tackled by a collection of very stupid people who think that being notorious and popular, such that their good behaviour is what the Police verifies as the bad things they could have done but didnt do, makes them famous because they want somebody teaching me lessons for messing with them over a need they have to put pressure on people around my concerns getting people to part with money over their products, leaving them with increased opportunity to own all the money in the world, instead of get a job or run a business properly. So, the insults are all good, but nobody wants to attack a luvvie around here or just detach them from the source of money and watch them plummet to obscurity for it. There are the insults thrown at me which makes their popularity stupidities more profitable on account its about bread winning as if their idiocy had ever bread won for me as it were and it clashes with a process where they think I am on the same side as they are while reality is that its a quiet Hermitage on the other side of the lives of culture and society trouble makers who never ever give it a rest as it were and we know they have not yet stopped complaining about that while the need to dig me out of my corner and complain about me as well is still insatiable. They do claim there is actually nothing I can do about them when we know if I respond the way they provoke me, I would be the worst person because I would have set them out as prime targets for extremists and other angry people who want some of their Hyde but what the idiots think is happening is a business of me getting stuck somewhere showing mercy until it became a habit for me while they got to do whatever they liked, it seems to be their theory for tidying up the mess they make here or the reasons they never stop distracting me from my work. The other claim made is that there is no way that I can defend myself from the racism and extremism and nepotism that bothers me, which is utter nonsense I will begin with the pee, pee, pee get down a part of my life where it can extract money from market I had built and after that we get to find out if I have spent time being complacent that security from such things will fall on my lap on a lucky day, so prognosis is that I will rip up that foolish Celebrity culture of theirs before they thought the possibility credible enough to deter them.

The others at the Monarchy spend most of their time getting around with Celebrities and looking after HM Privileges now they claim I believe myself to be the Arch Bishop of Canterbury and I still remember the question of whether destruction of my academic work to keep alive hope of replacing me was still not too much to ask on their part, never mind the fact there is homosexuality all over the place these days, they are out of their depth but still do not think that protecting Family sanctity was more important than those gimmicks they exhibit its the reason I can play with it to any extent that I want as it were. I am told its the Monarchy getting to me which is utter nonsense, as I mentioned, they think we are on the same side but we are on either side of the society and culture trouble makers and they need to stop digging me out of my corner all day long its more a matter of the idea I am nave of what evil looks like, whereby I am worried about the one that gets all over the place but am happy to get on with the flatteries of the scratch my back and scratch yours whether you liked it or not, in fact it is said their stupidities is what my civil rights looks like as it were. I am then informed that I am angry enough to commit a crime but I wouldnt know I know women show up to understand I dont like my faith being corrupted by girls using me to cool off after sex but whilst some people practice discrimination that allows them familiarise to such an extent due to the racial profiling, which is distressing enough, we find that this is how their stupidities and insults want to define as well, including the financial and personal difficulties that come with it like we see them give their own to the frugal we see the same with the blacks claiming the fact I am of the same race generally means my label is that type of man whom they know very well how to handle and manipulate for everybody with their dirty faces looking for more of what they are complaining about, tolerating them meaning they quickly become violent with a big mouth then we find the males cannot cease their corruption of involvement to feel good about life making a mess of my scared spaces as though making the water murky makes the drinking experience pleasurable and I were completely nave of the nature of evil and wickedness, soon made manifest when it cannot stop running off its media career on my Publicity or the publicity I build for my Books, the outcome being that I build relations with somebody to help me sell the Books and this nonsense gets to a stage where after taking charge of the business I do not have the job because he was unable to get on due to media involvement and after all that information being handed to such a person, I now have to trust the former Clients to be nice while I start all over again the entire time the idiots have families that move on and sleep well at my expense and are not affected while their disobedience is the main thing that shows they were incredibly important, the question of how I pay my bills during their period of fun being completely irrelevant and then like the spawn of the devil start to build up crowds that attack me because I am not successful enough to make them feel proud of having me as a Royal, so perhaps I am angry enough to commit a crime. That said, my Books are good and I am selling them with the errors present, so these goons may send their errands that people carry out without payment because their stupidities were very important somewhere else and stop inflicting me with a business of opening myself to the public after writing a Book looking like nauseating financial complications while I am at it. They always boast that there is nothing I can do about them naturally but we know that no other career on this earth is worked by people who make money when they make people happy and then spend the money getting around Industry buying trouble makers venues and equipment to make money on the public image of other professionals, only the Celebrities and I have had enough of their need to show up near my Books and follow me around when they are very well aware I want nothing to do with them, especially as being nice to them and their Celebrities leaves me smelling like what I ate all the time because it is always a struggle for respect unnecessarily, hanging around me feeling entitled, as stupidly as possible and then issuing threats to show me I am too authoritative looking for more while thinking it must have gained an advantage based on a provocation that was overlooked and as ever the trouble I will get into is set to get worse should I describe them as stupid people. I am set to get done with the friends and business allies and then I shall be free to pee, pee, pee, creep into their lives and extract money from their markets to make them ill like I have learned around here too.

Some will say it is a struggle for survival but it is not, tolerating a difficult existence that is not mine for over a decade is just very annoying if I am able to get myself out of it, there is no point to doing it. We see their friends at the Monarchy claim this is set to become increasingly interesting while the reality in their case is that the fact HM is Head of State is incredibly contracted, wondering if they can let me breathe by learning the significance of International Community functions and the contributions that various Countries make to its affairs which secures their range of influence and the fact that where the UK goes it takes its Queen, allow me breathe for a change and get on with their Celebrities without making a complete mess of mine all the time.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland