It is now said that whilst others are prevented from having their way with me, I am getting away with whatever I want and it would never make sense as the reason these guys are always complaining about me is the damage they had done to my academic work which damage was done 13 years ago, it has been kept damaged while they complained of what I did to expose them to culture and society trouble makers as well and there is yet no plans to stop doing it on their part. The only reason we are doing this has been that I have a Royal Office, I have a Public image but I don’t have an ego that lets me decide what Clothes I want to wear and show myself off courting trouble by, so they had decided while I kept the rest of me to provide them with security, they will have that part of my life all together and I am still lost as we speak as per which part of the planet their stupidities were expecting to become more important than I am on my Public image in, just as we know the message that this nonsense is a very distressing experience for me has not yet gotten through to their stupid heads so far. It needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around, as equally as we are aware it thinks I ought to change the way that I talk because their stupidities were superior to me and this feeds into that sense I never handle the matter in a sustainable way, so I carries on and on but if I said it was their nepotism to express their foolish ideas about whom they were superior to, they would claim they were superior to me and I would end up thinking they meant turning the neighbourhood on its head and devising it into something that allows every fool whose parents can no longer keep up with their needs, show up here to plan their stupid lives on my wallet, which they thought was superior until I tore up that foolish Celebrity culture to show them that I can, they would then claim I was the biggest threat there was to their culture and society that they had ever seen but it does not stop or go away so I have to imagine that unless it no longer has the Celebrity culture, it will never believe that somebody can get rid of it.

They do point to what I have done to their culture and society for it naturally and I understand but we know that nonsense about running me down to set my life out on Media as something that must get by through a world of fate has not moved elsewhere, we know it now plans to build itself a presence on Media while reality is that there are others in the Middle and others on the left and their stupidities does not have to define me even if these other groups of people did not exist in the first place. The result of the damage to my academic work is what we have ended up with – the damage to their culture and society and the fact the minions that play their games when they want to chase me around, making sure hoodlums attend school with me while they grabbed Public image and career and kept academic work ruined for 13 years due to their need to own what is not their own, are now living on borrowed time as well – so they do want to raise publicity for this, so that their foolish Celebrities show up all over my concerns but it will never change the fact that they are never going to achieve the grabbing of my career now and that they lost very badly, whilst they believe they could not have lost when they know much about what I know, when I have explicitly issued the warning that what they know has been made available to them lest I have to pay the price for their stupidities all the time on account they think I am on the side of freedom and Democracy to such an extent and they can tell as they spend less of their brain power thinking of what they know these days as well, that the outcome will not be pleasant if they pushed it. I do get told its textbook conquering and yes it is, like original provocation that Politicians will cover up with legislation that brings about an equality which lets them oppress those they think they are superior to, such as myself – that a part of my mind bearing in mind they can read it says I am uncomfortable with their barely criminal existence meant I had no right to pass my exams in school and the society bullying that meant the personal diary was full of distraction from meddling and abusive gits in my affairs had become such a clever form of bullying as it made up the reasons for its stupidities over the years until it settled on the stupidities that involved making money at my expense.

They do say the main problem is people complaining that I smell and we now know the part they have stopped so far is the business of insults and abuses that allow them screw around with my personal space, the one that they have not yet stopped is the bit about getting around Town telling people where the goodies in the neighbourhood is located like I have graffiti signed on my bedroom window and those of them I share a living space with bring it under the roof and never give it a rest, about which if it dares touch me, I am really going to try killing it. It was the same gimmick at University where the older ones had a glass ceiling over my head and it was pin head attends university with kids when he should be getting a job at the Military gimmicks like they were signing graffiti on my head as well and then they could never stop building community of idiots that will chase my bottom while they got hoodlums attending school with me. The outcome of this nonsense is a break in schedule every time – simple case of writing some Books, getting academic work finished with any spare time available and looking after a career, is broken up so badly that I work so hard while my finances never look the part, asking for more of what its stupidities are complaining about.

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