Now I am said to have had an increasingly bad reputation with respect to what I used my private parts for, and it is a story that keeps coming back if the outcome was not a catastrophic ending for the gimmicks. We know it is similar to the other idiots who had ideas about what I could write or say, having since developed practical jokes to play in their private time but those practical jokes have caught up with me because there are yet no serious consequences for an interest, they had in illegally handling my Books. We know this problem stems from their need to tell the women to screw around with me and expect support from them and this problem would be averted if they were not doing this, whilst those stupid women refrained from gimmicks that would likely produce an outcome where that stupid dream that I am at war with women became a reality. Here people say I am actually a very destructive person myself and the one that makes the most sense of this business where none had ever seen my dick but there was a public matter associated with where I put it and the way I was promised I will get into trouble for doing so, is the business of Celebrities ripping up my earnings by using my Books to cover their backsides after the effects and consequences of their lifestyle catches up with them, hence having done so long enough to see my dick which was then a problem. I have provided an exit that works for everybody, where they got to make the comments and statements about their own lives or did not get to speak where I was concerned at all, it had not been taken onboard, now we appear to have ended up in a place where it was likely an outcome that I will want to push the afore listed gimmicks back to where it came from, painfully. The point they then raised was associated with what others did on my behalf, but they were important and famous while we know they were the school truants and class skippers back in the day, so State provided security had offended them, a prime example of instance where their stupidities will likely end very badly. In the end the main issue is that the fact others are bigger than I am, is not yet the only thing I spent my time on, we know from history that when I did, people did not get hurt and that it was possible to stop me – for the time being we have a case of people with a stupid lifestyle that was so excessively abusive, ripping up my finances to cover their arse and issuing threats at me, who had since entered into a stage of their gimmicks where they decided they had to fuck me until they ended up fucking themselves and the fact I was groomed to cope with it and deal with the outcomes, had become a reason for me to face threats from their stupidities on how I should be used as well. It’s bigger than me and thinks it is a better choice to work on me for money instead of get a job and get better at doing the job – to work on me for money until I smelled and the other fools who join in and issue threats over the smell have not done anything yet, so I are currently in a position where we can consign their interest in me to history: it does not present an opportunity to kick them back to first grade as well obviously, they were the ones issuing threats and will not accept the option to keep away from my writing career, especially if they themselves have suggested that the need to draw up publicity for the professional activity I engaged in which was being eclipsed by the gimmicks of their stupid women, meant that people had seen my dick and it was going to be a problem, without verification. The other matter on the side being the claim women got involved with me and it was provocative of which government activity is meant to be that way in the first place – a part where they got around to communities and put themselves in charge, then sexually abused people who never stopped bringing up the point that they were not, while their Celebrities strewn around the body and finally settle on other people’s personal and social lives which can be trashed every time they wanted to have babies at other people’s expense. I have pointed out before that women were getting involved with a Court and it was started out by women that were able to put sufficient distance between work and family life, to say that they saw me networking for family life and thought they wanted the support for their Children etc – we know that they claim to be feminists and that they were some kind of feminists as it were. Sometimes I enter into a state of mind where I think my Books were better than I thought they were, I do not think it is right or legal for others to enter into this state of mind as well; it is not their Book. I am told that my main problem is to do with claims that I did something incredibly important with the Armed Forces, what we know to be the truth is that they have always had fantasies about being protected by a private army, the Celebrities trashing my finances to cover their bums with my Books, even their civil rights is developed stupidly on the premise I am meant to abandon my career to women and find something tougher to do, which will it seems only end if I took a stand on people playing their stupid practical jokes on me, alongside a stupid need to pass so much insults at me there was an atmosphere asking me to get off my bum and do something for them with a big mouth. The challenge is that a small thing I did supported Armed Forces and there is now a how come question to it, so we have seen how it came too – I do get told it is financially profitable for them and yes it is, will not get a job and get better at it instead of working on me for money, if I did not kick it back to first grade, especially the blacks, more so, as it is really meant to be a by-product of criminal activity. I have no idea why it is that considering the history we already have this nonsense continues and there is a sense that if I did not protect them, somebody else will do it with my life and that their stupidities were entitled to it. I do not think it is a bad thing to run them down as well either, when I had warned it will end badly for instance: just addressing the fact they always had a need to raise the point on National Media everyday – we know that if I had written a Book on the gimmicks of ageist idiots that they work with to make a mess of people’s lives and make money without doing a day’s job at the same time, I would need to be out there running a campaign that got people involved in the anger and hate process, so I would like them to stay away from the Books, as the stupid need for practical jokes, lies and a process of pulling my legs which meant that stepping out of their door relied on me abusively, is already damaging enough, we do not live in the same existence and the fact had become clear in the most dramatic way.

They claim it is about people who have experienced setbacks being able to carry on with their lives and concerns but before they got to require land, country, culture and society ownership to carry on their concerns, as was the only way to ensure people did not bother them with social matters and even if they did, there was enough fortitude for a buffer zone, they were tough and others were paying the price for their toughness, both victims and witnesses in a grand stage that added up to a social problem, such that even when they had access to those things and were able to carry on, I paid the price for their gimmicks with respect to me not just having none but also having an empty and hollow personality that people can abuse and put problems into, claiming it was an amusing gimmick. The stage where they build communities that get imagination up my bum, not only was something they regularly experienced or saw, therefore to suggest that human beings were normally that stupid and showered me with insults and lies without which they could not maintain a social life each time they stepped outside of their door, while expressing something of a need to cleave bits of me and share my work and income, was all a point where somebody had paid them to do it or it was done by them as a matter of a job or career that had to be fulfilled. Eventually I do get told that I hold back on the matter which I don’t, just a case of when was the best time to do something which showed I absolutely did not get along with media for instance: considering they would take an Hour,  quarter of that time will be spent making at least 4 major abusive statements that will get communities and criminals interested in my personal space for all the wrong reasons – another 4 will be made for their personal feelings during the next quarter, another 6 made during the third quarter to draw attention to the fact they want people to listen to it and make sense of the way I had denied them the means to do whatever they liked with my career, earning me their wrath in the process and by the last quarter they may just make one statement to ensure people got involved with it out of curiosity, while securing an exit that they had built up on Media. I therefore become so vulnerable to distant violence that the Children would never feel safe: at this stage it is not really a problem as the culture and society gits had since entered into a point whereby the abuses from them was all good but if wife and kids complained about it, the stage will be set for the beginning of the end of their gimmicks as well, starting with a problem I had because people were bigger than I am for instance. Whereby I do get asked why I think it good to leave the burden for the Children which I don’t – the reasons that it was possible for those abuses to be applied were the fact every stupid woman with a practical joke and an idea, could always say something far reaching and effective about my personal life on account I was single, so when I have the family and there was a complain, I would begin to nurse the idea those abuses for all those years were in vain. I am not suggesting it is a crisis but they do get off an angle to say that I will not have wife and kids over an issue associated with their safety and security naturally – the setting being that I am surrounded by culture and society idiots who abused me on behalf of ageist gits wanting to patent bits of my life and work to their names, so they might work with Celebrities to get rich fast, shutting down my personal life and social life and finances by coming up with ideas about careers I deserved because I was brave enough to, brave enough to by attacking the culture and society gits that were abusing me for them, whilst all I did besides violence was passed off as another person’s career, through the Media where it was ensured my career did not mean anything to anybody because I failed to co-operate with its benefits. So, I don’t get along with the Media and do not hold back as such, it is a matter of the best point to push this matter as a function of what I would consider to be a finale on it.

They do say it’s a matter of international influences which it is, the main one being the German bits – somehow the Germans were world leaders but people preferred to acknowledge other leaders and they had so little respect for other people’s property, you got showered with insults and then hit with a culture indemnity, so people secured a convenience around your social life to please the Public and get rich by at the market, none of which were possible if you had no business of your own, that was suddenly another person’s property after you had worked it for years and eventually decided to appear in public with it hand, so little respect that a whole career is just something they can put to industrial popularity if they needed money, run it down until all the incentives were either destroyed or ended up in the hands of Media gits that did their bidding and the rest of the world wondered how they kept being financially successful at market. None now knows how they want us to do it; their history is one where they started two world wars, with respect to which they claim they were entitled to work their practical jokes on me on account I claimed I had eliminated threats at culture and society – speaking of the issues that arose during the first and second world war, we know that Jew had so many religious ceremonies in their Calendar, that their lives were about finding money for those ceremonies and you ended up with, happy Jews trading and making money to be happier Jews. We know white people are very political and always end up having extremely political communities. We know that black people are cultural and that they speak of people not taking anything too far more than they speak of proving you were worthy for a career by being brave. So none knows how they now want us to do it, before we find them set off to world war three – we know however their influence in the world where it applies to Africans, as I am black for instance, is that of the question of what was right and wrong if culture poses those questions on how far people were meant to go on either side, outcomes being those gangs where people only get along after they were dead and the people at the morgue put their bodies in the same place and I bet they are still working on the part where there is risk to women each time there was war in Africa because war generally meant that culture is thrown out. I have since ended up being portrayed as the advocate of hate while what happens is that they act and talk endlessly like they were in need of services from an exorcist, claiming there was a place called the USA where they could do as they please, but we know that there are rules there to be followed too, either way. We are talking about hitting me hard with abusive gimmicks that I will never recover from, to grab market I created for my Bookshop – for instance a process where I had a hollow personality that communities could put their problems into and the daily abuses that will make it part of my person and social position, thereby upon securing equality for the public, people were more willing to buy products faster and they were able to get rich easily and we are talking about instances where I get out of bed and people fraternise with leaders getting out of bed, which gives them energy to face the day, only for them to pick it up and do another one, setting the stage for the whole thing to end very badly. They do claim they made me cry naturally but we know what happens is an abusive community built to get imagination up my bum, from a process of Celebrities trashing my Bookshop to endear themselves to criminals on my public image, sell magazines at the corner shops from it and tell me my personal life was big enough to share – this community then abuses me all the time because a group of ageist fools with what works as though it were Unions set out specifically to collect my income for them, doing something which adds up to a process of cleaving off bits of me to patent to their names for the future, as they worked with Celebrities to make money without doing any work and sharing with a generation of younger people who complain all the time but were always part of any process which ensured nothing progressed as nature intended in other people’s lives but it is the part where they handle and damage my Books to ensure my finances were in bad shape, so that they might claim I could only make money if I were brave enough by getting into a fight with the society and culture gits that abuse me for them, which has ensured everything in this place stagnated and provided the pressure needed to solve this problem.

It is then said that I had no control on the matter which is largely due to the actions of real men muslims, who after spending their attention on me over their greed, I had since ended up being the person in need of services I offered to companies I worked with, backed by German influence idiots who put it down to my entire empire being something that does not exist as a matter of industrial popularity, when those are not complaining that I preoccupy myself with a problem associated with others being bigger than I am. So they were affiliated with the Celebrities naturally which is what I mean when I speak of the show business Unions that exist specifically to collect my incomes for them, the daily mockery over the actions of the one person sent out to make me feel as if their resources will never run out while they clung to my income and made a mess of everything to get paid for being popular on my social life, so have I issued enough of the warnings and now need to begin thinking of what I want to do with it. another way to resolve the matter would be to say they stayed away from anything I did with Companies that had business with me and stayed away from interests I had with Celebrities I got along with, as it does not apply that their names were written on other people’s money literally – however when it does issue those stupid direct threats as such, the fact it has been a dangerous 12 years of its stupidities showing up here to earn my money and take revenge on behalf of the criminals is swept aside and the need to assess that big mouth that I did not have a chance takes centre stage.

They always tended to look as if they wanted an affirmation from me about the hate, they had for me as such. I don’t actually care about this hate, all I know is that the part where they were busy body insidious gits with ideas about how others should live and a plan to take me on over my moral believes while making a complete mess of my life and career, kicked off during the first quarter of 2002, then there was the part about a bunch of characters seeking to set out ideas I slept with peoples wives, concerning which they will get what they want from my concerns before the truth came out starting around September of the same year, while the doing my stuff gimmicks and Office space insults which determines how beneficial a life organised to ensure Celebrities did not feel superior to them at my expense, keeping the eyes fixed on my Public image abusively, started around the early part of 2003. 18 years later and we have ended up in the same place after so much hard work to get rid of it and a process of dropping out of University, 10 year after dropping out of University in its own right and they are still playing the practical jokes on me, to claim that they owned me, regardless of the complains about their gimmicks having turned up on a website to make a case of those stupidities about fighting my battles and the things I have lost, in a bid to ensure my career does not mean anything to anybody if it does not serve them, it turns up on a website because I put it there to ensure they had their fill of practical jokes as well. eventually they come forth to say that it is my diet that caused most of the issues but it was the diet that set the stage for a process of building communities that got imagination up my bum and got me dropping out of University as well, so this is not news, the problem is the complication that it is something unusual and the Queen wants to know about it, so they were entitled to enjoy the same things as well and it needed to be clear their popularity and famous stupidities had to stop handling me and my Bookshop or it will all end very badly. I do not care what their stupid hate does, it needs to stop making the most of a five years of my time where they claimed I was unlikely to respond to their destructive gimmicks, showing up here to position themselves as to be able to make comments and gestures around every single thing I did with others in terms of work and business – we have even reached the stage where I am losing clients because they were running an education system on it, to get imagination up my bum and teach their stupid children to describe me as a bum and it really had to be done as it were. This is how it works most of the time, save the times when it feels bold enough to hang about somewhere safe, trying to get me into trouble with the Police by ripping up my finances like we see their popularity stupidities share some with the needy, save at Charities they controlled – it wrecks my University studies because of my diet in a hope that I will cook for them to make a living but I would have to find them to cook for them and make a living and if I found them they would pay a fortune for it.

I need to stop it, especially the women movement bits, especially as it is now inescapable that they never liked me as such, just one of those characters they had seen other women throw insults at and wanted some of the action but it has now come to that question of where it is supposed to stop, with respect to an insatiable need they had to work a practical joke on my finances and wellbeing.

They claim I loved to interfere with other people’s conversations and put-up conversations when none was asking and it’s the same as they claimed that I am always annoying them by being seen interfering with opportunities they could have taken up as life progressed, talking about things I did not know or understand. I could never tell; for the latter which is a matter of my entire career and life’s work being subjected to industrial popularity that allowed them run away with my career and income, showering me with insults over the civil rights of their ageist idiots – there is always a possibility that I am likely to take it up and the damage to my earnings will cause me to take up a line of action that will ensure I ended up teaching them lessons they will never forget – usual instances that lead to this being that I am likely to respond to claims I am always talking about things I did not understand or know, in terms of the fact this is not their lives and I do not write their Books around here, therefore difficult to make sense of such claims but never the less some Politicians always claimed that what they were doing was the acceptable form of success, as it was respectful of the male population, before they dragged me down an angle shooting off their insidious boldness lips at me. For the former, I am more introverted than they are, so what we are dealing with is a process where they are in pain as well because somebody is always inflicting a narcissism of addressing them abusively while speaking with somebody else, as if they did not exist, following them around with it to make a mess the career. It is supposed to be a narcissism they practiced with respect to what I did with myself, in their own time but it has caught up with me and my earnings while they claimed that they did not want a response from me as well. The women have developed civil rights movements that target me to trash my livelihood every day because it was amusing to address me abusively, in a practice of insolence that will get them to speak to the male community in a certain way, on how Girls and Women should be treated and then it rips up my academic work, finances and career to support the same men first before it got off doing it to claim that something else, such as the fact I should be solving problems associated with male society, was the main problem that was getting in the way and causing me unhappiness, whereby it does need to stop playing with me, especially when famous and deaths door stupid at the same time or that foolish dream that I was at war with women is set to become a reality. They do claim they did not know how to get out of the consequences of getting hoodlums and criminals to share my personal space after trashing my finances, such that their problems were now things they could force me to solve, thereby solve for entire communities, so they might become successful at the markets but if they were not chasing my public image which they have for the past 17 years every day, they would never have ended up with such a debacle anyway – as for the way it meant that they had bullied me into solving their problems, my next preoccupation is likely to be a question of how these idiots addressed an Arch Prince and then it will be their twats on the line instead.

They do claim it is something to do with people being dangerous but giving them mercy by not using the danger, which they actually created in the sense that people had to do unusual things if a problem was governmental and widespread and each time a solution is devised, no matter how good, the solution reverts to a problem and the problem it reverts back to was the problem in hand – so this is what people thought of as a means for fun games, the part where they get to fight my wars and show up here to churn my tummy not hurting badly enough, what we had to listen to involved their stupidities getting fingers up my bum a distant violence imagination and telling me I will be attacked because I smelled, which has never happened like they have come out fresh from a  juvenile institution, so we got to find out if their stupidities were mad enough as well, the same way we know that the easiest option of them all, was the part where they got to stop the behaviour. I do not think it is a crisis, just the compare and contrast between people who get jobs and get better at it to make money and people who want to make a lot of money without doing a day’s work as a matter of prestige. It loves to claim it was its advantage that it will not give away and talks too much but never talks from its own rights, considering the number of people that will want to beat up or kill its stupidities at the street corners. Then it claims that I really cannot do a thing about them as such but we know it’s a matter of a handful of gits with ideas where they got to find out and are therefore preparing for instances that got them into such a position – first time round being the part where it turned up to sulk around my studies at University until gangs got imagination up my bum and I dropped out and I have been issuing the warnings these days like some sort of sermon about the part where I want to prepare for any instance where I got to see them when I ventured near an academic institution again as it were – so far, it does not want to shoot off its mouth and back it up by looking like the local neighbourhood idiot that people wanted to beat up all the time, so I might attack it if it could not stop showering me with insults as well. They do claim it was a case of some people talking too much about gangs and criminals and their gimmicks being a matter of making such persons do something instead of talk and yet they were the real men, when I mention people who will want to beat up or kill them over these stupidities they claim added up to an advantage that they did not want to give up: we all know it is not a social dialogue that was so provocative it was a life changing issue that had to be avenged, if you stepped out of your door and heard some big brother characters speak of sacrifices made over gangs and criminals, as per what you could do in your position instead of looking like you want more blood – in fact it happens every time that people stepped out of their doors if they were men but it provokes this idiots the same way that my Books now provoke them after years of running their own publicity on it to suggest it was a rouse to get people fighting my wars, only for us to have the conversation at this particular point and clearly there were no other factors like a need to fill up prison population by getting around with the stupidities of Industry gits who want to wear frocks and pretend they controlled the city with narcissism. It needs to stay away from my Books, or I will make them squirm for it.

They could not just carry on without getting practical jokes they practiced in their spare time, all over other people’s career, only to claim that they did not want a response – so we are now talking about their insults being a product of the fact that they had backing from powerful sources, referring to the ageist goons that back them up to allow them extract an income from people’s lives, so they did not have to work for a living but then again put into context, this is what it is and therefore not a general and widespread threat, it needs to stop playing with me as it were. They speak of what I want as well and it was never a simple case of the fact that as long as I appeared to be sharing my Public image with them and their silly Celebrities, people will never make sense of what they are getting involved with at the Bookshop and they will continue to block my finances and complain about my responses, as long as they continued to pick up my earnings at the Bookshop the effect will remain the same and of course there is my personal favourite i.e. the work done at the Armed services is extremely professional, they need to give me my space. I have been told I did not understand the geopolitics behind it but I do very well, I am simply not interested – the premise of the democratic government is to make democratic Policy and that of Communist Governments is to make communist Policy, none had a premise to attack my Bookshop, when people shop in Communist Territories, they get an equal service that people here in the democratic world get. We ended up in this position because Communists had a need to invent a gimmick and leave others with unbearable responsibilities associated with other people’s stupidities; in my case, it was a matter of religious generosity interfering or limiting the political range of socialist activity which got me dropping out of University and they do say my Books are pure propaganda although I want to be neutral but I wrote it after and not before, I wrote it after I hung about sorting out my problems since I dropped out of University and they decided to make it worse by making money from claims that they created me as well. I mean what would the Queen think of instances the population is encouraged to get out of bed and face the world because I got out of bed to face my day, only for Celebrities to pick it up and hit me with cultural indemnity that will ensure they put up money leverage and got rich quick? Again, another issue about which I might want to resolve another way, just like their interest in my public image but they have taught their children to describe me as a bum and built communities that got imagination around my private parts, hence there is enough pressure to react as it were.

They do claim that saying these only makes me more vulnerable, but it is an old story that exposes what is really going on i.e., they have decided how they want to live in large buildings and skyscrapers and how others ought to live in the wild, serving them and their children with produces, by which they become Royal figures. We have since arrived at the stage where the biggest threat to my finances were that they needed to make their business concerns as important as the life and daily concern of an Arch Prince, rather than run a business properly if they wanted to ensure customers stopped feeling inadequate with respect to the way their products were regarded and consumed. I think I am going to break their heart and that nonsense about the way it was all the fault of the Chinese and the Russians will count for nothing. We should not be doing any of this but the business of picking up wealth equity I developed to allow mistresses sell products to industry gits that hated my guts were picked up to make money and that money is being used to stifle my finances. Then we find them go from organising into a community that continued with this and everything I said meant nothing, to issuing threats because they were always going to tell me what to do until they built an onus from it that others can handle for civil rights, whilst getting me to do something that will protect the women who worked to support the men that tackled me and we can see how they needed to stop playing with me if that stupid dream that I am at war with women, they claim is a matter of US influence is to avoid the real world. The question people ask these days is to do with us becoming a tired nation which we are not – I mean what is causing it is that a bunch of idiots who will not get a job and get better at the job to make money, were making use of our prime – you can never run out of energy for a career you spent time in University or an institution to build because you loved it so, if the sociological matters that kicked off around your life while you were building it, had merged with the career itself, as long as that detachment existed, you were bound to be tired all the time and these idiots never listen, they love to build up a sense I had a profession which had no name and get on nerves endlessly for instance.

They claim I never stopped but it is hard to when in every hour, somebody must have said 3 things that makes a mess of my career, public image and Books, during the first quarter and in the second they said four more to ratchet publicity towards what they were saying, third quarter and they had said 6 more to draw attention to the fact they were targeting a specific person and during the last made just one statement so people got involved with me out of curiosity. I mean I do have a history of getting those gangs and friends to follow them everywhere they went but they have now found a way to build a media presence that can develop security for them on the basis of showering me with insults, so it does hurt them but does not give me 100%. The other part about making my Books out to be something that covers their backside, trashing my finances and raising a point about seeing my dick for instance, is not the first time they have organised their career that way – the first was the time that they decided they met wealthy people and would set me out as a character that people bullied to get paid for being popular, working towards outcomes where their children would get to know the children of rich people, with me as scapegoat while it sought ownership of all incentives that were contained in my business, lest somebody offered them opportunities for advertisement. It is the same thing we see followed on at the Monarchy where I am this character that had lots of wars that people fought: the point they were making being a drive to ensure that the antics of their sales gits was not something I could resist, aiming to achieve a process where I did not feel important where I should be asking them how they made money but they do not have a legal right or agreement to handle my Books, so we had a problem – it is not the first time they have organised their career like this but I think it will be the last. The problem is never as big as they make it out to be, just a handful of ageist gits with plans to handle me over the shortfall of the kind of pension they would have wanted but failed to work for, so another group of goons that will conduct riots because they were abused by such characters join in, if it was convenient to take advantage of but before anything could be done about it, a third group of idiots with Media jobs built them a National stage bubble where all I did about their interest in me could be passed off as another person’s career. Then they say that my Books were stupid which leaves me in mental limbo, especially considering it had become impossible to ignore people that did not show up to read my work and hence handled my Office for other purposes, making a mess of my career in the process, since I write it to emulate them most of the time i.e. Clients would want Equity and I will develop the process for every equity I handled as one part aesthetics, one part practicality and one part creativity but the security matters generally meant that their abusive interest in me had to be pursued by emulating them to put the equity into writing and we have seen this work pay off when their European friends get off grabbing my Assets as a matter of Industrial popularity, to claim it really does not exist, making a mess of everything here – I personally do not think it is a crisis, as I am able to pick them off when their Holiday activity is usually split into three parts of one being the fact they hated a Politician, the second that they worked with Celebrities to tackle me and grab my income margins and the third they fought my wars and knew where my enemies were, all three showing up at the magazines they endear themselves to criminals on my Public image, to sell at the corner shop top shelves. They do claim I am of the opinion they will stop handling me and go away at some stage but I am not – it’s the classic case of finding them forget their place, like the time somebody got close to the Monarchy and in a matter of weeks their wars were fought for them and people died, while it as difficult to tell what their leadership really was and they were hated until they became the Queens lover, so both got beheaded by Henry VIII. It never stopped boasting about having put me through hell but all they have done is get me to pursue a course I tried to avoid i.e. instead of run the Bookshop for the Trust, I did for the public and that meant I ran a campaign to get people hating their privilege and ageism gimmicks to pay my way in the world.

I. Uno I

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