I am said to be good at getting away with harming people until there is a terrible plan to catch me which I have no idea why or how such nonsense is devised anyway, what I do know is that they are so insolent they cling to my income margins to earn their own money in life as well, as stupidly as possible and now it appears up to me to find myself a partner, a feeling I have that those at the Monarchy whose whole duties are to find active Royals like myself a Partner and help us raise a Family are being attacked and probably sexually abused but it is just a feeling I suppose for now.

Much the same as it is claimed I spend time taking back from people the way my leadership has made them better off at Industry which is utter nonsense, what rather happens is the insults are so frequent and intense that the outcome is that they want to earn the income I should have been earning and make a mess of my contracts all the time, yet it is so difficult to get them to work lest I failed my exams again and stagnated, particularly so with respect to the Celebrities and Fashion goons who plan to become more important than I am later on all of the time.

I. Uno I

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