So they say people are trying to make me homeless but it is an old case where I am now the one with enough thinking capability to point out that the bits people do not wish to experience any more is called practical jokes, especially the ones about making contact with my Mother and then later asking if I think that Liberals are my enemies. The problem that we have concerns when I take the celebrity stuff seriously, the way I have the financial and manufacturing Industry Ė it means that goons with ideas about a help they offer me which adds up to a deal they are making me which I cannot refuse so to speak on the left hand side, end up hating my guts when I drag them right through to fix the problems that they have prevented me from raising my own funds and publicity the way I want to in order to fix by myself. So on one hand the case of the relationships that The Queens Children have with the systems is the same we expect from the Children of the Prince of Wales have become so important to them all together, such that they are also telling me that if this were medieval times I would not have had a chance while during those times it was a case of playing their practical jokes as well right up to the point where you get found out and if you are stuck in a land you have to work for ever you know that is where you no longer have the ability to do anything Ė modern times is a bit different and we are here after and not before they damaged mine and continue to assume they are in such a position whereby they are about to grab a Royal Estate as well in the process. So what happens with it is that they were meant to work with HM and ensure the realm was stable but chose to chase celebrities which just makes people like me a target that people handle so obsessively that the whole thing is counterproductive and there is talk of revolution everywhere with pornographers running completely wild while they get to issue threats because they assume everybody will want to play the game of Politics each time they needed to look after themselves, play game of Politics that means defending oneself involves revolution so Politicians can have more power Ė the result being that itís the taking celebrity bits from them that causes most of the problems on one hand while on the other what happens with a Court of female journalists is that we have sex every time they take the lead, which lets them do these things at a limit and thereby do it properly.

It is like the story of slavery and slave trade we hear their black people banter for all the time - what really happens being that somebody went off shopping, walked down and alleyway which was suddenly closed off while people closed off the other end and then they never saw their family again and did not live very long after that too; what they do is that it was clear they hated the way that anything or person depended upon them but know that it is impossible for others to ignore them if they want to know where people anus is all the time, never willing to put in anywhere near a 40% effort into what they want except it was a public display that collected a crowd to the effect they were succeeding when it meant that somebody else was caused a failure. Much the same as those who mean something to me becoming a yardstick for getting rid of all corruption of involvement while I do not need any yardstick to handle those who pillage my life to get rich on Media because they deserve an equality that allows them access to the Country like Royalty, their Politicians always blabbing at me a need to be careful lest I lose what I have is the reason the show up here to exhibit a self-fulfilling prophesy naturally, like nobody is born gay every time I end up with a reputation that says I am always in need of external help because people are socially immoral and need to make stupid comments at me about not looking as though I can do the violence that solves the problem when I cannot among many others comments of this sort attributed to their culture of insults and where they need to be when money is to prove that they are never wrong no matter what they got up to (slavery and slave trade issues that facilitates the same decisions to be made as per whether or push them down the crime route so Law enforcement might get it finished or protect the public image from a strange obsession that makes me sick to the stomach).

Hence I am told that I am very arrogant, truth is that I am just really angry; year after year while on going every day, we find the like idiots spend all their time making a case out of what I do such as what would have happened to people who climbed social ladder as fast as I have for instance, all the while the whole business of ending up in a Country that has become a place split between criminals and law enforcement and normal people is affecting everybody and everyone including The Queen and on no occasion of stalling what I have done do we find them take it up and do it, what we find is that the fools would have if they knew what to do every time I have pushed myself out to do so, talking rubbish at me about what would have happened in medieval times. Then we hear that I created the problems which I set about solving i.e. making it clear to overseas goons that doing my one will lead to a process where I do their culture and society as well, which does work better for trade relations than their one road stupidities they mean; the same behaviour we see overseas naturally, where it likes to issue threats because it has found out that the more it discovers of British overseas concerns is the more of a threat it can become and the more of a threat it is, is the wealthier it gets; and people were there all along but nobody thought about making them spend their time with their mates instead of getting on media to issue those stupid threats knowing that in the real world fighting is a different thing compared to trading.

I get informed all the time that I think I am doing the right thing by this whole gimmick that involves exalting the White Race but reality is more a case of treating equally all who are obsessed with me but have no wish to stand with me and fight for Global Peace since it is the part where a Half Priest gets to earn a living on account the wickedness practiced on me will produce an evil that becomes financially beneficial in future when people are betrayed and use and we can see that while my whole life has become their main preoccupation to a stage where my personal priorities are demanding attention from outside influences, they cannot buy my Books in hell. Then we hear I am always getting myself into one trouble after another for the purpose of that old story of constantly being attacked by society goons who drag me out of University because they want to peddle my personality and show up to complain when I have set the stage for them to be queer while I peddle their own too and also the Politicians that I never really use because I prefer creating a track history out of every mess they make for me here which I have to bend over backwards to fix all of the time but whereby I have an image in my head that is one of living in the 60s with people grooving in an environment of rife poverty and the Media stuck in the Middle of the mess, the way I suppose these goons will get to see an example of it is what they keep doing i.e. pass around those insults that will get a reaction from me and make me into a freak led by insidious American scum and of course find it impossible to keep off my Book sales. As a whole of which we find that people are interested in what an Arch Prince is doing for the purpose of picking up his work to build grand Architecture but will never ever stand with him to fight for Global Peace because there is no power in it that can make others rich and yet because they spend most of their time pillaging my finances instead of buying Books I write, we find that when the wars kick off and those buildings get broken to pieces I will be the biggest loser - so these scum thing it is the digital age and that things work really fast in the digital age but do not think I may likely take a picture of those buildings and make a statement out of it on social media to ensure they are responsible for something for once in their stupid lives.

The social and moral corruption champions they have showing up all over the Media and civil service with stupid girls they would not marry clogging up my whole life for fame and fortune can never stop claiming I have wasted all I had at the Monarchy and it was not just somebody else losing an opportunity and planning to make me pay for it but itís also a case of the existing opportunities being reserved for others; reality of course is that I actually started out to ensure they understood what the abuses associated with career piracy so they can cover their tracks as well as the career piracy along with the property and public image theft itself becoming a trend would feel like if they were at the receiving end of it, what I have ended up with is a process where I am now able to do little bad things like swear words which I then use to such an effect that they will have to save me from by being good people, such that the whole premise of their bad and abusive and destructive and insulting behaviour being based on somebody that is stuck with Public life and cannot get off it to get involved with crime or criminality is now completely defeated. We can see they never talk about their own lives and never stop insulting and threatening people they are very certain are not going to run away from them all together and it goes way back to school days when you were scared of nothing and when you clash with them, getting hit was not so bad. Itís not as I intended all together by the way itís the way the insults and abuses play out; originally it was access to media allowing them to attack me all the time and ensure I have to fight for my whole life in the neighbourhoods, this then gave way to my publicly displayed dislike for their civil rights money loving madness to such an extent that the Politicians had to wade in, then they will never do a thing without tackling me, claiming my public image and complaining about me such that with the media access they could ensure I lost credibility when I complained about them too; so I had to ensure they got stuck in such a position that they could never escape from the bad behaviour thus when I complained people could see without doubt that my complains were based on fact. Hence when it eventually came to the stage where I needed to ensure they understood what career piracy and the theft of peoples personal and public life on Media and Celebrity culture and fashion felt like, I immediately fell into a stage where I had bad habits I could engage in which they had to save me from by being good and could display them on a media system and gather a crowd too.

Itís the entirely expected big brother nonsense most of the time; those that have taken part in National service will do their National service ripping up my life and career, they will return alive from tour of duty and then even when they get about unleashing stupid celebrities they would never dream of having a relationship with on my public image to let them secure fame and comforts on my income and my whole life nobody is stopping them, save there is always something between us every day and itís all about their insults on media. So it has now reached a stage where the social and moral corruption has come to a head and they believe they can do whatever they liked while I believe I can tear up culture and society without getting killed and now they really need to keep breaking the rules. They say all in fair in war with that big mouth and it becomes so important to set out how it will work when their cracked up out of my league bodies are added to me and my body type that can deal with lots of bullying without complaint is added to them as well, so we can find out if their capability is really as great as that abusive big mouth others have to tolerate endlessly without reason or purpose. I mean they could control what they say to others by working out the number of times their foolish celebrities build a life on peopleís public image and draw up a three year schedule back to back, such that people had a difficult time in school as a result but end up dropping out due to the frequency of threats and direct abuses like it happened with me, not sit about assuming when they invite fools like that to live on peopleís public image they are to control such people by talking rubbish of some fair war as well. It is not to say I plan to recede my vengeance anyway, I am definitely going to ensure that stupid celebrity culture pays the bills since there would be no need to pay attention if I did not fail my exams and drop out of University and was therefore able to secure a Job that kept me from society wanting to explore my personality and build popular culture on my public image which was a problem to begin with Ė the celebrity culture will pay the bills or it will never be over and we are not talking about foolish women telling me I speak the way I do to prevent them extracting money from my life and work because I want a situation that will result in an endless state of mourning with that big mouth going on and on as though its idiocy will suffice in the matter altogether anyway. This is all the wars that there will be; celebrities are nothing but a collection of people who make money from parties and revelling and so technology has helped them reach as wide an audience as possible with video and Television etc. nothing like Royalty with a need to look after a territory or Politicians with a need to decide what the laws that govern people should be; what we see here are a collection of very abusive and addictive destructive cowards who love to provoke people and talk rubbish about revolution that helps Politicians gain more power and they do not seem to have understood that I have had quite enough of it too - it has now gone beyond just extracting and beating down that stupid self-confidence developed from insulting me and building popular culture canopies from money industry goons that earn their own for the purpose of fighting others have spent on them, which purpose is narcissist behaviour that creates sales and is clearly never going to target anybody else for obvious reasons, hence the reason I always have to take it down. Itís the usual stuff where celebrity band wagon has rolled into Town and you are trying to study while society Men have been playing up practical jokes that shove you to the left and the right and they had peddled your life to make money whether you liked it or not while their community croons who also have criminal records chase your anus and talk about forcing you into a sexual act all day, when it is obvious that the celebrity set up the tour on your public image and personal life and stuff like that and these are the sorts of situations from which they get their stupid distant violence, mentioning it like I have for instance of which will only stop the fun temporarily as they shut down access to what they think is important to them on the right hand side and remember what matters for a change and then it unexpectedly when you are revising at a later date takes off again. So, it is enough to say they need to find their mates to spend their time on, but the threats and abuses have come to a point all together. They always say there is a part of these things I am responsible for and itís always the evolution brought about by the fact that if we got about labelling those who spend all their days fooling around so they might blame somebody else for their problems and resort to crime, we would end up with a much bigger problem as a whole society Ė it is the one where it has a marijuana business and I only found out after 6 years of targeted abuses that wrecked by academic work, since it is the only way to make me perpetually tired and in need of some marijuana and then if I started my own campaign to ensure the business fails, the revenge even when it has deployed the money to go straight will be to get on media and do these things and itís not as if I am complaining either; when it does its bit, it will find me get off to seek out some pop stars that will learn how to pillage it to work another personís music studios and make money thereof too (again), so itís not the blabbing we are talking about obviously Ė itís the insults and abuses that is coming to a head this time and there is no way I will handle their case along with those stupid celebrities for it too, talking nonsense about all being fair in war where that stupid body will be added to mine so mine can be added to their own as well Ė I mean itís an old story about the abuses and insults running through over a period of years to groom me into a character with property they can deploy to develop fortune making entertainment that will be too big to work intellectual property administration and security on no matter how much they wanted to deploy my life to provide the services that others had to enjoy to make them rich through it, with that big mouth. They do claim the more I talk about it is the clearer it becomes that I have brought the problem on myself but it is rather obvious that although ignoring them with celebrities blocking my public image and martial life and personal life is something a Christian does when he wants to get a life, it is still the case that Politicians spend tax payer funds to wreck my finances and help them make good their stupidities on media where they tell themselves they are not fools long enough to believe it as though it were fact Ė I do not know how they intend to make my public image that they have built up on media into something they own and therefore become more important than I am by anyway, I know it is an example of how they invade peoples personal space and beat up those who have made a bad smell and that this is the same pattern that follows every problem they create for themselves and blame somebody else for in order to seek a new Country Ė what we are talking about is what has built up in my head right up from the day I took my GCSE and got my first sense of the things that the government considers as a standard body of knowledge that gives you a means of navigating through the world and of course there were others there too from all sorts of backgrounds. So itís the same case of people finding what I think of celebrities; which is very stupid people that are not necessarily the idiots who pretend they know much about culture but others cannot sit in a cultural environment in any Country and pass exams in school because of them nor the other group of fools in the city who think they are modern and always want to destroy the natural environment, both being as queer as hell Ė these are scum basically that in my case want to move into my right hand and gain a violent advantage over me after years of abuse from a distance and we see that they provoke the head of state in the same way, come off with some scars and then bug me all the time on account they want to replace it with something they find more acceptable as if that will be free of their insults all together. So the Politicians do these things because community croons who think that some of their children should be doing crime have not been getting involved with parliament business on account somebody wants revenge as well for their part, otherwise ripping up my finances and building their own to help them get on media and pretend they were not stupid to a stage where they feel as though they want to tell me how to exist everyday spots Politicians that are not just very stupid people in their own right but are really bored; this is how you drop out of University and take a decade to clean up and get it finished, while they talk nonsense about their need to get rid of you.

They say these are people who have been punished because of me while reality is more a case of their need for money that they do not wish to work for and an economic separatism which helps them have it gets them to work on me and get money off those who make their wealth for the purpose of fighting other people and now we know that they are always tackling me because they understand that such persons will demand something for it at a later date. They say itís the way I react which causes the media to target me more but it is also the reason I need to bring it down, as we can see that right up to supermarket top shelves the story is the same, it tackles me where I have done my best work because it wants the masses to buy those magazines with its smiley face on and I cannot explain why it should not build that magazine or write the articles to suggest something around my Public image because it will never listen too. We see it play out when they say people need to stop being stupid then, so what do I suggest; itís the same old case where it will go from a character that knows more about culture than everybody else to being the very reason people can sit about in any Culture in any Country to pass any exams in school, whereby it becomes more pleasurable a behaviour when you tell them off especially if you did because the Church was involved, while the problem people are supposed to take care of as far as it is concerned is violent extremism that it gets on media to stir up too, like we see their boys make popular culture music on aspects of my public work that I have some girls making music on because it involves barely criminal women with strange ways of viewing money and a civil rights for it too abusing people in sexual context and what they have done building wealth and history from it without permission is regularly set about telling me they can play both sides and there is nothing I can do about it. So we see the same with the parents too; you are soon in a fight with them at work but not long after a fight with their children too which is very degrading unless you handled the Children and they ended up with less rights than their parents had and became a hate figure. Then find that I do not have star quality, while they cannot seem to find a way of making money that goes the way that god intended, if they are not planning to be homosexual and I myself being targeted by their involvement and stupid problems after while the Politicians help them set up clashes between me and violent extremists that they pretend shows they have power over me every day, do like to point out how queer they are and do like to make it obvious I am of the view nobody is born homosexual. So we see itís the Politicians that spend tax payer funds on them to help them get on public places and develop this brainwashing process that tells them they are not very stupid people and therefore impossible to reason with, because they expect it makes Royalty they claim are stupid people give up secrets and now they have made out it is what my Books and websites are doing and we see the same abuse as well when it builds up my Public image and gets about practicing how to be more important while talking nonsense at me that will make me give it up, we see the same when it hurts to try and understand that I am a writer and need to be regarded by them as one while their involvement with my life and work has always been abusive with a heightened sense of things long before I got published, which of course is naturally not my problem. They always say that they are making this point where I am being dragged by the ear back to make some contributions to the solutions for the problems of my race but that would never have been news as we are all aware they appoint themselves to administer Punishment that is due to those who have killed people all the time and that their bullying victims are always miraculously killers. Utter nonsense quite naturally that the reasons people buy those celebrity services from them is that I am not keeping up with what people want over my Books, reality is more a case of the miraculous killings I have performed which allows them put Television personality characters on Top Shelve Magazines all over my Public image while I have Books to sell - so it becomes popular folk character with his Bookshop versus those who idolise the Celebrities pillaging without reason or purpose. They always say I am actually too old for the fame and itís usually so stupid I cannot respond, however reality is more a matter of the fact the Men will accept domestic services from anywhere and from anybody and when we see stupid queer American Liberalists leading the abuse of other peopleís personal lives and fraternities for it, we understand it to be a normal and usual corruption of involvement that is not out of place in the west, which is why the whole world is heaped all over with their crap basically. I do get told I was expected to be more and to have more than just this which of course I do Ė when businesses follow me on social media they expect me to do their intellectual property administration services at private equity for them and they give me some publicity for it too but if my profile is followed by goons who want to play practical jokes, it works in the sense that it is the nature of the business and I can keep an eye on them and stupid money mad sales boy Africans talking about doing my stuff in the flash clothes they have recently bought on Television Advertisement thereof, speaking of contributing to solutions for the problems of my race as well but does not work as a commercial enterprise. In terms of the Media being the biggest threat that an intellectual property administration business faces as a whole however, I do not believe I have worked hard enough on that stupid problem they have as journalists and Celebrities to ensure they pay 100% of their silly attention on the job they have in hand so far yet all together.

What it is all about is the means by which I get to destroy it until I get results as it is clear that I can cope with anything they throw at me very comfortably, so the violence and abuses are a measure of how desperate they are to make me a laughing stock that will develop the narcissist happiness by which the fame and riches are developed - very stupid people of course and I should never relent too (already dropped out of University once and intend to ensure it is fully funded too - itís never going to be seen through the Prism of such complacency again). It fits into the whole picture of living like a poor person until they begged me to stop it.

I. Uno I

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