I hear it said that other members of the UK Union have seen that Scotland gets a better deal from the rest of the UK by threatening independence and of course it is utter rubbish because this talk of the safest way to guarantee power is one of the safest expressions of the fact itís all about some individuals and their deluded view of how important they are to the UK Union; so now we have ended up in those places where I am said to have enemies that are wrecking everything whereas all there is, are a collection of some incredibly silly goons who like to feel that they have a greed and a gluttony that must always be rewarded Ė having taken that away from them the normal is what is happening i.e. lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of insults and abuses on media and elsewhere of all kinds, so the usual stuff is what is happening i.e. one moment they are friends of bankers and Industry and the next they are friends with Royals and so on but it always has something to do with what you do not know about a valuable thing that will be their own. They are not the only ones- there are several others like the ones that have entire communities dedicated to the fame industry for example and those feel that because women and girls exist you must be made to exist on your plan B all the time because they keep an eye on what you do and ensure celebrities are gaining from it and do nothing else with their stupid lives; so that if I started running a campaign on this they will not be on their plan B as well anymore, they will go down to plan C and plan D and then reach a stage where they have no plans at all.

I understand it is said most of my mentioned dilemmas are an issues of racism and discrimination but I do not spend any of my time on that for my part anyway - the reality is that I too have got something sorted out for everybody; all I know is that it seems I cannot be free from the evils of their society and the reason for it is to extricate due to work or just being flustered from being attacked and bothered, a process where I work many times as hard for what others gets with minimal effort and so my activities have thus created an outcome where they are not getting it, more so on a Global Scale as well so we can measure exactly how racist this particular form of very insolent behaviour usually constitutes; in the end when it comes to it, itís largely a matter of those insults being expressed around how I write books and people exasperate me to get the information because although they need my books, I am below them and they must by the way get the information from the Horseís Mouth and so on - which leads to a condition where they have to choose:- so there are two ways out and one of them is the part where they leave me alone while the other is the part where they continue to behave as though all will be well when I am afraid of them, the latter is the one that shows how much of a bunch of self-harming idiots they really are. I mean from where I stand in terms of the Younger people itís a matter of finding it impossible to comprehend exactly how meeting in racist groups to decide those insults and how it is to be played out means that their parents if they support them that is can pick up my property equity and public work and then deploy it to their own ends to talk nonsense about being superior and of how I have lived under the shadow of their all mighty companies, so it does not make any sense to me, the fact they are racists justifies my actions, I am sure they can keep off the possessions of inferior people for their part as well; I am Royalty and with respect to what I know and what these rich people are aware of the reality is that they are Children and it does not do for them to be so disrespectful - okay they are the richest citizens of the world but I am Royalty too and this company sells books but can also become other peopleís nightmare. I have business with peoples parents and their children start public campaigns about where I steal pocket money - I mean the privacy is gone and everything else with it too, so its utter carnage that makes them feel very, very powerful and it was fun when it was, now we must know how far I can go as well considering I did not have business with their parents to a point where I sit at the board meetings, it was public office based property equity brokerage based on what they say displayed as a function of what privately belonged to me which was reflected in the way my Public office was run and it developed into creative and creativity Equity brokerage at some point where I settled up the nature of my books to do the job at hand as well - they turn up due to their high opinion of themselves and their alliance with idiots that have had every link between Entrepreneurs and their customers delegated so they can do whatever they like and during a recession want their own idea of what the world is to become and it is rather ever so difficult to make it out as it were.

They do say my alliance with Celebrities have hit them really hard not least because of my obsessive desire to hit and keep hitting the popular culture Celebrities that serve them but of course I do wonder what it is they suppose those goons that ensure the connection Business people have with their customers is delegated so they can want a new kind of world while we have to deal with a recession think about; perhaps itís me, me, me only or maybe something even more sinister but as at know I know they really need the Celebrities - they need to see them dress in Bikini and they need to see those loose clothing but damage done to my Empire Trust and Global Intellectual space that they develop their Public appearance with is not going to help the matter either besides which they need to buy tickets first in the first place anyway and so it all become real.

Its regularly suggested what the main fulcrum of my activities are is a matter of mysterybut it is not; I have two twitter profiles for instance and one of them is for me personally and all about girls and a problem they say they have with commitment right up to my own commitment in my own personal life and the other is about Politicians and a need to wreck my finances and spend tax payer funds of fame idiots, so that it gets better only when I kill off those stupid pop profits. In terms of the former however, these girls make me sick all the time - I may go off to broker peace on terrorism for instance but will always find out they had gotten involved with and corrupted the diplomacy equities, so you cannot understand if it is the problems they create, incessant and mostly violent complains they make or the fact they rip up anything that may solve these problems, so itís a matter of when and how they will be made to spend time with their own size..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland