Some people believe that all they have ever desired and wanted in life and rather in their lives, which in terms of economic analysis is limitless, never mind the fact that those they can readily stipulate, list and mention, if at all they can, is endless too because they have done nothing on their part to try and create a means to have them; is not in their lives because it is busy being situated and spending a lot of time thereof in somebody else's life to make them angry.

So, before they had planned on the scapegoat of their choice through whom they will be able to take out on society what they have practiced because they have deemed it not to have been giving them what they want. Their frustrations operated by insulting them intensely and getting Politicians who will make false claims of being insulted by such a person in every turn to make it, so that such politicians can also have available to them limitless range of corruption with public funds, they want some person that will come up with ideas for doing business that they have decided is chosen by society, hence claimed it is so that everybody can copy it and be rich too, which makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

The reason for this is the opportunity sought to sabotage the will of the majority against the strong and violent few and their popularity seeking trouble makers, who always do nothing with themselves but reach out and grab things because they are stronger than everybody else-or most of the time think so hence never attack people when they are alert and never cease to boast and oppress those they have taken advantage of, which begins a process of riches they cannot account for, for them and financial decay for, ironically, those who really need their earnings the most, in order to vote whatever they like into Government Office with claims of representation and popular choice. This will then serve as betrayal of the wider public for refusing to let them have whatever their hearts desire, while there is no known alternative argument to it, that will not be so evil in indulgence that it will completely destroy those who think about it, let alone those who take it up; which eventually becomes something that law enforcement is unable to handle.

I can either wake up and decide that it is supposed to have been petty, stupid and completely without meaning, until they hurt me enough to make me push myself lower to deal with it because he has now gained meaning, which some Politicians love to help them to do or accept that once it has become powerful and important or both, it will become a real, live and a serious threat.

After all, they could only have done so after abusing me and thereafter using the disposition for working out those abuses in the lives of others, in order to figure out what their oppression and attacks on other people must look like in the Political scene-so that they can practice them.

The test case is always the direction in which they want to evolve against freedom and with the use of freedom, more so at the same time, which are always expressed fully by the choice of individuals as chosen by them should be responsible for their actions whatever they do, by actually having control of what they need and then refusing to give it to them. Wherefore the victims found out such persons have what they need by a systematic and organised abuse of their human rights, especially right to privacy.

Hence their desire to go into business as well and build enterprises is always for me the last straw. This is because the male version of them who get help from Politicians for most of the time, do nothing but ruin successful people financially. Just for the chance to force services on such people which will make their condition worse, and so while they get rich doing such services to those who like to see people suffer and offering such individuals services which isolate them from everybody else and from any help, each time they try to do something about their condition, usually involving peddling their personal lives etc do it, all only for the opportunity to have somebody important to oppress, who is important but has lost money so when they oppress such a person they look important or clever while getting rich as well doing stupid things which the good things in their victims lives are used to clean up and hence makes no sense at all but produce madness. The female versions generally first of all make out such individuals each time they help themselves are helping women and when they think the rumour has settled in and the person is seen and has gained reputation forced on them as the helper of women, then it is time to show the man who thinks women are weak the biggest shock of his life. All of which happens when they have worked out how to have control of the finances of honest hard working successful people who help to keep a safe world by not being evil because they need money or making out those who have encountered and have to deal with evil are clearing grounds for them to ditch the nice character and victimise somebody else as well in order to progress and hence who are not as wicked as they are.

Because of these stupidities and the way, they get to earn from them the last economic crisis has not brought home any facts to them, just made more victims available for the purpose of defending Celebrities famous and important people from those they claim want to harm them.

Now the big problem is the process of taking properties off this firm to display on Media in their name and then leave me with some proposed publicity that I never agreed to for that purpose that is half hearted and not enough to justify taking property that I have neither authorised them to do so, nor have they referenced back to me and this firm for the and all-purpose intended..

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland