Everything meant to spend my income illegally and illegitimately in order to ensure I am stuck in some civil rights based democratic con, is supposed to exist in the form of demagogueries and I supposed quite a long time ago that the career evil Socialist Labour Party in the UK will never run out of those. It's the same manner in which they talk about their successful role in the economy of which we can see that they are clearly ripping the international markets to shreds abusing people of reason to get rich, following the USA to anywhere while using the disposition itself as blackmail and auspice for violence and intimidation, while also ripping the local markets to pieces when their trouble makers spend it on mainland Europe and any other Political and economic rival in the world that will seem to make their blackmail effective using media, on account that the rest of us have refused to get together and give them our money in the case of the international markets and benefits in the case of local markets; which is precisely the same thing their ministers are doing with their connections with Commonwealth Nations as well:-as far as they and the evil friends they have made there are concerned, the UK has reached the State of glory of ancient Rome and will now tear itself apart from the inside as the richest country in the Common Wealth, where people refuse to give them what they want-just like they propose to do with the rest of international Market which specifically belong to the UK. Thus it is never clear what future they claim to have built for the economy or indeed small businesses is supposed to have been, besides spending lots of government money on people and creating a huge deficit thereof to create interests in the civil service, which unlike that of the rest of us which involves getting a job, involves one part of them keeping people in unemployment and the other part using the media to spend all they have and or come up with while the third use violent bigotry on them to extract from them absolutely everything own which they work with evil Fascist spiritual powers, that they need other peoples' faith to make even more powerful; All I can hear from them is that somebody else has been trying to pay off the deficit which therefore disproves the fact that as I had predicted, it is their plan especially the reorganisation of the circulation of wealth during a recession because of what the recession has exposed to them about the lives of rich people, that will drive us into a double dip recession, hence when they were in government they were economically successful.

In their view people should always follow them because they are bringing people economic future, in my view these are just a group of fathers who are idiots sitting around in the villages to determine who have the right to sell what and how much money they get to make, even how much health they have by determining who has the right to get into the market and share their income with them as well; which is fine-that is the way they want to run their affairs and it is not illegal. In my affairs I give out equities to businesses and try to sell my books-the problem being that they have trouble recognising their boundaries and regularly feel like they do not want to leave me alone. It is never clear what they are talking about for most of the time and when it is, it makes no sense whatsoever while they have made money talking rubbish.

If a plant produces 500 cars in 6 months that clearly means to them that such a plant is running big business and of course a plant cannot just produce 500 Cars in 6 months, there will be other subsidiaries producing components and so on. If you have 5000 sheep and 200 Cows then in their eyes you are running big business and of course if you provide equity that these businesses can buy into, then you must give it up to men that can fight or they will throw away all they had and bully you in every stage of providing the equities while you have no choice but to provide it. It always seems as though the idea it is either the fault of China or that China is flying the flag for communists and socialists everywhere around the world buys it all the time to them.

These matters are not issues that reside in the hands of Politicians-except those of them that are creating problems for others because it is the only way they can make themselves relevant, what Politicians can do is get into government and run the Country, so economic issues is where they are counted out completely except in terms of matters of leadership; so the fact is that Politicians earn enough money to have spare cash available to them, what do people suppose they do with the money besides buy shares in companies and buy real Estate Property? When they talk about the economy what do people suppose they are talking about, small business or the maximisation of the value of their shares and property? If there has to be a choice in the matter then: do people want to go with an Arch Prince that wants to provide them with equity and sell them books of cost ranging between 16.00 and 40.00 GBP or do they want to go with ministers of Parliament that are trying to maximise the value of their shares in businesses and real Estate Property (I do not refer to the things we are required to do in our profession in government, I am talking about economics and regular financial interests complete with get rich quick idiots, their violent women the threats they issue to people whose income they have gotten onto media to grab and spend and the claims they make and those who drive people into bad company to squander anything they own when their violent women cannot do it-which therefore determines in whose hands the best interest of the economy is and what people are really up to)

If a girl that does nothing but squander other people's income and ruin other people financially was working alone, that would be the treasury having to make do with the fact somebody is not paying taxes but she is not working alone because she also has an able bodied man protecting her, which makes two people and then there are people they ruin financially which means at least three people living on State Benefits: how do the Politicians for whom this is government Policy propose to bring about economic growth with these things, attacking others, peoples' glories should have been theirs or indeed boasting about plans to confiscate money and property that belongs to kids that they cannot hence simulate the idea by keeping them unemployed once they grow up, to have spiritual power and expect violence which is where they intend to and are certain they will win otherwise destroy the Nation if they lose?.

I. Uno I

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland