I hear of this case where it is said I have never really taken harassment seriously in my life but itís an old story; the harassment is the one that happened to people who are caught in a difficult situation but for some reason something I have done has offered them a way out of it and that solution is never complete unless I am stuck in it instead and they are the same that show up around my concerns to rip up my finances and attack friends and allies and business partners with public harassment of their own, not just because I am one of those Men they can handle but also because I failed to show respect for the sufferings they put themselves through on behalf of the wider society which then includes me. It is a people whom if they got killed, both those who do the harassment and those who put themselves in harms-way so they can bully everybody else, it would be their stupidities that was responsible i.e. the number of times you pass up the idea that looking at him sitting there in public transport that some stupid deaf and dumb thing that needs to be beaten up on account you have heard people behave in that way, is the stuff of Political extremism but at the end of the day, when you get punished by somebody, the most reasonable disposition for it should be that you had done something wrong and each time you may inquire of them about it, they usually have no reason except to say that the home they bought was too small for them because you were comfortable in yours or that you are blocking their space over some plans they have to get famous and so I have no idea why it is that every fool who is likely to get about threatening me with stupid civil rights men and earn a lesson they will never forget since that was their part of society as well, likes to draw attention to such things by making use of my Public image, along with the media idiots who find it amusing anyway but considering all that noise making about getting all up close and personal with me with however, it does seem they assume knowing much about the men they can beat up most of the time anyway; so I do get told that if the civil rights money loving men are big enough I will not do anything about them but we all know those can take the leap too when I am done cutting to bits the society and the popular culture, so we can see them do it from there Ė otherwise itís the Politicians providing a leadership that says every fool wants to spend my money and live my life and dream of a point in time where I didnít exist anymore lest there be an opposition to it and the rest need to keep their big mouths where the money that gets to their stupid heads are actually located i.e. if they all died, certain fact would be that their stupidities was responsible for it. They always say it is the bit where I tell them things they do not want to know but as I have said, it is now done tormenting me because it wants respect and thinks itís a better person than I am having found a way to make use of me without going through the proper behavioural processes, now it is hanging up on my public image to display its stupidities and draw attention to it as well, while having a real problem with the idea of just brushing by what my opinion about what is happening around me is, so I had to ensure those who can beat up wouldn't stop lapping it and those who cannot wouldn't stop hurting themselves, since they are such cowards they will not destroy their ear drums in order to be free of me.

I am not unaware of the effects of what I say; its purpose is to detach these idiots from the confidence by which to move into my right hand, ensure they have no rest as well because I have put fear into them and shaken up their lives and of course itís now a matter of time until that popular culture disappears completely on my account too all together.

They do say I hide these things so I might attack people when it is convenient and rewarding for my cowardice and I wouldnít know, since itís usually a case of the kinds of people that have to be controlled if you want to take care of your family and they have labelled you the kind of person that must be controlled if they want to make money, so when push comes to shove they will then excuse their various abuses with lies about things you do which amounts to provoking them just by existing but makes sense to people because they can argue their case well and reminds you of those times when they just donít like showing up on your concerns to find out they are always wrong, since then thus gotten serious and violent with a big mouth. In the end every time I put out a bit of sex, they are unable to resist and so we find that they will not take a Kitchen fork and remove their eyes or take a screw driver and remove their ear drums in order to stop seeing me rather than continue to get on my nerves blowing off that big mouth at me and tackling everybody that is involved with me stupidities they believe others have no will to counter. Itís an old story where the result of handling them is always a statement about why they are always poor and are always seen doing civil rights; it works like it usually does i.e. Blair gets into the Office of the Prime Minister to cling to my public image and tell stories of some kid that is a threat to Prime Minister self-confidence like my life didnít matter and after that it was Gordon Brown and after that it kept getting worse as they all got in on the action but still comes down to the same old process of an idiot spending tax payer funds on them to ensure itís impossible to make them see how stupid they are and then it begins and grows to no known end from there, wanting to live my life and spend my money and wish I was dead the whole time; no idea why the problems it gets itself stuck with have to be brought to the attention of the world on my Public image. It is nothing to be concerned about, I am just making it clear how harassment works and the crucial item to having done something with alleviates the problems that incredibly stupid people have gotten themselves entangled with but in the end its all the leadership of the Politicians who spend government funds on it to prevent people from telling them that they are stupid, I know that if this whole business of attacking me continues because they want to live my life and spend my money and wish I was dead, it will mean I get to ask them if they are going to do it anyway, so it will result in being more courageous about breaking my own rules to tackle their finances since it is obvious that if I tear it up I will face anymore threats and abuses all together but for the Political leadership it becomes a case of using their lives to make the money so that when they do get killed for their part, it will be the stupidities that was responsible for it all together. They do love to claim that mine is the cowards way of getting rich and we all know their own is one where it is unable to leave culture and society where it is located instead of causing it to show up unexpectedly around other peopleís concerns while it tackles religious people and ensures that the general public develops a rigid mind towards morality Ė having a very strange relationship with a wife that says wife on one hand and money on the other, him in the middle doing things that are unbecoming of a human being, blabbing rubbish at me the whole time for it too endlessly, looking for more. They always say others get harassed in order for me to be protected but I have never employed a security guard in my life, I have never employed a Military personnel, I have never employed a Police Officer and they have never dropped out of University because others consistently had a behaviour of showing up in public places to build them a reputation where they look good for bullying in order to hope for what it calls the kind of glory that can be obtained from a personality like mine being deployed for the purposes of gang fighting that makes them comfortable with their stupid media Ė so they love to tell me I have not got my tummy sorted but continue to issue threats to their fucking famous selves naturally but we all know itís their lives being imposed on me, I am not the one complaining and trying to recover time I have lost to their stupidities and its corruption of involvement is sort of heart breaking, especially the bits where they need to be satisfied with their lives when I have ended up with such difficulty that I acknowledge money as something very important and more so in a condition where they have got it. They do claim I am stuck somewhere and will never get out of it but we all know itís a matter of the number of times I do nothing about an idiot who wants to ring his friend and say a few words that prevent me from getting a job, the number of times an idiot rips up my academic work because he wants to ensure he is in a position where he can buy shares in companies where I work so that he might be able to abuse my body type that can tolerate lots of bullying Ė so itís not as if their stupidities cannot be handled such that I get my Literary Empire Global market front looking like the way they found it itís the big mouthed yapping that will get to decide how I did that too - hence we start to talk about harassment in real terms. It feeds into that big mouth about the things I have done to deserve their behaviour because I shut down access to fame i.e. I should be stuck in a part of society knowing what must be done to deal with problems while they are the version of me that was naÔve and famous and I have never seen a person whose civil or human rights actually looked like that all together Ė their future and those stupid threats I have to put up with now depends on media and its seems that it will not give me a breathing space the things I do to deserve it until it does not have that stupid media anymore. So I have to put up with that nonsense where I complain but will not comply every day and they have suddenly stopped talking about harassment before this bit of writing got any longer apparently - itís a story of idiots with woolly hats and homeless person type characters in the City talking nonsense about how they should have been super stars if they did not meet a Girlfriend they had blowing off their big mouth all the time as it were. They do claim itís about freedom and civil rights but it is not; it is about when I tell people I do not do too well when they move their society into my right hand and leave me with half a mind, only to have a decade of my time taken off to get me used to half an insane mind while it politics talks its problems and disposition of rejection into me, so that they might do, realise they have taken more time than they needed to and cannot return to their main daily business properly and want an income from my Public image as well - so itís the bit where my bottom hurts and their society is queer and they will remain like that for the rest of their lives too and there will be no fucking wars for it as well all together - the bit where I boast about what I did bit did nothing and I want it off my Book sales and completely fed up with tolerating its activities around my Public image too. It has already gotten about hurting everything on the planet on my account and is confident it has now got an impetus.

They say I am stuck somewhere sorting out the Country which is utter nonsense Ė I am not stuck anywhere, it is an old story about getting bolder and bolder concerning the idea that peoples means is next to sacred for every time that these fools watch for a process where I step out of my door so women can feel like women and when I walk down the streets every scum with a car wants to finger my bum Ė so it seems we are getting to the bit where it wants to live my life and spend my money which can happen only if I am dead will mean they lose the job and community businesses and then I get beaten up from where their stupidities will find itself after that. I mean we have done the first bit of this incessant daily harassment that bottoms out my Book sales Ė it was the bit where their 3 to 5 bedroom flat superiorities got to chase their own lives a queer society and culture when my bottom hurts and now that they have made money doing so, they want to punish me for it as well, so where we are heading is the bit where they will need to spend all their attention on their jobs and not me, or there will be a physical way of enforcing that which means a municipal arrangement specifically for their civil and criminal disobedience that has now gotten completely out of hand. They do love to claim I enjoy the idea of being in a place where I have power to hit people with; what they omit is the fact everything I worked for since 1997 has now been taken up through systematic daily abuse spanning a decade and a half and factorised on the basis of whether or not somebody else is physically bigger than I am, the result of course is that they need to keep it up with insults that are supposed to be thrown at people who are not successful but are being thrown at me the more successful I get like something the Nazis did not get to achieve Ė the media ones especially do set the stage for a point where the practical jokes and the left hand side and right hand side violent and abusive distraction will mean I get to play with their salaries as well and I do believe that it is the only point at which this matter will ever get serious in their view; I have not sold any Books in 24 Hours because they have been making use of my life and clinging to my Public image and it is set to be the same in the next 24 Hours unless something changes about their stupid lives very drastically; so it feeds into the story of me not wanting to get along with the guys if it turns out my activities with female journalists is largely a matter of confusion if there isnít enough personal engagement on my part since it is family orientated but it can always do that; get along with the guys or not practical jokes that essentially means that stepping outside of Church means being forced to join a group with your talents, in which somebody else who has always had an eye for it joined before you, so he can get to make decisions from a position of leadership and if it is not another gimmick that will stifle my Book sales and damage my global markets and insult me over an empire I do not have, then we can be rest assured they will not end up with something new for their stupidities to complain about again as well. Itís an old story; none peddles my public image, faith and personal life and I only have these three rules to deal with the night mare that they are basically Ė they do not break or damage mine, I do not break or damage their own; where I am, it is not a crisis at all - they are a night mare; renta flat from them and itís not enough just to pay for a flat and live in it, so when I put my information to culture and society to run this business, it will pick up that information and go off to play with media fools and celebrities the nature of a thing, never mind my bad appetite and their need to ensure I am windy all day so they might later tell me I smelled throughout and messed up their lives and they deserve a slice of what I have worked for - in context of which is the relationship they would have had with a woman with money whom they could control with that big mouth.

They love to say that I am at war with Celebrities which I am not and same as the idea I am being taken advantage of too Ė itís an old story about the practical jokes when I do not want people moving into my right hand it is because it is very distracting nonsense that has to do with being a sausage that can move to the left and to the right hand dance at the other end, so when it causes me to drop out of University I want to own that stupid popular culture until I have recovered the damage it has done here too, which is where we are now. The Celebrities are just fond of going off to play with Members of the Royal Family so they can say they have met real Royalty and I am nothing but at the same time claim to own me and use me and all I have as a tool which is basically a process of hunting me Ė same as journalists having a need to have conversations with others over me while excluding me from it and handling my work in the process; so if I make it clear to them that it is not how people relate with me the last time I checked and settle with those who want it to be a problem the problem they seek, then do the same with Members of the Public that do it as well, the Clout I get over my Books every time I do the bits I do will be enough for me to just go into an Office to write without distraction, otherwise its these fools striking my anus which is an unprecedented degree of impudence that deserves everything it gets, the lies with hear on media of which there isnít enough in the world for them to tell over it.

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